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  1. Iv just seen an article saying Chansiri has interviewed Seedorf for the job and is under serious consideration. Would be an interesting appointment. Certainly a big name.
  2. The handpicked fans that went were never going to ask any tough questions.
  3. Iv never been happy with the "let's copy brighton" or the new "let's copy brentford" but we definitely needed a turnover of players.
  4. This is the problem. Weve reportedly had offers for FF, Lees, Reach, Westwood, George Hirst, Kieran Lee, Joao (first season). I wouldn't be surprised if all added together was north of £50/60m the problem is the chairman being in charge of transfers and refusing to sell. Hopefully this summer will see the remainder of Carlos's squad leave and we will have a fresh start.
  5. I'm not negative towards any suggestions, I just think its mad to think "copy brighton and everything is ok" it didn't work. "Copy brentford and everything will be ok" it's not that simple, why doesn't everyone do it? If it was that easy, why dont we copy the model of Manchester United from the mid 90s and become the best team in Europe. The present model is completely broken but I believe that an organised team with hardworking players of championship standard playing in their right positions will put us back on steady ground. I actually think the summer of 2019 and january 2020 recruitment was positive and was a change from what had gone before.
  6. And how many thousands of fans wouldn't be ok with that? I think we also all know DC doesn't have plans to sell us anytime soon.
  7. Obviously but to think copying brentford is the answer is a daft. To do anything remotely like it we would have to take a few huge steps backwards (if possible) and patience from the fans for the next 5 years.
  8. About this Brentford model. A couple of years ago on here there was a lust to be like Brighton because they got promoted by signing experienced players etc. Now Brentford are doing alright we want to be like that. If we try to be like brentford by closing our academy etc and signing players released by Cat1 academys and try to find up and coming young players, if it doesn't work for us, then what?
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