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  1. David1867

    Westwood injured

    And that's exactly what you are. LOL
  2. David1867

    Westwood injured

    We are getting treated like absolute mugs.
  3. Ex player Leon Knight (yes we all know he's a bit of an idiot) tweets this and look at the response from one of our fans. I know he's a fan because I know who he is. After Billy Sharp tweets last week, now this. There are some disgusting idiots amongst our fan base.
  4. David1867

    Chansiri kicking off

    Complete morons.
  5. David1867

    Wednesday -V-Norwich OMDT

    Dawson needs dropping after conceding that!
  6. David1867

    Wednesday -V-Norwich OMDT

    Dawson ffs
  7. David1867

    The great keeper debate

    I bet there's a few on here that will be gutted about this!
  8. David1867

    Has Jos lied to us about Westy

    Iv heard he gets a 20 grand a week wage rise apparently
  9. David1867


    The sheer amount of players to have been excluded over the last 3/4 years is staggering. It happened within weeks of Carlos taking over and the same when Jos took over. Im 100% convinced Captain Dejphon meddles in first team affairs, its happened too often to be coincidence. We are talking around 10 players now since he bought the club.
  10. David1867


    Who else is left to freeze out realistically?
  11. David1867

    Has Jos lied to us about Westy

    Hes played 138 games for us (according to WIKI) so potentially he could have some clause at 150 games maybe. Pure speculation of course.
  12. David1867

    Has Jos lied to us about Westy

    He hasn't removed himself from twitter, for some reason I just couldn't find him. Anyway, here's the tweet.
  13. David1867

    Has Jos lied to us about Westy

    Westwood seems to have removed himself from Twitter over the last few days but I remember something with Jos saying KW was injured and not avaliable for selection, KW then put out a tweet saying he was 100% fit (or something along those lines).
  14. David1867

    Has Jos lied to us about Westy

    No hes not, I mentioned this on here a few weeks ago. He has been working alone or with the U18s.