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  1. Tom Lees

    Completely agree, his performance tonight was terrible. Marking, distribution, positioning the lot, crap.
  2. Tom Lees

    Is Tom Lees the lad who is rated at £15m+, better than Harry Maguire and Michael Keane and is unfortunate not to find himself in the England squad?
  3. Matt Brown is doing one of his "periscopes" and giving some views of the club at present.
  4. Iv been seeing quite a few blades fans worrying about the Derby game. Apparently their star midfielder Coutts is out for the season! Advantage Wednesday.
  5. Tony Pulis anyone ?

    Tone would be an ideal replacement.
  6. These fake shirts were for sale before the club released the official ones. Shambles.
  7. Is George Boyd still alive?

    He isn't having a mini pre season along with Fred. Both need to learn to play the way Carlos wants.
  8. Heart

    I remember the big obsession with Brighton on here, everyone saying "we need to be like Brighton" , "we need experience like Brighton have got". The thing Brighton had that we don't is that 4/5 players were (almost) prepared to die on the pitch. The likes of Dunk n Knockaert, Duffy, Stephens etc gave absolutely everything each time they played 100% effort. Dunk n Duffy throw themselves at everything in the box, likewise at the other end too. None of ours do that and no defenders at the club at close to that standard. Apart from Hutchinson and Westwood, who I would put in the above category, there isn't one other player in our squad that I look at and think "you always give 100%". Some of the gutless performances back this up. United at home being the prime example, cowardly.
  9. Heart

    This time last week people in here were saying he's worth £12m+ and is the answer to England's problems on the left. Some fool in one of the Facebook groups was even comparing him to Chris Waddle. The sheer lack of consistency means he will never make the premiership, let alone his ability.
  10. Bristol City

    I'm glad that our own house is in order so we can knock other teams.
  11. Mid-table mediocrity

    I hate to say it but I called this before the season started. Last season we played poorly but managed to scrape the results. It was always going to be a matter of time before the results matched the performances.
  12. Toytown losing to a last minute goal
  13. And for many on here too. Nothing to do with the fact we haven't had a shot on target. Blame anyone else but ourselves.
  14. I want to win the lottery too mate