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  1. Fernando Forestieri rehab

    Complete rubbish. If he speaks to any team mates in private, I don't know but he regularly made posts on social media supporting the team. To suggest otherwise is nonsense.
  2. One of our own

    Not sure to be honest. The problem with these sort of academies is quite a large outlay for very little income in return.
  3. One of our own

    It's a shame this has closed. In my opinion there needs to be more done to give lads another chance, like Jamie Vardy has done with his "JV academy".
  4. Was the standard of today's defending down to the referee too?
  5. One of our own

    Stobbs that is all. Connor Kirby has come through our academy and has made the bench.
  6. Never a yellow. Ffs this ref is terrible.
  7. Brighton 3 - 0 Swansea knockaert
  8. Is this the guy some on here we're telling me isn't as good as Barry Bannan?
  9. Honeymoon over Jos

    Show some respect. Im guessing you were happy when we had Irvine, Yorath etc in charge? I cant believe how ungrateful some of our "fans" have become.
  10. Season 2018/19 Expectations

    I'll predict the same as I did this season. Mid table/top 10. That is obviously before we sign or sell any players.
  11. Glenn loovens please retire

    The perfect example of a player being shot to pieces. Good servent to the club etc but he's gone on for a season too many.
  12. Great Vision

    There was times he wasn't injured and wasn't selected for the match day squad. There was a group of first team players that used to train regularly with the u23 squad, Abdi was one of them.
  13. Lack of loyalty? Where was the loyalty shown to him when he was barely getting any game time or being shipped out on loan. Ridiculous statement. He's on loan at a club that are challenging for promotion, he is theirs until the end of the season. Can you blame him for not wanting our medical staff touching him? He has been an important player for Derby this season and I can't see how anyone can complain about a player we deemed surplus to requirements wanting to be part of a potential promotion winning side for the duration of his loan.
  14. What's with the desperation to sell him?