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  1. 12 points may be wishful thinking. I can't remember the ins and outs but I read an online article about our case which said we may be looking at a 22 point deduction.
  2. Christ almighty. Dawson again, what an absolute clown.
  3. Hes a professional footballer and isn't good enough. Football isn't a nice game, you want nice go and work in a pet shop or something.
  4. His kicking was awful, 2 or 3 long kicks went straight out of play. He just about got away with a pass out that had no weight on it. Any good modern day keeper should be very comfortable with the ball at their feet, dawson isnt. This is why he will never be good enough at this level.
  5. Needs a rest? Hes played what, 10 games in a row and needs resting? Any decent keeper should be able to play for a full season, Dawson doesn't need resting, he needs dropping completely.
  6. Couldn't agree more, the defence obviously have zero confidence in him. He is league 1 standard at best. By far the worst keeper weve had this decade.
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