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  1. Always the victim is Fernando. If he had been getting recklessly tackled from behind for 80 minutes why did the ref do nothing?
  2. So from reading that nobody actually got punched? Mellis kicked Tom Lees, which he's been banned for? And somebody threw a football. Question for you, if it was one of ours that had been fouled like that, would all the above be justified?
  3. I'd hate to see the outcry on here if he's proven guilty.
  4. First time Iv actually seen that footage and to be honest apart from a load of pushing I'm struggling to see much at all.
  5. Why I said everyone crying about Jacob Mellis getting banned? Forestieri accepted the the charges against him and has been dealt with. He would have been sent off in any other game for the tackle anyway. I really don't see the problem here, FF has admitted he's done wrong and been punished for it. Get over it for gods sake.
  6. FF is bigger than the club it seems
  7. This guy needs the Westwood treatment I'm afraid. He enjoyed his time at Derby and had a training ground bust up with FF. Should never play for the club again. Complete disrespect shown.
  8. Imagine wanting Steve Bruce to be our manager.
  9. David1867


    Exactly what we needed! Thank you captain Dejphon
  10. Wimbledon down to ten men ffs