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  1. David1867

    Remember when

  2. David1867

    Remember when

    What you saying? Tom Lees will develop into a better player?
  3. David1867

    Remember when

    "He's got the turning circle of a tank" honestly some of you are embarrassing.
  4. Some of you lot thought Tom Lees was better than Harry Maguire
  5. As the title reads. No doubt he's a big earner, Bristol are supposedly showing an interest. Should we cash in now or risk losing him for free? We we should still be able to get £8/9m as things stand which would help with FFP and give Chansiri the chance to re invest. Tough decision as he's easily in the top 4/5 midfielders in the championship.
  6. David1867

    Hopefully not

    Get real mate. Why wouldn't players want to come here? We have one of the best squads in the league.
  7. Should have done this last season.
  8. As the title reads. Remember the club survey? The club asked something along the lines of "would you like to keep/increase prices to aid continued investment or lower prices, which would lead to the sales of players and promote players from the youth squads?" We voted overwhelmingly 76% I believe for higher prices and continued investment. The chairman is an honest man and surely won't go back on this. Remember we wanted higher prices in return for a promotion push.
  9. David1867

    Hunt the 1st to go - more to follow

    Dream on. Our chairman has told us that he won't sell any important players.
  10. David1867

    Possible player exit?

    Nixon needs to dream on. We aren't a selling club, especially not for low fees.
  11. David1867

    George Boyd criticises Carlos

    Couldn't agree more
  12. David1867

    George Boyd criticises Carlos

    Almost got us to the premier league is no achievement, he failed to get us there and the rest of what you say is sheer fantasy.
  13. David1867

    George Boyd criticises Carlos

    In what way was Carlos the best manager since Atkinson? He didn't achieve anything, the fact is that he failed. Trevor Francis got us European football. Paul Sturrock won promotion from league 1. Dave Jones won promotion from league 1. Carlos spent more money than any manager in our history and ultimately achieved nothing.
  14. David1867

    £99 or £59 for the new shirt

    Fans moaning about prices. We had the chance in the survey thing last season to vote whether to lower prices or pay increased prices. Fans voted overwhelmingly for the higher prices on the promise that the club would continue to invest in players. Now the club has done it, don't moan about it.
  15. David1867

    Thank you Mr Chansiri

    To be fair, it's his club and he can do whatever he likes with it. As for calling him a numpty, the guy is probably £100m deep in us at the minute so show some respect.