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  1. I’d be concerned that for JVA to become the rio Ferdinand or John stones that people have talked about in the past we need to write this coming season off for him. He needs a full full year in the gym to work on his strength and agility. He also needs to go on an intense course of mental training to help improve his bravery. Then he needs to watch as many youtube clips as possible of centre half’s and how they put it all together. He may may have had 1 good game but the guy is a calamity, considering what we paid for him and Brighton paid less for Shane Duffy.
  2. My generic owlstalk picture had it and I’d never seen it anywhere else.
  3. What’s he got that Joey Pelupessy hasn’t?
  4. You’re right, if Joao has bags of natural ability, he’s a very unique player but lacks the application.
  5. Iv not heard that to be honest but I listened to this podcast this morning. He blames the kit lady for getting him sacked at Swansea but the truth was that he supposedly had a gun in his car at training. His career is probably a “what could have been” but he just blames everyone else for his failings.
  6. A good friend of mine played at Wednesday when he was here and said his talent was outrageous, by far the most naturally talented player we had at the time but his attitude was diabolical. It will be be interesting to see if he mentions the story about winning £8k from terry yorath in a card game.
  7. Maybe they’re just not quite good enough. United have a good reputation for producing players, we don’t. Hence why lower league clubs may come looking at their players. I know in the past Chansiri hasn’t helped by asking for loan fees and 100% wages paid by the loan club, in one case more than 100% of wages.
  8. Great idea but there has to be clubs prepared to take them, which there obviously isn’t.
  9. Complete rubbish. When my son signed for the academy, David Hirst was coaching with his age group. We had the choice of my lad coming to Wednesday or signing for united. David Hirsts words to me were the complete opposite of what you've just said.
  10. He definitely was and maybe still is very anti Wednesday as well.
  11. I wouldn't normally criticise refs but the appointment of this one is baffling. Darren England, Barnsley supporter. Best friends with a United fan. He used to (he could have changed) regularly mock Sheffield Wednesday (calls us the pigs etc). So to come on here and see so many complaints about the ref is of no surprise whatsoever, I could have predicted it pre kick off.
  12. How many thousands of these "club 1967 schemes" would we need to sell to actually make a difference. Wouldnt it be easier for Captain Dejphon to be realistic with corporate box prices and sell 15 of them at £30k each instead of going cap in hand to supporters? The same supporters whose money the captain claims currently covers nothing within the club. The guy lives in cloud cuckoo land.
  13. Doesn't David Jones get hammered on here for playing the same sideways/backwards game Jorginho plays?
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