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  1. The reason Dawson wasn't accepted is because he isn't called Keiran Westwood. I agree with you that he needs to be moved on too, it's just not going to work here.
  2. Exactly this. How many on here were calling BPF "the best keeper in the league" and all that nonsense? His mistakes (along with other defensive errors) cost us promotion. Now we're linked with the keeper that kept most clean sheets and a defender with one of the highest amounts of clearances and headers won and it's not enough. Stockdale is another that will fail in supporters eyes because his name isn't Keiran Westwood.
  3. Arguably one of the greatest managers in our history. It's hardly any coincidence that the club has been in free fall since he left.
  4. Van Aken signing has to be one of the worst in our history. At least with Rhodes and Abdi (amongst others) they came with an established reputation, the transfer just didn't work out. Van Aken on the other hand was a complete car crash apart from once knocking a 50 yard pass he showed absolutely nothing. His performance against United was criminal.
  5. Iv just seen an article saying Chansiri has interviewed Seedorf for the job and is under serious consideration. Would be an interesting appointment. Certainly a big name.
  6. The handpicked fans that went were never going to ask any tough questions.
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