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  1. Which opposition player ...

    So does that horrible little cretin Jamie Ward.
  2. Which opposition player ...

    I can't pick out just one, but quite a few have suffered the "die, die, piggy piggy die" chant!
  3. Good on you mate. If/when they are released with an extortionate price I hope others take the same stance. £85 for last years kids kit was enough. I won't be paying that again.
  4. Along with Etienne Esajas, Wade Small and Leon Clark, this guy represented everything that has been wrong with Wednesday over the last 17 years.
  5. Opportunity for George Hirst

    You do realise that George isn't his dad?
  6. Opportunity for George Hirst

    100% right mate.
  7. Opportunity for George Hirst

    George Hirst isn't Wayne Rooney though. If he was that good he wouldn't still be with us.
  8. Opportunity for George Hirst

    Unless George Hirst signs a new contract we may as well forget about him. He's already getting left out of u23 games for this reason, left out of the trip to Portuga and really should have been on the bench for the chesterfield cup game. It looks to to me like he is getting frozen out. Unless the club offer what he wants then we are in a bit of a catch 22 situation. We should have sold him.
  9. Dear DC

    Why do people post this stuff on here? I doubt DC looks on owlstalk. Write this up on a piece of paper and post it directly to him. You may even get a reply.
  10. Tom Lees

    Not even considered in the England squad but they take Harry Maguire and Michael Keane. What more does he have to do before he gets international recognition?
  11. To make it worse lavery scores an absolute screamer ffs
  12. Nixon

    His name was mentioned last summer too.
  13. Nixon

    To be fair he did this a couple of weeks ago. Said we were close to signing a foreign centre half but didn't know the name and then a week later a foreign centre half signs.