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  1. Complete rubbish. When my son signed for the academy, David Hirst was coaching with his age group. We had the choice of my lad coming to Wednesday or signing for united. David Hirsts words to me were the complete opposite of what you've just said.
  2. He definitely was and maybe still is very anti Wednesday as well.
  3. I wouldn't normally criticise refs but the appointment of this one is baffling. Darren England, Barnsley supporter. Best friends with a United fan. He used to (he could have changed) regularly mock Sheffield Wednesday (calls us the pigs etc). So to come on here and see so many complaints about the ref is of no surprise whatsoever, I could have predicted it pre kick off.
  4. How many thousands of these "club 1967 schemes" would we need to sell to actually make a difference. Wouldnt it be easier for Captain Dejphon to be realistic with corporate box prices and sell 15 of them at £30k each instead of going cap in hand to supporters? The same supporters whose money the captain claims currently covers nothing within the club. The guy lives in cloud cuckoo land.
  5. Doesn't David Jones get hammered on here for playing the same sideways/backwards game Jorginho plays?
  6. This is why Reach isnt the £15m+ player people think he is!
  7. The usual sky anti wednesday propaganda machine in full flow i see...
  8. Sounds like this game is crying out for pelupessy to come on
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