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  1. Rotherham away, the game where Steve Evans ran on the pitch to celebrate .
  2. There is the potential of some huge games in the next round if we were to win. Man U Liverpool arsenal Man City chelsea Brighton United This is why we should take it seriously in my opinion.
  3. Let's hope the monk takes this game seriously, we need the extra revenue and potentially another big team in the next round. I hope we play a strong side and play to win. Hopefully the likes of Dawson and Fox are nowhere near the starting 11.
  4. Like we'd never do anything like this. Westwood taking an age with his goal kicks for example.
  5. He definitely causes a lot of excitement on here.
  6. I'd forgotten he still even played for us.
  7. Imagine if he goes for £15m + and borough have no sell on clause in his contract. Gibson will be seriously cheesed off
  8. I agree. £15m sounds about right, Man United paid similar for Dan James so we should be able to get a similar fee.
  9. Reports today saying Benfica had a £10m+ offer for Reach turned down in the summer and are preparing a further bid in January. Could we get more than £10m for a player touted on here as a future England left winger?
  10. When do we start giving him dogs abuse and use him as the scapegoat?
  11. We are arguably one of the most hated clubs in the country, maybe more so than Millwall. The facts proving this are staggering, one of our players gets a 6 game ban and £30k fine for something nobody can prove Millwall fans clearly singing a racist song, the club gets fined £10k. Thousands of seats in our stadium closed off, entrances and exits closed. Constant fake news about our ticket prices in the national media. The witch hunt over our finances led by the EFL and Steve Gibson. Constant negativity aimed at our owner/club by the local media. This is us without the usual drivel from sky. Employing former united/Leeds players as pundits for our games. Keith Andrews quite clearly has an agenda against us. Getting players names wrong regularly. General negativity aimed at us, nothing positive said about our performances. I think sky don't like that we sacked media darling Carlos. If I was Chansiri I'd definitely be looking at banning certain media outlets from hillsborough.
  12. I dread to think how you saw things under Irvine etc. 2 nil away win gets a 6/10
  13. Perfect weekend. Wednesday win united and Newcastle lose.
  14. So happy for Whinnel getting that goal! Will do him the world of good. Helps silence some of his critics on here!
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