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  1. Reporting Manchester United are preparing a £50m bid for Harry Maguire. If hes worth £50m, what on earth is Tom Lees worth? Could we get £30/40m for him in the summer to help with FFP?
  2. Reach - over not around

    Wasn't it only a few months ago some of you lot were claiming Adam Reach to have a value of £12m+ and to be the potential answer to England's left hand side? Ffs
  3. hirst to united

    He turned down a reported £2m from Leicester in the summer and then personally banned him from playing. Thats how smart our chairman is.
  4. hirst to united

    Good luck to him if this is true. This sort of rules out the "he's chasing money" argument as Manchester United are not one of the teams that chucks ridiculous amounts of money at young players. All the best to him, it's every footballers dream to play for one of the biggest clubs in world football. The only loser over in this whole situation- Sheffield Wednesday.
  5. A disagreeable incident

    Complete rubbish. It's only Glasgow Rangers, Leeds United or Sheffield United fans that do that sort of thing. Our fans are whiter that white.
  6. How far behind are we?

    How far away from what? Mid table, I said pre season that is where I expected us to finish after the transfer business. So IMO we are a mid table side. Play offs. Probably at least 3/4 players short. A centre half, left back, a midfield workhorse and a striker are at least the positions we are short in to reach the play offs. Auto, we are a million miles away. Simply nowhere near that standard.
  7. Kieran Westwood

    I keep seeing the phrase "cash in" how much do you lot actually think we will get for him? 33 years old, misses on average a quarter of the season, great shot stopper, poor distributer. If he goes to a premier league club its as 2nd/3rd choice. We would be very lucky to get a couple of million for him.
  8. Almen Abdi

    The guy is an absolute disgrace. A moderate gues of his wage would be around £20k a week given the reported £3/4m transfer fee and he is showing no intention of getting back into the side. There was a fairly long period under Carlos when he was injury free and didn't get anywhere near the first team. He needs to have a long hard look at himself in the mirror. Absolutely diabolical.
  9. Lawrenson hates us.

    100% correct
  10. Lawrenson hates us.

    If I was Mr Chansiri if seriously be considering a blanket media ban at Hillsborough next season and create something "in house" . The media campaign against us this season has been absolutely staggering. The constant negativity from local media has had a knock on effect into our fanbase and is causing a divide. The media campaign against Carlos was just shameful. Then we have comments like this by Lawrenson and Ian Dowie's pathetic claim on sky that Fessi hasn't been playing due to a fallout with the management., almost slanderous. There are are plenty of bloggers that would jump at the chance to write for SWFC and would do a better job than the bombardment of negativity aimed at us from every other angle.
  11. What a fantastic gesture by Mr Chansiri.
  12. Matlock Town Keeper on trial

    This is very positive news in my opinion, in a sense that the club are scouting non league football. All within 45 minutes of Sheffield in recent years there has been Aden Flint, Scott Hogan, Jamie Vardy, Che Adams and Lee Gregory all playing non league football. All are playing championship and above. The players are obviously there at that level and it's good that we are finally looking for them!
  13. Come on.... tell us more. Dom needs banning from the ground, not just a grilling.
  14. As per the title, blue and white stripes are coming back. What a great gesture from Mr Chansiri to reverse his decision on the kit.