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  1. Should have written I wlawys get my a''s and w's mixed up you awnker.
  2. Would be forever known as Wednesday Adams
  3. Remember the same clamour for Adam Muller. Just let the kid mature instead of putting unwarranted pressure on him... Waits for it's a forum replies.
  4. Or released for a reason... can't think of any more rhymes
  5. Too early. Finding it hard to be enthusiastic about maybe's, still sick to death about last night.
  6. The back3 rarely passed to Byers when he dropped in for the ball, this plus the man marking of Bannan, Luongo looking so uncomfortable on the ball made our midfield 3 look pedestrian.
  7. Can't believe how bad our heading was tonight, can hardly remember a header retaining possession. Just builds pressure. Agree about Storey not what we need.
  8. Fair, but I think I will be too hungover unfortunately. Its the hope that kills you.
  9. Who would you sign out of the loans or out of contracts Neil?
  10. Lump went down like Gordon Watson,as if it wasn't bad enough to go out dressed like a baby.
  11. Also got the words exhausts, conditioning, repairs and recovery on there... ah we'll be reight UTO WAWAW
  12. Too young to go, RIP and condolences to family and friends UTO
  13. Or after eating Wotsits whilst watching muck...or so my friend says
  14. Gonna arrive down t'Don riding this bad boy.
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