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  1. I've had one of those they are bloody painful
  2. glynnb

    #OnThisDay in 1977 -

    Looks like Peter Sutcliff Happy memories of Prendo tho' sitting next to Dennis Nordern
  3. Only wish I could plus you more than one WAWAW
  4. glynnb

    Anyone know Gary Sweeney?

    Must be getting old, this was my first thought
  5. glynnb

    Leeds fan in peace

    All need to F@@k off back to Worst Yorkshire
  6. glynnb

    Howard Wilkinson quote 84

    True, I still get angry when I see Bould on the bench at the @rse
  7. glynnb

    Howard Wilkinson quote 84

    Also bought by Dave Jones
  8. glynnb

    Howard Wilkinson quote 84

    What was quote 85?
  9. glynnb

    Sky Sports Red Button

    Hope you're not a bus driver Max
  10. glynnb

    Wednesday and Forest links

    Hat trick hero!!
  11. glynnb

    Wednesday and Forest links

    Grant Holt and Marlon Harewood
  12. Worn mine on kop on Saturday got some really strange stains on the back of it ...think some kid must have squashed a yoghurt pot nearby.
  13. glynnb

    Name The Signatures

    George Best and somebody called Wishes