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  1. Thought that was credible until I got to Harris..shudders.
  2. Play off final v Dull had lost the throw and ended up with my Dull supporting brother in law in the Hull end. Scant consolation to be sat next to Sarah Beeny all afternoon. Horrible day once we kicked off.Got spotted on TV by the kids at my school flicking the Vs at Robertson and Snotgrass in their post match interview.
  3. RIP fellow Owl condolences to family and friends. UTO
  4. Iorfa... all day long ; did more up to Christmas than some have done all season
  5. DONG OUT !! has a certain frisson about it.
  6. He's responsible for the sheeite catering as well is he? Club is rotten from top to bottom,
  7. What a joke defensive midfielder man of the match in a must win game. Disgraceful. So glad fans aren't allowed in atm as I would have spent 40 notes on that pile of sheeite. Never felt so flat in 55 years of watching Wednesday.
  8. Only time I went was the season before the 8-0 1973?, lost 3-0. Remember coming back in a coach with no windows and Boro had some real footballers names playing like John Craggs, Frank Spraggon scary.
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