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  1. Mansfield is famous for cunning linguists... so a friend told me
  2. Always rated Chuks Aneke saw him a few times at Crewe, did well at England Youth levels then disappeared into Belgian mediocrity sound familiar? Looks like he has got his career back on track and has the profile of hungry, talented players we need to be looking at.
  3. Swallowed my gold tooth at Stocksbridge Steels whilst eating a sausage sandwich. All worked out in the end tho
  4. Congrats Nev our first is now 4 weeks old Olly ..fine old Wednesday name.
  5. Unless it's Tidman or Adamson as they have dropped the pen or West as he missed it.
  6. That was the best thing about the Don flooding people could use the boat they won on Bullseye
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