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  1. It's all right, in the end he ran out of patience
  2. Ron Springett wrote back to my uncle regarding his testimonial and always seemed a very sincere man. He was always his and my favourite player and I went to his goalkeeping course in the late 60s. Just wondered if anyone knew where this was held as I can't remember.
  3. And we think we've got it bad now. Not to mention the entire 70s UTFO
  4. It's like bacon and eggs... the pigs committed the chicken is involved. Got to stop drinking now been going since 4.00 o'clock Saturday.
  5. It's obvious that living in "Worst Yorkshire" has had a detrimental effect on the little Princess.
  6. As per the title...that's all they did on Saturday.
  7. You can't hurry signings like that tho. On a more serious note I asked my 22 year old son what he remembered about meeting the players outside the ground, he replied, "Akpo Sodje was the mintiest person he had ever smelt"
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