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  1. Not a great fan of "grinds my gears" if I'm honest.
  2. Never get his head through the players entrance but really would not wish this current śhitśhow on him.
  3. High; not being able to get in the ground to watch the dross, low ; the dross but seen on the red button.
  4. Watched the Stoke match on Sky and nearly took the telly back. When the ball went to the top of the screen (frequently on our possession) it looked like they were playing with a golden snicket. Will hover over the red button at 7 but may succumb to Emmerdale. UTO
  5. So why didnt Pulis offer him a big fat contract or recommend it to Chan when he was our manager?
  6. This club needs such a shake up; what actually is our identity or style at the minute?We seem to just drift on through games rudderless, leaderless, aimless.
  7. Hope I see him play I'll be 100 then, just right age for the South Stand.
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