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  1. glynnb

    Clare joins Swansea

    Joins the long list of players who have played for our great club and have moved on. I bet we are more successful than he is in the future. Get behind those who want to play for the shirt and fans. UTO
  2. Turn off the fax machine
  3. glynnb

    Love for Jos.

    I could think of a word that rhymes with punt for "JT". Him anywhere near Wednesday would be the final straw for me and no, I'm not Wayne Bridge UTO
  4. I held the door open for Mr Chansiri at Forest last season
  5. Roll on the start of the season and some real football to talk about.
  6. glynnb

    Flash in the pan.

    Keep your sermons for Sunday's or at least until six or so games into the season
  7. glynnb

    Westwood linked with stoke

  8. Such unusual names but yep I'll be there
  9. glynnb


    No sh@t Sherlock
  10. glynnb


    Elementary my dear Watson
  11. glynnb


    how did we manage to win that?
  12. glynnb

    nac breda

    Number 4 Daan Klomp he painted the Fallen Madonna with the big boobies
  13. Trouble with winged owls is as the skin inevitably gets saggy they end up looking like a fruit bat.