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  1. RIP Jim best manager we never had. Probably a blessing he never got the job, a bit like John Smith the late lamented Labour leader. Condolences to his family.
  2. Pressman best penalty taker ever..hit it like a goal kick
  3. Blue stripe should be in the middle
  4. That's what you need Cain, clear the custard.
  5. My Uncle used to shout "open the gates" when he charged down the right wing at full pace. Happy days.
  6. Or we get promoted lose points have to stay in Championship and side relegated stays up... no prizes for guessing who that would be in that scenario
  7. At least it might stop us singing the awful "We're Sheffield Wednesday, we do what we want " nonsense.
  8. Hide in plain sight... wait until stadium is quiet then shout " CHUTNEY 3 QUID" or alternatively get Snooty to sneak it in under his top hat.
  9. Bring back Guy Branston, never thought I'd use that phrase.
  10. Daughters wedding day today so sneaky earphone in in church. Hope we don't score as the vicar says "does anyone have just cause ...." cause I' ll shout out "YEEEEEEESSSSSSSS !" come on you blue and white wizards!!
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