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  1. glynnb

    #SWFC Head Physio gone

    Bet he's exhausted
  2. glynnb

    On Debut

    Better oh and ask for the North East corner next to Tango
  3. glynnb

    Things To Moan About

    Or in Next
  4. glynnb

    The future of Joao

    See what you did there. I didn't think he seemed the same player after he had his tooth knocked out. Seems Jos has rebuilt his confidence hope he repays him next season.
  5. Snodgrass all the way for me but a dis-honourable mention must go to Cohen Bramall for the way he got Matias sent off - hell's teeth its hard enough to get him on the pitch as it is.
  6. glynnb

    Mason Mount

    Thought that is what Jos would have em running up
  7. glynnb

    800k for Fred

    Said with feeling there your Lordship
  8. glynnb


    Shut the front door
  9. glynnb


    Is that Rod's brother?
  10. glynnb

    IS THAT IT ?

    Thought this thread would tell me who was outside the ground. FFS
  11. glynnb

    Ash Baker

    Boney M would have been a good nickname for Ian Mellor