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  1. Ask his Dad I'm sure he will have thoughts
  2. He's only got a half of a rainbow tho...pish.
  3. They've got a jugglar as well as a load of clowns, wow it really is a circus. UTO.
  4. Saw Glenn Whelan in a surgical mask in Handforth Dean yesterday, recognised his eyes. It's an omen I tell there. UTO
  5. Very true inspector...but don't call me blossom
  6. And the only Prophett was on Colin
  7. Snowy Laurel, and it was an albino budgie not an owl.
  8. In that photo you can see he has got a very badly bruised arm
  9. And so it begins again...the age old saga of Wednesday players missing games. I know he's done nothing contact wise all lockdown and all players are prone to niggles at this stage, but it is just so predictably Wednesday. FFS
  10. With Alcock falling off the plinth...it's quite popular at the moment.
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