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  1. Our best ever managers; Big Jack, Big Ron ... makes perfect sense who should be next ....
  2. 40 Years Ago - 8th October 1977

    Recognised Mick Prendergast and Dave Sunley in that first photograph, anyone recognise any others ? except Roy Wood from Wizzard
  3. Abdi

    Not Jon Newsome was it ?
  4. Frederico Vernancios Picanto

    Better than a tram
  5. To the dirty Leeds fan...

    Classless worst Yorkshire cnuts
  6. Were you there Boxing Day 1979?

    Aged 22 stood on the Tango spot with my Grandad and uncle God bless em. Days you never forget
  7. Would be very handy in the kitchen for hanging up tea towels
  8. Clare

    "A loan again naturally" shurely

    Stevie or Larry?
  10. My lad played for Colwyn Bay v Albion the other week they'll go down I think. UTO
  11. Walked past...

    He had a flat white
  12. Beautiful the old city is stunning but flippingroasting. Enjoy
  13. Why do people moan about people moaning ...not that I'm moaning UTO
  14. Greetings from cloudy Dubrovnik wish I was at Hillsborough tho can imagine that atmosphere. Roar those boys on COME ON WEDNESDAY