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  1. Shurely should be chopper in this thread
  2. Might struggle for three wise men and a virgin, got a donkey and a few asses.
  3. glynnb

    Rotherham United

    'Bout time some of you Toytowner's put some money in our buckets.. how times change, enjoy your Cup Final/ day out.
  4. glynnb

    Players at Preston Station!

    No tickets for Jones, Westwood, Hutch and Abdi, was Melo there?
  5. Evening OG how the devil are we? Steve Bruce the answer?
  6. My daughter dropped a tray of drinks in his lap in my local and he was fine about it. Have him at S6 in a heartbeat. Sheeeeite more charisma.
  7. glynnb

    Players at Preston Station!

    Was Jos stuck on his seat in the buffet car?
  8. glynnb

    Player Of The Month?

    More like Time of the Month
  9. glynnb

    Tom Lees On the Fans

    Good to hear that Tom Lees can speak, he needs to try his new -found voice out on the pitch next.
  10. Worst Yorkshire shurly
  11. I bow to your greater knowledge OG not used to passes supporting Wednesday
  12. Thought it was the clumps that hung from a dogs @rse
  13. Hung like one as well .... so a friend told me
  14. Next best thing OG
  15. So that's where David Jones went