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  1. 1. Antoine Griezemann Do em in order FFS UTO
  2. Sorry for your loss, stay strong and healthy UTO
  3. RIP Fellow Owl condolences to family and friends.
  4. Fantastic game I was on the back row of the West best view in the ground , pity they let 125 Charlton fans use it lately.
  5. Steve Burtenshaw came from Spurs with a big reputation, soon lost that.
  6. No goals after the 90th minute either, UTO
  7. Would happily take 6 quilted bog rolls and a large bag of conchigli atm
  8. Am very partial to a handful of Monkey nuts.
  9. Lucky Denise but otherwise true Oz UTO
  10. Made of shortbread, can't get wet so back in Summer.
  11. Heads, shoulders, groin, knees and toes ,knees and toes.
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