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  1. A Bristol City view

    What do you lot think of Holloway. Seeing as he is a Rovers man. We have similar situation with Warnock being United.
  2. Agreed. But doesn't football have double standards. This chap gets a ban but players who are rapists, thugs, fraudsters, drunk drivers, all get welcomed back with open arms and a big cheque.
  3. Happy Birthday Howard!

    Only one bloke likely to have his statue at Hillsborough.....
  4. I'm sure Liam is very happy on his money as he is very unlikely to get the same anywhere else. Same for Messers Fletcher, Lees, Boyd, Jones, Hutchinson, Wallace, and one or two others. Our lack of passion in players is exactly because of this. (Hutch aside). Pipe and slippers mentality innit.
  5. If we paid Urby £30k a week for 20 mins football in a whole season, someone tell me why we can't waste the SAME money signing George Hirst on £10k a week for three seasons seeing if he can make it. ?????????? Come on. Which muppet runs these things at Hillsborough.
  6. I've heard that one before...............tearing up a contract and doubling the price at the last hour............mmmm.
  7. Us and pigs at Wembley. Nailed on. 5-0 us.
  8. Chansiri

    There is another at the back of the Kop too. Expect a full bronze statue of him sen somewhere soon.... Maybe more than one! It will all end in tears this.
  9. 6-0 to us on Saturday will do, thank you.
  10. The f*ck off Wednesday thread

    Hello der and feck off.
  11. The f*ck off Wednesday thread

    How about flip off you nasty little mod? UTO. WTID.
  12. #boycottthekit

    Out of interest, what would people pay for a great quality, striped Kit, by a top manufacturer, .....a real good,traditional design, with super stripes Kit like this below? £60?
  13. Yes. The players don't understand why he wants them to play like they are told to.
  14. BELIEVE!!!!...

    I would drive him here myself and pay for CC flight back home.