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  1. Which opposition player ...

    Posh spice never played against us. But she took plenty of abuse, amongst other things!
  2. I'll not buy another home shirt until stripes are back.
  3. Brought a tear to my eye that video.....so many memories. But for Gods sake our identity IS blue and white bloody stripes.
  4. Got a season ticket so easy to lose what matchday prices are, but crikey they are eye watering.
  5. That's our 200th anniversary kit with 11 stars from when we dominated the Prem in the 2020's!
  6. Post a positive

    Pitch looks great.
  7. Enjoy away day threads Andy. Keep it up pal. Thanks. Listening in on radio Sheffield whilst fishing today. Currently pouring down. Have a safe journey back.
  8. Walked past...

    FFP. We were flying to away games last year.!!
  9. Is this just me?

    I had 11. All same......all wanting me to buy a ticket And I have a season ticket! What's going on?
  10. Kit Pre-Orders

    The Kit is rubbish. Better than that bloody awful thing from last year though, but it does not shout Sheffield Wednesday, and that's wrong. We are slowly having our identity removed. The away Kit is a shocker. Come on, it's terrible.
  11. Winnall

    He looks hungry. Looks committed. Wants the ball and is prepared to be a bit selfish and have a go. True attributes of a goal hungry striker. Start him Wednesday.
  12. Sunderland Fulham burton Albion

    With CC we'll get 2 points. Appoint new manager before Sunderland and it'll be 9.
  13. Why Carlos has to go

    Carlos has to go. Someone needs to get the best out of the players and he's failing at this. That simple.
  14. Holloway

    Yes. Had that team drilled and sorted yesterday. Got play off win experience and Prem knowledge with a freshly promoted team. Tells it how it is, better than that Carlos rounduns we have to listen too. Nobodys fool either. Swap him tomorrow.