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  1. Brilliant signing. He's one who should be able to do it if we go up.
  2. He plays for us. Get behind just just for that, and if he is not good enough as we progress, he now has a transfer value rather than becoming a free agent. Good business that.
  3. 20 goal striker every time for me. Rather we win 4-3 than 1-0. But could we do both this season?
  4. 4-0. 23,000 gate. Neither FF or Hooper to play. CC to step in at centre half to give Loovens a rest.
  5. Any one of Man.Utd, Man City, Liverpool, Arsenal, or Chelsea, at home.....want to see 35,000 again. Got a funny feeling we'll pull Man Utd at home, very strange that.
  6. Joe is an Owl always has been, always will be. We should put him on a 15 year contract. He'd sign. Sorted. Could easily beat our appearance record of 501 games.
  7. For years the only live televised football match during the entire season was the FA Cup Final. Coverage started at 10am and went through to 6pm in the 70's and 80's.
  8. Not my favourite but he plays for us. We should all support him simply for that.
  9. Well. Lumper Latchman. Dodgiest dressing room photo ever seen winner. Does he need a separate passport for that?
  10. 3-0. Wildsmith (penalty,... anything Pressman can do this lad can!), Bannan (wind assisted...was heading for row M), Nuihi (Messi style back heel from 15 yards....). 16,000.
  11. So much more SWFC website can do though. For example a running tally count of tickets sold for each home match which is fed live from ticket sales would be very interesting. It would add a buzz of anticipation to the forthcoming game as we see more and more tickets sold.
  12. Good old Leeds.....only won league with a wednesday manager, and half of Wednesdays old team.
  13. Just wondering if there is any mileage in a simple bonus points system for the Football League. Say one extra point for every 2nd away win? One extra point for every 50 goals scored? Would it make for more exciting games? Or is it spot on as it is? Would we be higher up the league or lower?
  14. Think new scoreboard is great, especially replays. Obviously the pre match street entertainers didn't work, and I don't think Mooncakes are outselling Pies, but what single other improvement can you think of to improve the Matchday experience. I'll go for a man of match SWFC app on phone where supporters can vote ten miutes before time for their man of match and winner comes up on scoreboard at final whistle.
  15. Ticket office can be bit coy sometimes about numbers so just tell us what you've bought.....only rule is you must have bought, not thinking about it. Mine is; South Stand for 1 Year.
  16. Years ago my mother was a teacher at Southey Green school....lad in her class was called Russell Sprout....he would be 40 now.
  17. Best name, best team, best stadium, best chairman, best manager, best pitch, best stop now cos shop is rubbish!
  18. Ha. Also the band to be replaced by London Philarmonic Orchestra, direct to our own headsets only. (Already waiting for us on our seats with the free programme). And a thumbs up, thumbs down button on our seats armrest to assist the ref in red cards decisions, handballs, etc.
  19. Better than SUPER HOOPER, SUPER HOOPER,......but harder to remember!
  20. Used to be able to get cushions on North Stand in mid 70's. Everyone used to throw them on the pitch if we were not playing well. There were 200 on pitch most games with quarter of an hour left!
  21. Think he's done great for us this year but he'll only get a longer deal if CC and DC plus advisers are totally convinced he can do it in the Prem most games. Otherwise 4 years is a long, long time to pay big wages while we look to offload.
  22. Can't beat a Sheffield lad with blue and white blood in his veins playing for us can you. Imagine....
  23. Fantastic effort by the club to accommodate as many fans as possible. I'll be buying a three year South Stand ticket Monday. Works out at £24 a Championship game, or £29 a game if in Premier. Fantastic value. 10/10 Mr.C,.... the guy is really trying to make it happen. Please support the club and buy what you can afford, for as long as you can. UTO.
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