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  1. He's in the bomb squad with Hutch and Westwood.
  2. Thats cos he falls out with everyone Dave. Plays boring negative football and has a smirky look that you can only tolerate for about 6 months!
  3. Its open from 5pm. Show your match ticket to get entry. Cash at bar.
  4. Wouldn't surprise me for this one if we give them the North and we get the Kop and South with the Lepp and West closed.
  5. Remember that game as if yesterday. And by coincidence I bought this on Sunday.
  6. It's happening. The gods are with us. Team spirit is back. Lees stays on after catching ball on the line! We reply straight away to an equaliser! Keeper goes and we still win and add to the score! I tell thi......
  7. There are 8,000 Chinese students in Sheffield.
  8. Park anywhere in Middlewood Park Village. No trouble, no restrictions, quiet residential area. Then simply walk half mile on flat to Leppings Lane end, past Asda and chippy. Sat nav S6 1RS. Parked there for years no trouble. No queues either leaving.
  9. Why travel and get tired, sleep on different beds, pack, unpack, etc. Why not stop at home, eat well, train, chill and have teams come to Hillsborough every three or four days. Why not?
  10. Football management is 80% psychology. A master at this is big Sam. He's a player puller not a pusher like Pulis, Megson, etc. Ranieri is the same. And his pull was used to great effect at Leicester. Either of these for me. Plus Sam is a master set piece % tactician. He's not as bad as folk on here reckon.
  11. This Bruce business might just give us that all in the trenches together mentality we need.
  12. Great player. 2 European Cup winners medals too! How many of our players have done that?
  13. Has anyone checked on the Land Registry website? The info there will show new owner details and probably the price paid.
  14. Getting rid of those will save £8 million a year in wages. Which after VAT is roughly what we take in season tickets in a year. That's how crazily we've been throwing money away.
  15. Currently a PE teacher in Donny. Taught a relative Hatfield way. Didn't play much for us though.
  16. I remember 4 very dull 0-0 draws in a row at Hillsborough under Gray on a seaside beach of a pitch. Milan may have steadied the ship and many thanks are due, but we were a profit opportunity for a guy who really knew the business. Nowt up with that but we've moved on. When we do go up and it'll be next year or the year after, we'll stay up. Glad DC is learning the ropes now before the agent and player sharkfest of the Premier league.
  17. Nothing to see in the away dressing room it's shocking. It's not changed for over 20 years. Tiles are cracked, bog doors hanging off, the other is missing! And that is how it should be. The less comfortable the better.
  18. I'm in the ground to see the warm ups. Last night the pre game prep between the two teams was very noticeable in how different it was. Then again for example after half time we sauntered out walking, the other lot did three minutes of drills before getting in position. Food for thought.
  19. Yep. Can remember it very clearly that game. On South about 25 yards from where I sit now. Ernie Moss was on fire for them all game.
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