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  1. Bolsterstone Owl

    Squad photo

    Wildsmith with a bit of winter warmth round the middle! Pressman style.
  2. Bolsterstone Owl

    Squad photo

    The very suntanned Abdi.
  3. Bolsterstone Owl

    Christmas Megastore Video

    Video nasty that! Ha ha.
  4. Bolsterstone Owl

    Alan wheen

    RIP Big Al. Myself and Jeff Capper held you in awe on our early to mid 80s away days. Stopped going away now really. The beer flinging coke heads fighting amongst themselves have not got a clue where WAWAW really came from. Cheers Al. A true Wednesday legend. I sincerely hope there is something fitting on Saturday for those not at Blackburn.
  5. Bolsterstone Owl

    If Jos goes... who's in?

    Give it one of the bomb squad. Jones is said to be manager material. Were already paying him. On second thoughts give it Hutch . Why not.
  6. Bolsterstone Owl

    Serious Candidates?

    Holloway has three daughters, who along with his Mrs are all profoundly, congenitally deaf.
  7. Bolsterstone Owl

    Has Luhukay gone yet?

    Can't see us scoring five this season!
  8. Bolsterstone Owl

    Team for Derby

    Olifanten en Jos uit. When the carnage of the starting 11 comes out tomorrow, get writing yer banners! I've had enough. Dutch for, 'Elephants and Jos out'. Sky's never here when you need em!
  9. Bolsterstone Owl

    Match day announcement

    Just hack into it. Some Norwich fans did that last home game, cos it said Norwich 4, Wednesday 0. Can't be right cos we put 5 past em last year....
  10. The second we kick off we already have a point and a clean sheet. Then it all goes downhill.....!
  11. Bolsterstone Owl

    Abdi, Boyd and Hutch

    Short shadows, shorts and leaves on trees in November?
  12. Bolsterstone Owl

    Abdi, Boyd and Hutch

    I think there's some loyalty there with Hutch. But the other two...forget it. Pair of complete football mercenaries. Abdi even had a professional video made of his move here, saying blah, blah, blah, I'm great, blah, blah, blah. The bloody crock. Reight was of money. And Boyd, well, the private ego plate on his Bentley says, this is all about me. Foook your club, I'm a professional ex premier league footballer and I want your money, and as much as I can get.
  13. Bolsterstone Owl

    Forcing high earners out?

    Players almost to a man will not talk out against the club or manager because if they do they'll be heavily fined. Jos won't talk about the Chairman for exactly the same reason. And none off them will leave and forfeit wages. Stalemate until July. Move on.
  14. Bolsterstone Owl

    Forcing high earners out?

    I'd be amazed if for example Penneys new contract was not somewhere around 5-8k a week at the very least. Definitely with appearance, goal, international, FA Cup, and contract extensions written in, plus selling clauses like if a club comes in with xxx offer to buy, etc. Plus promotion bonuses!
  15. Bolsterstone Owl

    Forcing high earners out?

    Don't know but many in the top part of the Conference are full time now.