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  1. Bolsterstone Owl

    New dead ball specialist/s needed

    What we do need is someone who can take a bloody throw in.
  2. Bolsterstone Owl

    Injury Updates on Lee and Hooper

    I honestly think a fully fit Kieren Lee is the best player we have.
  3. Bolsterstone Owl

    No "Hi Ho"

    It's the little traditions that are important. Hi ho at 2.58pm. Goal down after 20 mins. Hutch booked within half an hour. 8 mins injury time whenever were 2-1 up, etc. It's the Wednesday way.
  4. Bolsterstone Owl

    Chelsea - V - Wednesday FA Cup OMDT

    Danny Murphy lost all his money in the footballers tax scam. Just like Bullard. Hard lines pal. ***.
  5. Bolsterstone Owl

    Dynamic Pricing

    It's all too complicated already. Make it £25 a ticket, any game, anywhere, and a £10 for all concessions. Then, cut the wages cloth accordingly. The only people doing well here are the players no wonder they're happy to stay.
  6. Bolsterstone Owl

    Club 1867 Launch

    Bonkers idea but this might raise some money...give the club £500 and in return you get 500 priority points. Or along same idea give £70 for 70 points, etc
  7. Bolsterstone Owl

    Sam Hutchinson

    Fast food squad. Pudil was in Costa on middlewood rd before game with a young un.
  8. Bolsterstone Owl

    Part timer

    Hot, fresh, bacon butties from asda on leppings lane. £1 each. Lovely and a bargain.
  9. Bolsterstone Owl

    Are We Going S*** Or Bust

    DC is a gambler. Often stakes £10k a time at casino. Given a chance he'll go for it. I've heard he's lumped £100k on a play off finish.
  10. Bolsterstone Owl

    Boxing Day Coach Crash - 1960

    Are you the bugger that kept knocking him over! Seriously though. Nice bloke who looked on the positive and humorous side, considering.
  11. Bolsterstone Owl

    Swfc v Bcfc, attendance predictions..

    Plus a tenner a pint, and a tenner a pie.
  12. Bolsterstone Owl

    Swfc v Bcfc, attendance predictions..

    Is it just £20 for them too, or are we Chansiring them!
  13. Bolsterstone Owl

    Boxing Day Coach Crash - 1960

    He ran the Post Office at Wincobank until 2003, and played golf regular at Tankersley, certainly until about 2010-12 but don't know after then.
  14. Bolsterstone Owl

    No Westwood today - tired

    Just read David Seamans autobiography. He reckons goalies should have no problems whatsoever playing 40 games a season. He's obviously got a transfer lined up.
  15. Bolsterstone Owl

    Those SWFC Pulp shirts...

    Merry Christmas Simon. I watched Hutch after the game on Saturday against Preston take his shirt off and give it to a little lass by the tunnel. Only one to do it. So sadly your nephew doesn't have the last match worn one. But still a Hutch shirt. Plenty of ladies on her would like a sniff!