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  1. Bolsterstone Owl


    But he still took his £30k. That's why we're in the position we're in. Big earners simply not performing.
  2. Bolsterstone Owl


    Everyone understands the neg button. Basically if you make a dickkhead statement you get negged. Self regulation by the masses.
  3. Bolsterstone Owl


    Now either you were not there or were not watching. Your neg rate says it all.
  4. Bolsterstone Owl


    They are fit but no fitter than either team they've played. In other words about right for a professional football team. I reckon Pudil will do a Loovens this season though. What was not professional yesterday was FF still messing about with his daughter on his shoulders literally up to two seconds of kick off.
  5. Bolsterstone Owl

    Lucas Joao

    Another wallet related groin strain.
  6. Bolsterstone Owl

    Joey Pelupessy

    Have you been to the game? Fraud of a footballer.
  7. Bolsterstone Owl

    Operation Blame the Fans

    If his son is scared to come, that's the legacy project out of the window.
  8. Bolsterstone Owl

    The only players we have

    If FF and BB get sold before deadline day, then DC gets half of his loss back, before he moves on. Dream has failed. He does need to move on. Stay up, just. Ride out FFP. Go again with new owners / additional investment in three years time.
  9. Bolsterstone Owl

    Where are the MODERATE #SWFC fans?

    The whole thing is a vanity project. By someone with very little experience of running a business. Who is used to getting their own way where they come from. It will all end in tears. Infact, it's already started.
  10. Remember on a kerb is illegal, even though you're probably doing it so it's easier for road users to get past. Bleedin, jobsworth, cowards.
  11. Bolsterstone Owl


    Nobody can ever take that corner wonder goal off him. If that was for Chelsea folks would still be wetting their pants over it now. Step forward big David. This is your season.
  12. Bolsterstone Owl

    Has Jo’s seen something in Palmer

    Tell you what. I'd rather watch a team of Wednesdayites, as far as possible, play for Wednesday, than set of overpaid, footballing journeymen not quite good enough for the Prem, fleecing our club, driving their Bentleys to training, not giving one flying foook, to the fans of this great club. Sooner we sort this mess out the better. I desperately want Premier league football at Hillsborough but we fans are paying an enormous cost for the fancy few, who simply last year did not perform. I think some players owe us big time. Liam Palmer owes us nothing.
  13. Bolsterstone Owl

    Has Jo’s seen something in Palmer

    Sensible post. Well said.
  14. Bolsterstone Owl

    Hunt the 1st to go - more to follow

    For what it's worth, I think the fee for Hunt covered his outstanding wages we would have owed him to his contract end. We then payed him this. He then was able to sign for Bristol at a lower weekly wage. I think we sussed he would go for nothing next window or next summer. Knowing he wouldn't play more than 25 games probably. Hence £20k odd a week less to pay out from right now. That leaves nothing for the transfer pot but shows we are trying to get our finances in order. Problem is with no money to spend and players needing to go, other than FF, BB, TL, or AR, that is the very best we can hope for in a deal.
  15. Bolsterstone Owl

    Hunt the 1st to go - more to follow

    Thank you gentlemen. I was called a cuunt and alsorts the other day by a few brain dead idiots who have no idea what goes on in football. They won't be big enough to apologise either I'm sure.