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  1. Stockdale today was poor. Overweight. Not agile. Poor distribution. Then gets booked for throwing the ball away. Drop him. Put Dawson in.
  2. Good luck pal. Hope you go up. Wycombe are horrible and I fear they will do you but you lot dont belong down here. All the best.
  3. You pay now to park. Ticket from inside the pub.
  4. There are many managers available but most will not work with our chairman. Our next manager will be Bannan or Hutch. Though Patto will one day make an excellent manager and he has the brains on the team.
  5. It's a game of football! Tell the missus you love her and give the kids a kiss. That's what's important.
  6. This is a problem for our older fans who are not internet savvy. I hope the club provided them with a hot cuppa while they were queuing. Some of these will have supported our club for over 60 years.
  7. What do people think is a reasonable wage per week for a third division footballer. I say 2k a week.
  8. You dropped your season ticket. I've handed it to a steward on the South stand.
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