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  1. Bolsterstone Owl

    Ticket sales for Leeds match.

    No he's a fat bloke.
  2. Bolsterstone Owl

    Bielsa Bucket Song Banter

    You should change your username to PaulMcCartneyOwl.
  3. Bolsterstone Owl

    Moody Blues..... and white stripes

    Let's hope we beat that Leeds scum to PULP.
  4. Bolsterstone Owl

    Ticket sales for Leeds match.

    It's all too confusing and lots don't bother because of this. How about this with regard to all bar concessions. Regardless of where you sit for a season ticket it's £25 a game. POTG price is £35 a game. Something as simple as that.
  5. Bolsterstone Owl

    Ticket sales for Leeds match.

    You're right. I think also that if POTG came down, less season tickets would renew, and people would pick and choose cos its more affordable. Then even less revenue is taken. We're in a complete vicious cycle with this ridiculous ticket pricing and structure. Only a new owner can break this cycle.
  6. Bolsterstone Owl

    Gary Cahill Linked

    If you're making £100k plus a week, you make it for as long as you can. He'll be a long time retired. Anyway he'll be settled down there, kids will be in school, etc. No chance.
  7. Bolsterstone Owl

    Safe standing

    Prefer to sit now to be honest.
  8. Bolsterstone Owl

    Hooper - hutch- Lee

    Sadly don't think they'll make 20 starts between them this season.
  9. Bolsterstone Owl

    Ticket sales for Leeds match.

    Well all of the missing I know say that they'll find the money for a one off big game but basically £40 a go for every league game is simply too much and not worth it.
  10. Bolsterstone Owl

    Ticket sales for Leeds match.

    Club should have a running counter on website of tickets sold for our home games in real time. Create plenty of interest that, particularly in countdown to the bigger games.
  11. Bolsterstone Owl

    Ticket sales for Leeds match.

    Why not allow season ticket holders to buy an extra seat for £20 on a game like this?
  12. Bolsterstone Owl

    Hayley - Update

    Spoke to Hayley personally on the day of the big collection at Hillsborough last season. She was sat on the back of their car with a little un giving out buns at the back of the South Stand. Wished her well and donated what I could. Hayley love, your kids will be proud of how hard you worked to get some extra time with them. God bless. The world is poorer for your passing. Hope you can look down and watch over them as they grow up. Condolences to Andy and all the family.
  13. Bolsterstone Owl

    Worst Signing Ever

    Patrick Blondeau without a doubt. Played about 5 times, was shocking. Cost us 5 goals in one game alone. Then basically got deliberately sent off so he could hide. Utter dogger.
  14. Bolsterstone Owl


    No Boyds legs have gone. But he was saying what was done last pre season under CC was not good enough. I admire his honesty.
  15. Bolsterstone Owl


    I think we're fit for us. Know a few ex pros who all say what's done in July effects the whole season particularly after December. They all hate pre season but say its got to be done. To be fair Boyd said same last season.