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  1. About as threatening as a tea cosy and as effective as a chocolate kettle. Green should never play again utter rubbish.
  2. I got a phone call this week and got a refund for the games missed last season. I have season ticket for this year so asked about that. I was told it would act as a credit on my ticket account. If I wanted a season ticket for next season it would come out of that credit. If not, I will need to tell them, when they ask, that I want a refund on that too. I said I did. Was told theyll be processed last. So looks like I will be waiting another 6 to 12 months for something I paid 640 quid for in January 2020. I have decided not to go again until DC goes, nor spend another penny there while hes here.
  3. I have had no refund or phone calls from the club on the unfinished season games from last season. I also have a season ticket for this year and who knows what will happen with this. If we can sell over the counter 40,000 tickets for the Cardiff play off in a week, why with better technology years later can we not refund just 8,000 season tickets holders? Club stinks at minute and it will all end in tears.
  4. Set myself a target of 100 barbel including 20 doubles. Done the double bit but not sure 100 is possible now but will try my best.
  5. Trent Friday. Mine Saturday and Sunday afternoons. Big hike tomorrow. Collingham Tuesday and Thursday. Nice this retired!
  6. Carry on fishing lads. Here is barbel 86 of the season. Desperate for 100!
  7. Pass my best regards onto Di too while you're at it Trev.
  8. I did a write up on my Facebook page pal. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=409385560460202&id=100041662850235
  9. Plenty of fish in Don. Had 40 fish last Saturday in 3 hours. Roving with float and maggot. I think oughtibridge to SW ground is best and it's all free.
  10. ....and mi old mate Andy's catch from yesterday.......
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