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  1. I remember 4 very dull 0-0 draws in a row at Hillsborough under Gray on a seaside beach of a pitch. Milan may have steadied the ship and many thanks are due, but we were a profit opportunity for a guy who really knew the business. Nowt up with that but we've moved on. When we do go up and it'll be next year or the year after, we'll stay up. Glad DC is learning the ropes now before the agent and player sharkfest of the Premier league.
  2. Nothing to see in the away dressing room it's shocking. It's not changed for over 20 years. Tiles are cracked, bog doors hanging off, the other is missing! And that is how it should be. The less comfortable the better.
  3. I'm in the ground to see the warm ups. Last night the pre game prep between the two teams was very noticeable in how different it was. Then again for example after half time we sauntered out walking, the other lot did three minutes of drills before getting in position. Food for thought.
  4. Yep. Can remember it very clearly that game. On South about 25 yards from where I sit now. Ernie Moss was on fire for them all game.
  5. Joao signalled twice to the bench to come off. Then he had a right strop walking off, chucking his strapping all over the pitch. Then when he went to sit down he wouldn't high five anyone and just sulked arms folded. Bloody lazy mardy arse. He was dire yesterday. With a shocking attitude.
  6. What we do need is someone who can take a bloody throw in.
  7. I honestly think a fully fit Kieren Lee is the best player we have.
  8. It's the little traditions that are important. Hi ho at 2.58pm. Goal down after 20 mins. Hutch booked within half an hour. 8 mins injury time whenever were 2-1 up, etc. It's the Wednesday way.
  9. Danny Murphy lost all his money in the footballers tax scam. Just like Bullard. Hard lines pal. ***.
  10. It's all too complicated already. Make it £25 a ticket, any game, anywhere, and a £10 for all concessions. Then, cut the wages cloth accordingly. The only people doing well here are the players no wonder they're happy to stay.
  11. Bonkers idea but this might raise some money...give the club £500 and in return you get 500 priority points. Or along same idea give £70 for 70 points, etc
  12. Fast food squad. Pudil was in Costa on middlewood rd before game with a young un.
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