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  1. Bolsterstone Owl

    whose selling this pile of poo ?

    First time I've seen Tom Lees smiling!
  2. Now if instead of elev8 or sondico we had had Stone Island make our kit..... Who'd be foooking cool then!
  3. Bolsterstone Owl

    Teenage angst

    Ha ha poor lad. Delia was sat about fifteen feet to my left. She was well foookin pissed. Face like she was chewing a sour lemon. Didn't even get up when they scored!
  4. Bolsterstone Owl

    Minutes applause saturday anyone?

    Nowt up with celebrating a moment of history. If the club really understand its fans they should play the goal before the game a few times with the line wait while 3.37pm at the end. Then just play the goal post dink at full blast at that time. Then we should sing oh Johnny, Johnny.... Be good that.
  5. Bolsterstone Owl

    So David Hirst regrets

    Hirst was great for us. For 18 months he was incredible. But I doubt many Manchester United fans worry too much. Dave don't spoil your legendary status here with what might have been.
  6. Bolsterstone Owl


    Super Kivo. Hope you get a hat trick. Soak it all in. Memories. Gold.
  7. Bolsterstone Owl

    Owlstalk live from the Wednesday Tap

    Do they so food on match day cos last home game they didn't.
  8. Bolsterstone Owl

    Nuhiu’s market value

    On his current form. £8 million and 25k+ a week.
  9. Bolsterstone Owl

    Absolute class from Jordan Rhodes

    Really hope JR bangs in 35 goals for us next season.
  10. Bolsterstone Owl

    Bit of Market Research.

    Bring em back!
  11. Bolsterstone Owl

    Bit of Market Research.

    Stacking as quickly as selling.
  12. Bolsterstone Owl

    Snooty..visionary or Jonah?

    Snooty was really Ken Dodd. Farewell. Another Owl gone.
  13. Bolsterstone Owl

    Sheffield Wednesday team 1974/75

    Went to my first game that season. At least four of them lived next door but one to us in a club owned house on Dixon Road. They were always in the Park Hotel. Save our Owls!