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  1. Remember him getting out of his sick bed to play in an away match at Carlisle in December 1983 (he had influenza). He was ever present that promotion season. Fantastic player.
  2. Said to my missus "Waddle looks quite fit", when he got on the scales he was 15 and a half stone. Very deceptive them scales.
  3. Dean Barrick, scored in a 5-1 defeat at Anfield in 1989, people were raving. Now a PE teacher in Thailand. See this link http://totalfootballmag.com/features/features/where-are-they-now-dean-barrick/
  4. I think the household rubbish etc. was used to level out the pitch as there was a considerable slope originally, they didn't quite get it right as there is still the slope towards the Kop even today. But how the Kop was built up would be an interesting story.
  5. Spanish Doubloons were accepted from the Villareal fans, I'm told. :)
  6. Seem to remember Viv Anderson as a young left back for Nottingham Forest around 1975 putting it pretty neat the cantilever roof.
  7. Saw him in the doctors on Far Lane last November. Said to the missus "I'm sure that's Gerry Young who played for Wednesday year's ago" (couldn't mistake the broken nose). Any doubt was removed when the receptionist shouted "Gerald Young".
  8. Teddy Davison was before everybody's time but looks like he was a legend for both Sheffield clubs. Keeper for Wednesday, manager for United. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Teddy_Davison
  9. You're absolutely right, I was being sarcastic ..... I was talking to some Newcastle fans after he'd moved up there for £110,000 and they couldn't thank Wednesday enough for letting them have such a class player for a cut price. They loved him up there, think he became skipper.
  10. Presume you mean Eric Potts and not Tommy Craig. Potts was player of the year twice and scored in that memorable match against Southend that kept Wednesday out of Division 4.
  11. That Oxford United trainer from the 1970s with the very effeminate run. Everybody wolf whistled him when he ran on to treat one of their players.
  12. Change of club can rejuvenate a stalling career. Remember Lee Chapman, Andy Blair and Gary Shelton all coming to Hillsborough in a similar situation and not doing too bad ... give the bloke (Butterfield) a chance.
  13. Peter Feeley, signed by Len Ashurst from Gillingham in the bad bad bad days. And he was bad and not very popular.
  14. Not complete though .... No Ronnie Starling, Jack Palethorpe, Jack Surtees or Wilf Sharp
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