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  1. Very short sighted by Bruce this. Bigger club?...maybe but only because they have one club in their city. They have a chairman that won’t back him, give him any money and habitually hamstrings his managers. Fans that yeah are passionate, but will turn on him if they have a bad run of results like they did Allardyce. Compare that to Wednesday where the fans already love him, a chairman that’s fully behind him and a club that will in the next few years be in the Premier League....and if he was the one to take us up, legendary status. Think he’s dropping a clanger!!
  2. I’ll start with Adam Reach, by far the most over rated player in the Wednesday squad. Offers nothing. Scored a few screamers which, as has happened since he came here, most attempts end up in row Z or the corner flag. No pace, can’t skin a man, first touch atrocious and hasn’t the ability to change a game. If we got our 5 mil back, I’d snap which ever puddins hand off that could only be arsed to watch You Tube goals
  3. Hopefully with a smaller deal they'll cut the pi$$in parachute payments!!!
  4. Absolutely spot on..Fox and Palmer are not Championship standard. The amount of times I shouted at my iPad because both of them couldn't beat the first man with a cross. Running into space and as soon as an opposition player goes near them, they turn around and go backwards. For me these two are one needed for immediate replacement and are the key positions to strengthen.
  5. Yeah exactly...it's just trying to find land that isn't green belt and big enough
  6. No mate, it's separate...so realistically he could spend millions on this and it wouldn't affect us for FFP
  7. This is Derbys training facilities and academy. It's huge and state of the art. This is im sure what Chansiri has in mind for us, or should be if he's serious about us being a premier league team. Both Middlewood Road and Niagra together would still be no where near big enough. I'm sure if a multi million pound investment was proposed by Chansiri, he would have to work with the Council to find appropriate land. On a side note, I'm pretty sure Niagra is owned by SYP sports and social club - so by paying police members and not SYP itself.
  8. Shhhhhh then...we don't want FFP Hitler's finding out!!
  9. Agreed. That was of of the points I was raising...could the below par training facilities have had a bearing on our injury list?...I'd be interested to hear why we have to wait until promotion for a vast improvement in this area?...the only thing I can think of, is he plans to move the training ground to a purpose built site somewhere else, otherwise, if the Premier League is where he wants is, it'd be a no brainer to start now?
  10. FFP is grossly unfair for clubs not in receipt of parachute payments. As seen by the likes of Villa and even Sunderland, that £40 million per year for three years (I know it reduces from £40 in year 2 and 3) is re invested in big players on big wages and not used to prop them up on their existing players wages from the premier league as it was intended. This gives those 6-9 clubs a huge financial head start over teams like Wednesday who've been in the Championship for a number of years. Clubs in receipt of parachute payments should ONLY be allowed to spend that money on existing wages and new transfers should have to be from matchday/merchandise/sponsorship money they generate. I get his comments about transfer fees spread over the length of their contract, but surely with players like Wallaceon a free, their £30 grand a week plus wages if they were released would save us millions in wages? If we don't get penalised by FFP for infrastructure, such as training facilities (which Wednesdays are well known to be poor for this level) why have we not seen a huge input in cash to develop this area and attract better young players...a bit like Derbys excellent facilities? I personally love DC and think without him we'd be screwed, but if PSG can pay nearly £400 million for 2 players and not fall foul of FPP, surely there must be some way around our current financial situation?
  11. Exactly...wish the guy well, but his ideas stagnated and the chairman gave him plenty of time for him to recognise it and change. Ultimately the most devisive manager we've had in recent times and the club was starting to become toxic as a result. If he has 'mutually agreed' to leave then I'm glad he recognised that for the good of Wednesday, he could no longer be in charge...just wish he'd have done it 2 months ago when we still could have got in the play offs!!
  12. https://www.swfc.co.uk/news/2017/december/carlos-carvalhal-statement/ Nice guy undoubtably, but stubborn and I'm afraid right time to go!
  13. Atrocious! Professional footballers that cannot cross a ball. I knew with the team sheet that nothing was going to change as the tactics are exactly the same. Carlos is the most belligerent, stubborn manger we've ever had! Won't admit his tactics are shiiiiite!
  14. Sorry but I don't agree at all. If a keeper has a bad spell, that leads to conceding goals that you wouldn't ordinarily. A midfielder has a bad spell and it doesn't have the same detrimental effect. Westwood has saved us so many times over the years, including the last two that in no way should we be calling for him to be out. Best keeper we've had for decades. I agree his distribution must improve as we "should" attack from the back though
  15. 9 goals in 39 appearences...would take that ratio for a midfielder at present!
  16. I'm happy with loans, but there's no point if they don't get played..not using McManaman was a mistake last season. Right back and left back essential after centre back position is sorted
  17. I get the sentiment and no I don't mean all of it, but it'd be less of a nightmare segregating fans as it would be at the Leppings Lane end. If you gave away fans 2,000 seats at the kop west side, line of stewards from top to bottom so in effect from pitch to back of kop and the rest Wednesday (similar set up if the stadium was a bowl) then reconfigure kop so their only exit is Penistone Road, I think that'd work and prevent large sections of the ground being closed off. It's not perfect, but given the limitations of our ground worth considering?
  18. Ashley Cole would be a fantastic signing for us. We should be in for him if Birmingham have a chance. Big upgrade on what we have and the experienced pro that Carlos has said we're after...but I think we're missing a trick by not tapping the young loan market for upcoming stars from the likes of Man City, Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool
  19. You're absolutely right, we would've given our right arm for this squad, but that's exactly what people find frustrating, we should be getting more out of them and gaining promotion. This is where some of the frustration with Carlos is and whether he really can get the best out of them as at times last year that was sadly lacking.
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