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  1. So it 11 players, not really how they line up though is it.
  2. I 'can't wait' until we are the 'Form Team' again but im into my 70s. Maybe not then!
  3. Never in the game, really poor show today. Mr Bruce is certainly going to earn his £2m to get us out of this mess.
  4. Its probably been mentioned previously but if Chansiri is finally going to drop Doyen and is prepared to appoint a manager to oversee ALL team affairs then Bruce is the best man for the job. And the £2M salary hes offering Bruce is probably the annual fee hes being paying Doyen to get ripped off. So he gets a top flight English manager for free! Win win situation!!!!
  5. Its the Sports Science gang that picks the team. They tell Jos who his 'fittest' eleven are and he picks the formation that he can fit them into. Its the only conclusion I can come to when i see his team sheets
  6. Getting all our injured players back and fit for next season will be a great boost for the club. Maybe not good enough to mount a serious challenge but good enough to give us a better season than this one. Mix in some of our promising youngsters in preparation for the following season. As stated earlier, lots of the big contracts end in 2019. Then hopefully sign 3 or 4 class younger players and appoint an experienced British manager. Job done.
  7. The wife's not to happy with the line up but then shes not that happy with anything
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