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  1. I think the roll out tactic was used as his distribution is appalling. I agree the defence has no trust in him whatsoever and it leads to nervy defending. But again, we never had this problem when Wildsmith stood in for Westwood.
  2. No I'm saying someone who is clearly out of their depth and is unable to keep a clean sheet should not be given a shirt over someone who is available and has proven himself capable.
  3. Wildsmith is available. Ah he's not then.. We've conceded second most goals in the league, fans are crying out for Westwood, we get him and keep 2 clean sheets in 2. Must all be coincidence.
  4. Funny how we never had any lapses in the last 2 games. More to keeping than shot stopping.
  5. How would we have gone on? Try Wildsmith, the kid who did an outstanding job backing up Westwood for the past 2 years and if he's not up to it, yes bring in someone.
  6. Dawson requires 5 defenders every game, still can't keep clean sheets. We had 11 men behind the ball against sheff u and he was throwing himself of at keeping a clean sheet, if this is the standard we are setting then it's pathetic. 24 games with 5 defenders 2 clean sheets (one with 11 defenders). 2 clean sheets in 2 for Westwood with 4 defenders looking a lot more solid and another option up top. If people want to keep defending league 2 quality players then that's up to them
  7. It's not for the sake of it.. Why do we never keep a clean sheet with him in the net? I want him to succeed as much as anyone for the sake of Wednesday but he never does. A good team keeps clean sheets every 3 games atleast. Unless we put 11 men behind the ball and sacrifice a win for a draw (vs sheff utd) he can't keep one.
  8. So you'd be happy with him being first choice for the rest of the season?
  9. That clean sheet run soon came to a juddering halt when he who shall not be slagged got a shirt. Think we're at a crossroads. Flirt with relegation and play Dawson or get Westwood back, give him a new contract and challenge for top 6.
  10. Dawson in net so we start a goal down, good luck to them.
  11. Nothing to do with Dawson being nowhere near good enough though. Wish I could be throw at my job and never get any stick for it. Thank god Jos and Dawson are nowhere near this team now though.
  12. He who shall not be slagged played with the exact same defence. Infact he had 5 defenders in front of him, not 4.
  13. Amazing how different this defence looks with a proper keeper behind them.
  14. A lot more than 2 and I think we'd still have a chance at top 6 if both Hutchinson and Westwood had been judged fairly. But again it goes back to blind loyalty and thank God we've got rid of the idiot who was at the master of it.
  15. 2 clean sheets in 22 games at 23 year old is disgraceful, this blind loyalty to useless players has to end if we are to go anywhere.
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