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  1. sam1

    I feel sorry for Dawson.

    why is he bulletproof? he's 23 not 17. 16 games played, 0 clan sheets "aww I feel sorry for the poor dear". If he had anything about him he'd tell Jos (who I can't believe can't see it) that he is not ready and needs a loan to league 2 or Scotland.
  2. sam1


    In fact the longer it goes on the more relevant it becomes.
  3. sam1


    You're saying if our keeper is positioned behind the net and a shot hit the post then so what? I was against it 3 years ago and I still am, the point doesn't become redundant because idiots are used to it.
  4. sam1


    Are you for real? You really believe that Dawson is better than Wildsmith and Westwood and not internal issues?
  5. sam1


    If you are all happy forking out Premiership money to watch us struggle to get out of our own half then fair enough.
  6. sam1


    Not at all, although I do believe Wildsmith is better than Dawson and Westwood is better than Wildsmith. But we'll persevere with this lad who struggles to save shots straight at him and has absolutely no command over his two centre backs what so ever. Imagine a headed shot at goal and having to run 8 paces to see it hit the post, top notch positioning.
  7. sam1


    Because we are paying premier league prices.
  8. sam1


    We've been putting ourselves under pressure all season as we are playing this goalkeeper he has randomly decided is his number 1 has absolutely no distribution skills whatsoever and no weak foot. We can score, granted, but if you think a team with such a shambles at the back can get top 6 you're deluded.
  9. sam1


    What makes you believe this team is good enough for top 6? Last season? Our up and coming goalkeeper?
  10. sam1


    I'm not, we did well to hang on to a draw at home by the skin of our teeth by a team gassing themselves out early season.
  11. sam1


    You can change Forestieri and Reach around 40 times in a game. Fact is we are stale.. Nothing exciting, same thing every game.
  12. sam1


    So these 24 players are good enough to get us top 6?
  13. Same thing week in week out. You know exactly how the game is going to play out every week. In desperate need of a refresh and some investment in we want to finish top 6 in the near future. Crying out for new blood after this season.
  14. sam1

    Operation Blame the Fans

    Incredible that people are still paying to prop up this joke. Let him go, he spat his dummy out last season and got that hatchet woman involved who is making us Charlton V2 and the idiots forking out to watch us get hammered every week are just encouraging it.