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  1. I was saying our "top away goal scorers in efl" record won't mean much when we get relegated. keep up
  2. sorry, i'll delude myself and tell myself that next season is our year
  3. It doesn't really matter anymore, nor will it next season or the season after.. there's no hunger, ageing team, league 1/2 standard youth players, unable to sign anyone, efl has it in for us, fans happy with league 1 standard performances and defending below average players.. all a recipe for a long, long time at the bottom of this division.
  4. is this what it's come to? bragging about winning a team who hasn't won in 8 games?
  5. All that money spent, nothing to show for it and we're down to the bare bones? still with a top 6 wage bill, it couldn't be any worse.
  6. on other hand if the efl get their way we're going down.
  7. get back to forking out £45 to watch this shower show about as much creativity as Plymouth every week. Clown
  8. Lee's tosss, borner doesn't stop us conceding 3. Odubajo isn't jinxed he just needs to stop thinking he's going to get the benefit of the doubt.
  9. sorry, thought you was being sarcastic, yeh I agree
  10. wouldn't say we're fooked, just going to be a team finishing 15-21 until we can somehow undo this financial mess we're in.
  11. Has everyone forgot we are paying premier league prices? remember when the blunts were saying we're being taken for mugs, they wasn't wrong. Stale team going nowhere, unable to spend anything.. clubs finished for next ten years.
  12. stale, bereft of ideas, back to where we was 7 years ago.
  13. The ones who had moves lined up in January and was told they aren't leaving under any circumstance.
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