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  1. You was warned that settling for league 1/2 players would come back and bite you and ruin this cub.. check out my +/- feedback for proof... You can blame Jos, Monk, Pulis all you like.. The fans accepting this shambles are a huge part to blame... from Dawson to Rhodes not a single one of them are good enough. Let's just go down and rebuild because this cycle is of tripe wore thin 3 years ago.
  2. Wait until Hirst comes on and scores an hat trick of rebounds
  3. Get him off at half time, enough is enough
  4. Neither are good enough, sad state of affairs. Might come in handy for league 1, that's about it.
  5. Might as well stick with them, signing below par players for this division is getting us no where apart from in further bother with the efl. Let every contract run down, go down (which seems inevitable, if no this season, next) play academy for a season or two until we are able to spend again then have another go.
  6. The players know what is coming, a points deduction big enough to send us down.
  7. I was saying our "top away goal scorers in efl" record won't mean much when we get relegated. keep up
  8. sorry, i'll delude myself and tell myself that next season is our year
  9. It doesn't really matter anymore, nor will it next season or the season after.. there's no hunger, ageing team, league 1/2 standard youth players, unable to sign anyone, efl has it in for us, fans happy with league 1 standard performances and defending below average players.. all a recipe for a long, long time at the bottom of this division.
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