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  1. Rebowl Yell

    Fantastic from Tango

    The 5 stages of Wednesday fan 1 - Wednesdayite by name ”oh my boyfriend supports Wednesday so I want them to do well too, go Owls” 2 - Casual ”that Waddle was pretty good wasn’t he? We still got that Fessi chap?” 3 - Average Matchgoer Knowledgeable about most Wednesday related things but mainly goes as it’s a family/tradition thing and he enjoys it 4 - devoted fan Keeps up to date on all Sheffield Wednesday news, signs up for Owlstalk or [redacted]. Goes to a lot of away games too. Likes to buy club merchandise. 5 - TruFan Always a season ticket holder. They hate anybody who doesn’t go to at least 12 games a season and they’ll let you know about. They love to watch as many games as possible and under absolutely no circumstances whatsoever can the club do wrong ever...at all. Basically @casbahowl.
  2. Rebowl Yell

    Fantastic from Tango

    A TruFan is someone who has a season ticket and believes that makes him superior to POTG fans or people who can’t attend for whatever reason. An Uberfan is a label put on a fan by others for their perceived flaunting of how big a fan they are just like how the complainant in this thread is acting up.
  3. Rebowl Yell

    Fantastic from Tango

    Those padlocks though...ir is it just me?
  4. Rebowl Yell

    Fantastic from Tango

    He’s a better fan than nearly everyone on here, he loves the club and goes to every game no matter how carp we are. Yet there’s always a few who want to bring him down, from behind the safety of their keyboards I might add.
  5. Rebowl Yell

    Fletcher to Panathinaikos

    Great, another player off because fans are too cheap to buy more season tickets or club merchandise. Thanks for nothing people.
  6. Rebowl Yell

    Team vs Lincoln

    This friendly reminds me of football manager playing Borehamwood in a friendly getting mardy cos my players aren’t doing nowt then pop up with a goal in the second half jumping around like I’ve celebrated the World Cup or something. Then I realise I’m the manager of Man City...
  7. Rebowl Yell

    Team vs Lincoln

    As much as I agree with them I find it hilarious that the same people saying it’s only a friendly when we lose tend to list winning in with the positives if we win.
  8. Rebowl Yell

    Team vs Lincoln

    Don’t know why we bother playing tinpot teams like this, they always raise their game and inevitably crop one of our players trying to keep up. We can do better than Lincoln.
  9. Rebowl Yell

    Can we all agree on this one?

    That’s it I am staging a coup. @Watson, @casbahowl, @Costello 77 Let us rise up and dethrone this pretender claiming Owlstalk for ourselves! Viva la revolution and FFS!
  10. Rebowl Yell

    Can we all agree on this one?

    You have the power to ban all those who look to sow dissent by criticising our Chairman yet you don’t, you know most Owls will back you if you do. We can’t let them damage our mighty club.
  11. Rebowl Yell

    Elev8 done it again

    Stop arguing with him, this isn’t parliament ffs.
  12. Rebowl Yell

    Clare tho!

    June: Sean Clare is homesick and wants to move closer to home July: Sean Clare signs for Aberdeen
  13. Rebowl Yell

    Elev8 done it again

    I commiser8 with you m8. I don’t r8 elev8 much to be honest. Kits look nice though if you manage to get your hands on one sometime before the season ends.
  14. Rebowl Yell


    Well stoked for this season. We are going up automatically guaranteed. West Brom will be the other auto. UTO
  15. Rebowl Yell

    The Sheffield Wednesday pie

    Are you talking about Sheffield Wednesday here or my ex that you stole?