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  1. Trouble in the park

    Did this lad have learning difficulties I’m pretty sure he had learning difficulties
  2. Trouble in the park

    I’ll get back to you when I work out which personality I’m meant to be today
  3. Trouble in the park

    You missed the part about 3 Wednesday fans who wouldn’t hurt a fly normally coming in to save the day by laying out 10 of them and chasing the rest down middlewood road.
  4. Letter sent to FA

    I regularly read forums from other clubs as entertainment and no word of a lie every single club has fans who think: A) they always get the worst decisions against them and them alone. B) there’s some sort of conspiracy to keep them down C) if they have a major rival then point B is something to do with them (Man City are big on this)
  5. Letter sent to FA

    Sheffield United fans: protest every thing that goes wrong at the club/often takes shoes off for no reason whatsoever. Wednesday fans: sends letters to the FA complaining about the refs/thinks there’s a conspiracy against the club.
  6. Ross Wallace

    Player probably played his last game for Wednesday but it’s alright let’s just take the wee wee and say it’s funny cos he’s crap

    Itz coz its Hillsbro innit. Da refs get breefed b4 each gayem dat dey av 2 giv dessisons agenst us so dat dey dont av 2 upset livapool by stoping us from geting pramoted. I say we move 2 Scotland were dey wont be so corupt agenst us we carnt let dem keep fvckin us ova all da tiyem itz rediculus
  8. They scored 4 we scored 2, that’s all that matters on that table. There’s no guarantee we’ll go out and perform next game just because we raised our game against Villa.
  9. Doesn’t matter, we get no points for almost not losing and we don’t seem to do much better against teams who are lower down. We can sit and tubthump about how we almost held a really good Villa side but then go out next week and not perform like we did against Millwall.
  10. We are gonna win

    Probably the only person here who made a realistic genuine prediction
  11. We are gonna win

    We’re gonna win 85-0 cos I’m the bestest Wednesday fan ever and I want likes.
  12. Pigs win anyone??

    Sheffield United going up is not what we want with the state we are in right now.
  13. Good I can put my David Hirst Top Trumps card back in the deck now.
  14. I bet Neil removed it, he loves to play with people’s posts he does