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  1. Not being funny but there’s a club in the city centre for you then if you can’t afford it. Sheffield Wednesday caters to a finer market these days, in generations to come we’ll see a stark change in the calibre of clientele that occupy Hillsborough and Brammal Lane. We’ll be known as the wealthy, educated and hard working fanbase of Sheffield whereas they’ll be looked upon as the peasantry and the shirkers. People need to get with the times and embrace it. Pip pip.
  2. What’s he supposed to do? For months we’ve heard people bleating on about multi match tickets and now we’ve got em a handful of people have bothered themselves about it. Bet he’s just sat there shrugging his shoulders thinking why bother.
  3. I remember when they put the Jobseeker’s Allowance lot in there and we all just pointed and laughed at them. That was quality entertainment wish they did that again.
  4. So the club acquiesce to the whims of the baying fanbase and in return sod all people take him up on it. I don’t think anybody can complain if he’s decided he’s had enough now it’s obvious that the fanbase are doing everything in their power to make his job difficult. What a shame. We don’t deserve him.
  5. As if he’d wanna leave us for them, stop stirring with these awful rumours they are pathetic.
  6. And people still moan about Mr Chansiri. We look in good shape for a play-off spot and will probably win it with the best manager in the Championship in charge. Stop fretting over the ticket prices and get thisen down to Hillsborough to back the lads and see history unfold.
  7. Can moles drink beer? Come to think of it can moles even see? I’m starting to have doubts you’re even a mole at all.
  8. Wolves won’t give a monkeys about that cup game on Tuesday, let’s go in full strength and smash em making it 3 wins in 3.
  9. That’s no way to speak about the Sheffield Wednesday manager, you should be ashamed of yourself pal.
  10. This is part and parcel of living in a big city you’ll just have to accept it. At the end of the day our brave police men and women are stretched thinly across the county dealing with much more serious matters than having your car smashed or parts nicked. Things like council whistleblowers and sexist tweets are much more damaging to society if not dealt with so I’m afraid you should just grin and bear it.
  11. Horrendous tackle, was a red any day of the week. That might be alright down in tractor land every day of the week but we play football in Sheffield so you got what you deserved.
  12. Was easily a red and your goal was offside, trot off back to Ipswich with your 10 fans and your 0 points you tractor rimming rumblezoids.
  13. Another excellent win on top of the win against Millwall in the week. We are really starting to go places now, can see us easily finishing top 6 by the end of the season. Things are looking good. UTO
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