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  1. Both Sheffield clubs came out of the the weekend with 0 points but one played decently, attacked at pretty much every opportunity they could, played with total flexibility and freedom and in the end must have pissed off the goalpost Gods because the woodwork wasn't having any of it. The other team didn't want to play football they went to shut up shop against a Norwich side who (up until we rolled over) were just as much in the brown stuff as us, if not more so.
  2. Sheffield Wednesday Gladiators

    Were you not entertained?
  3. You can rest assured that, if Carlos is still here in January, the blunts will do the double over us on our 150th anniversary season and that for me is unforgivable given how long we've had to send him packing.
  4. What's happened to you Grandad? Why are you bullying poor Mr Farrell?
  5. Hopefully they will both make a come back. I personally feel the atmosphere is different now and people are much more able to question things rather than succumb to pure blind adulation of our Chairman. There's room for plenty of debate on the merits and negatives of our current regime and no side should ever have to be pushed out, we are better than this all of us.
  6. Our attacking personnel are far more talented than anyone who lines up our back 4 this season so I don't understand why we set up to rely on defensiveness rather than simply going out each game to outscore our opposition. It would even get him a little more slack because at least then the football would be entertaining.
  7. Why?

    Gray was playing boring, slow tempo defensive football and that's why he was relieved of his position, that's nowt like what's happening right no...oh wait.
  8. VIDEO - Extended Highlights

    I'd rather walk down Penistone Road in a Billy Sharpe smelly match worn Replica than watch that again
  9. Not all of us will bend over and pay whatever we are charged regardless. I love this club but there are more important things out there in today's uneasy financial market that come first. If that doesn't make me a TrueFan to some on here I really couldn't give a f...
  10. He'll have some cheek if he tries raising the prices next season. There comes a point where one's self respect comes above being mugged off by the latest custodians of the club I love and I'm well on that line of being tipped over the edge.
  11. Carlos YOU said

    I don't believe for one second we are split down the middle mate, I don't know a single person who wants him here anymore. Let's not mistake going to the games and supporting our team as wanting Carlos as head coach, we are loyal to the club not him.
  12. Think @KivoOwl deserves some kudos too for sticking by his guns re: the ticket prices.
  13. I'm well versed in dross mate I've been watching it most of my life
  14. Oh yeah we were awful but when we went to Carrow Road and showed ourselves up we showed ourselves up in black shorts and that's gotta count for something right?
  15. I'm 28 and i don't want to tear my hair out before I reach 30 so yes, right now I want to talk about shorts.