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  1. Rebowl Yell

    New Kit

    Is it out yet? I want to wear it for the World Cup because I can’t stand the England shirt.
  2. Rebowl Yell

    New Kit

    Took em long enough to get em to you, I was beginning to think at the time it might end up being next season’s away kit
  3. Rebowl Yell

    George Hirst

    For what it’s worth I’ve heard nothing but then again I have no sources at the club or no ITK friends...or actual friends in fact...I don’t even know if I’m real now that I think about it. Damn. But yeah I’ve not heard owt about George Hirst.
  4. Rebowl Yell

    Westwood Going

    We’ve got Dawson and Wildsmith anyway. Good keeper is Westwood but if he wants to leave then we move on and wish him good luck at whichever inferior club he ends up at.
  5. I’ve put @torres‘s name forward for the gig, as he doesn’t think there’s any point in anything he shouldn’t have too much to do on the job
  6. Now that Sunderland are relegated we are the biggest club in this league joint with Aston Villa. He would be so lucky to play for us
  7. Rebowl Yell

    Idea To Boost #SWFC Attendances

    There’s an untapped market in the city that we need to capitalise on before the blunts get their filthy paws on them and that’s the BAME folks. So many of them are unaffiliated at the moment so if we incentivised them using free tickets to schools, mosques, social clubs etc in seats that mostly wouldn’t be getting used anyway we can hopefully entice more and more people to come support the mighty owls. Isn’t like 20% of the city BAME? That was back in 2011 as well it’s probably more like 30% now, why aren’t we looking at trying to rope them into suffering Wednesday games with us too?
  8. Rebowl Yell

    What if it’s a 1 Stripe!?

    Maybe some people like making mockups of kits and having fellow fans give them some feedback Lord Vader. Jesus Christ I mean what’s the point talking about anything on here it’s not like Jos is going to come on Owlstalk and go “ooh yes MrPussCrusha69 has it spot on when he says we should stick Reach up front against the Latics, I’ll change mi tactics”
  9. “Aye that’ll be 3 fried mars bars please Hamish”
  10. Rebowl Yell

    What if it’s a 1 Stripe!?

    Flashbacks of Drissa Diallo and Burton O’Brien. At least it’s a better shade of blue. That said I’d take that over solid blue and as a once in a while kind of thing. On principle though I think it’s an attractive design, would like to see the full kit for full context.
  11. Rebowl Yell

    Robert Snodgrass - Winning Mentality

    Robert Snodgrass Plays against your club: diving cheating c*nt, always in the refs ear and winding fans up trying to get them to react. Plays for you club: very clever player that does what it takes to win, communicates well with officials and likes to have a bit of banter with the fans cos he has personality. That said he doesn’t play for us so he can go F himself, cheating two hat.
  12. Rebowl Yell

    800k for Fred

    If anybody from any other club is reading this no we don’t want him he’s useless in the air, can’t tackle and is about as mobile as the Elephant Man in flippers. He’s not worth investing in, you may as well move on I hear Leeds have a decent centre half in Cooper. Off you go now... ...OK good they’ve gone, sign him up Jos!
  13. Jesus isn’t that Scientology headquarters?
  14. Rebowl Yell

    New Kit

    What I’m interested to know is whether we are going to see another price increase on replica kits this coming season. The season ticket price freezes suggest possibly not but you never know.
  15. My predictions; Chesterfield (home) Stocksbridge (away) Doncaster Rovers (away) Queen of the South (away) Falkirk (away) Livingston (away) Motherwell (away) Leicester (home)