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  1. I wouldn't...they'd probably start following us and drag our name through the muck.
  2. We will hammer United

    Let's hope this doesn't come round and bite you on the arse next Sunday mate because all bravado aside I think it's going to be a difficult match. They know we are better than them and no doubt Chris Wilder will be drilling it into his players about being the underdog, unfortunately we all know how being the underdog works in games like this.
  3. Shirt prices

    Guys can we please stop calling Stef Steph it's pretty insulting to get someone's name wrong. Sorry about those lot Steph, the people on Owlstalk aren't the brightest you'll have to forgive them for their ignorance.
  4. Carlos post match comments

    Are Neil's multi's fighting each other again?
  5. Next season kit

    So much for "The Wednesday" and "150 years" on the shirt, if it doesn't say "Massive" somewhere on the collar I'm not buying it.
  6. 4 years ago

    Aye, John saw some hills that day
  7. Mascot Makeover

    I think we got the good love child. imagine it being the angry looking delinquent owl that's currently occupying Oldham's club crest.
  8. Next season kit

    Was this record sales figure worked out in shirts sold or revenue generated? I only ask because if it's the latter it's a tiny bit unfair given that the adult shirts are around £15 more expensive now than a few years ago.
  9. I like Rangers Guess that means I'm anti-catholic now
  10. Not gonna lie, when that final whistle blew against Udders Field I got reyt mardy on and wanted Carlos to walk. Now if this turns out to be true and we've got him for next season I think it's best we just all knuckle down, get behind him and hope for the best. We've made top 6 twice in two seasons, no reason we can't do it again and go one better so long as he acknowledges where he went wrong with the squad and addresses it with a couple of key acquisitions. 2 birds got promoted automatically last season, now it's time for the Owls to fly into the premier on the back of our Portuguese shadow llama, and some fish and eggs too. Believe. UTO
  11. Having slept on it

    Huddersfield Reading Fulham Honestly I hope I'm wrong but are we going to be looking at that in 5 years time and wondering what better chance we could have had? I still feel sick to my stomach, feels like we've thrown away a massive opportunity.
  12. You get the feeling Hutch could miss 10 penalties in a row and still step up to take the first one in a penalty shoot out. Obviously it wouldn't be good for us but fair play to him for having the balls to step up and be counted. Same for the likes of other players who's talents aren't as natural goal scorers who stepped up to the mark. As for Rhodes, if he didn't want to take one he didn't want to take one. Nothing really you can do about it except be a little bit disappointed for the likes of Hutch and co who had to step up in his stead. As others have said, next season needs to be a big season for him because it's not going to be a walk in the park for us by any means.
  13. Carlos has to fall on his sword for this. Absolutely bottled it.
  14. New home shirt

    It's quite simple really, while ever we are doing well dissenters will be told to get in line, shut up and let the people in charge do what they want. It's when we eventually have a bad season that this situation is going to get 'interesting' should we still be playing in kits without stripes.
  15. YouTube comments are generally a stain on humanity, this was bound to happen. Having said that, as other people have mentioned, it's incredibly easy to pose as a fan of a particular club especially one that has a well established rivalry as the Steel City does. The original person/s probably will have been Wednesday fans but now that this has gotten some exposure there's every chance pillocks from other local clubs may pose as Wednesday fans and abuse the situation with the poor lad as well.