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  1. Quite a lot more orange and red than earlier. Probably about 20k tomorrow.
  2. I wonder if this means that the survey sent out was fake then especially since it asked for you Client ID, surname and maybe your address / postcode (can't fully remember tbh). Considering there was nothing about it on the website or official channels and only some people got sent the email (I for one didn't get it sent) I think it might be likely.
  3. Don't think you can buy matches on the App, at least I couldn't find a way, instead use a browser.
  4. Scrap that, buffering like mad in the 2nd half.
  5. I'm working fine didn't work last week.
  6. I agree that's he good going forward on the left flank, just not sure he can provide the cover Pudil or Fox need on that side the whole game.
  7. Nope - (4:53). His lack of tracking back nearly led to a goal.
  8. I seem to remember last season when Carlos played him on the Left we had huge problems because down that side due to Fernando not tracking back.
  9. Is anyone else not able to buy a Match Pass for the game vs QPR next week?
  10. Finally was able to reset my password (sent the request in at about 15:00), anyone else can't find the option to buy a Match Pass for the QPR game next week?
  11. Got the exact same issue, but yet to get the email to reset my password.
  12. Nope, It's 100% Chansiri's personal preference but I also don't care if we play in Stripes or just Blue and White as long as it's Blue and White. He's also tried to respect our tradition, by using a badge which was used in the past as well as actually finding a kit that was used in the past. As long as this man brings in top quality players and takes us back to the PL, I don't care what we're playing in.
  13. Got a good point there, It's not like Hooper has played 34 games in the premier league. Wait... he has.
  14. Some random person on Twitter tweeted these two... so basically 100% confirmed right?
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