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  1. owls_wawaw

    A dose of reality

    This for me I don't think we will ever get out of this division without some dirty tactics and boring hoof football that Warnock and big same can produce. Fulham excepted it's just the only way win when playing poo, 1 nill victories etc
  2. Why does he have to impress 30k a week and knows he will get his chance at Tottenham at some point
  3. I don't understand this rest players nonsense if it's not broke don't fix it run them into the ground for me they are paid enough disgraceful performance again...We just need fat sharp to score for the scrotes at the stain and it will be a great night
  4. owls_wawaw

    Sean Clare Signing for

    He has never proven himself at all and had the chance here to get some game time and at least give it one season but greedy flair has royally bumbed himself and is now going nowhere such a stupid idiot dickflair
  5. owls_wawaw

    Football Heaven 2018 - 2019

    Supposedly....I didn't know this....if you score more than the opposition you win.....who would have thought it ???? Silly thick pig...if the blades think winning 4 and losing 3 is progress and means they will get promoted they are delusional
  6. owls_wawaw

    Football Heaven 2018 - 2019

    No one calling radio sheffield from the pigs
  7. owls_wawaw

    Football Heaven 2018 - 2019

    Jesus wept wilder saying if they score they would win is he actually the thickest man in the world?????
  8. And past an England national Keeper bazza must have ejaculated
  9. Are you watching fleck you round face Calgon
  10. Yet again being smashed to bits and still no changes
  11. They need to come out of the traps second half none of this slow stuff like we always do. So happy for marco
  12. Laughing my flipping boobies off
  13. Jesus Christ going to get smashed like my mum's back door today
  14. Two weeks of optimism ruined in less than 2 minutes
  15. Sorry to say this is why I will no longer pay over £100 a match in costs to watch this drivel