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  1. Also important stat...we have more academy players in this game...they were full strength and actually have improved there squad over summer...
  2. The only difference tonight and between these two teams is confidence. Proud of the boys tonight
  3. Unreal isn't it mate 7 years of nothing relegation and poo league one football now the are the best things since sliced bread
  4. Should have kept sasso I thought he was a good defender and would have cost nothing
  5. owls_wawaw

    Team for Blades

    Absolutely this mate he had a free go end of last season as we were safe to get a good formation work it or tinker and set it in stone over summer to go straight on start of the season. We were playing so well with three at the back...got more points second half of season than the pigs and then he changes it...beggars belief and makes absolutely no sense
  6. I just hope that if we can put in a first half like Birmingham and Norwich and we keep it nill nill that we don't capitulate second half like Birmingham and Norwich
  7. owls_wawaw


    Do you know what guys I don't care who it is exactly I just want a British manager who knows the league with experience of getting out of it preferably but biggest biggest plus for me is someone to kick these underperforming boys not men into gear THEY LET CARLOS DOWN THEY LET BULLEN DOWN THEY ARE LETTING JOS DOWN any i really do think big mick could be the answer
  8. owls_wawaw

    Team for Blades

    2 at the back....6 in midfield....2 up top....No point in having a defense at all really.....
  9. owls_wawaw

    Steve Haslam / Stuart Gray

    I would have gray back in a heart beat but as a coach. We were defensively strong with him and so we're Fulham now look at them
  10. owls_wawaw

    Wednesday -V-Norwich OMDT

    How the f bomb can we only be now 4 points ahead of hull
  11. owls_wawaw

    Wednesday -V-Norwich OMDT

    Good buy jos thanks for fizz all
  12. owls_wawaw

    Wednesday -V-Norwich OMDT

  13. owls_wawaw


    Do.you know what guys I can't wait for this season to end to get all this dead wood out of our club forever. If we have to see foresteiri bannan Lee's reach to rebuild and put us in a strong financial situation again then so be it #wawaw
  14. owls_wawaw


    Didn't he say he was happy jos had taken the proper time to bring him back from injury as he was rushed back to early under Carlos. I had heard anyway he was carrying a slight niggle and seeing a specialist???
  15. owls_wawaw

    Villa want Bannan

    10 million is the right price for a player proven at this level with his quality for absolute sure but not sure where villa can get the money from????? If they don't go up this year is it true that are complete fooo bared regardless of how much money the new owners have