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  1. This for me mate making positive attacking changes I hope now with the new players and josh coming back we can finally not have 4 or 5 defenders on the subs bench
  2. From what I read mate they rejected all approaches and offers for him so you could say he had absolutely no say or input about going. If they are proven to have rejected deals with the situation they are In they will receive extra punishment
  3. But haven't we followed the guidelines of the embargo Birmingham haven't by signing that Denmark player and the efl said they were disappointed with them for their actions also I have seen if they received officiall offers for Che Adams and didn't sell him that's Birmingham again going against efl wishes which will bring another sanction and points deduction????
  4. Absolutely agree with all the comments here. Everything is so very unfair to reward a team relegated so they have the best chance of getting back up again. If you have an owner like ours who has limitless funds at his disposal (in terms of spending 50 million on transfers a season easily) and he is the sole owner so any debts are in effect his own then we should be able to do whatever we want. I do like the idea of making contracts have relegation clauses in as standard for every single club including the big boys and every club should have a financial year zero balance I.e owner puts in the m
  5. Think it will be Birmingham mate who will be made an example off
  6. They know if they don't go up this season and the ongoing joke of ownership which wilder has even said they are struggling with future planning then the wheels will well and truly come off. They have no assets anymore to sell without it being first team players.. Academy is not producing anything anymore unlike ours and wilder will not be there he will be off because he is a good manager regardless of his pathetic 40k spats and he has ambition. United rely on there gate receiptsto generate income so as soon as the prices go up and football becomes terrible can only see another league 1 st
  7. There has always been a good player and good defender in there he just needed consistency which he has failed over the last few years but most important is he is playing well now
  8. I thought we could pay 10k a week towards players wages coming in ? That's what Birmingham can do isn't it?
  9. Really don't understand why this has not been reported on at all that the lad simply has an injury and that's why he is not involved he was incredible at villa so can't see Bruce not considering him in the future. Fox is playing really really well at the moment but would love to see penney as our future left back
  10. We got the win which is all that matters but if he is saying that abdi needs games then how the hell is it not the same for winnall ????
  11. Don't think winnall is fancied at all...not sexually mean by management
  12. If reading can get something we would be 8 points off Jesus surely not!!!!
  13. When does ffp reset so he can reinvest heavily again
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