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  1. Bloodyhell, they're a disgusting team to watch always on the floor.
  2. Its something id worry about if we went up.
  3. 7 i checked the other day, it actually said 11 but 7 in the league.
  4. The fact im on my phone playing on owlstalk while man city v liverpool is on does little to substantiate your claims, personally i think its worse. As for professionalism, i wouldn't thank foreigners for that but rather an evolution of sports science which we as much as anyone invest in. Not saying they're all useless far from it but i do think its become painful to watch thanks to them.
  5. Eh? Its a simple observation, we've been flooded with foreigners with a different way of playing thats now become part of how a lot of football in this country is played.
  6. Too many foreign players and coaches have made it weak as wee wee, incredibly boring sideways football. If they had a vote to take the nets away they would.
  7. Fans expectations go a long way to how a chairman will act, two losses on the bounce and people lose their minds.
  8. Leeds. What has it ever done for the world? Useless city filled with scumbags, wants wiping off the map along with Bradford.
  9. A great role model for anyone with mental health issues, he was going to kill himself not so long ago then comes on the pitch tries to elbow a player in the head and cheats. What a wonderful person he is we're all lucky he pulled through.
  10. Those decisions can't be explained away as mistakes, you can look at them as objectively as you like. That worst the worst officiating ive ever seen and swarbrick took some beating.
  11. Cant remember anyone running more than 20 yards, everytime a pass was made the player was completely isolated. If our midfield has no intention of getting near their box we aren't going to win many.
  12. A weird one but ive stopped reading snootys matchday thread and also david pruttons predictions.
  13. Can't expect much more really when an actual has been put in as mayor.
  14. Not bad that a fiver on every result tonight and top of the league.
  15. That's what i find embarrassing but i get your point it happens.
  16. Can't knock what the manager did to try and win it that's for sure. One of them days that shouldn't really happen but do.
  17. Absolutely, you don't feel embarrassed losing to ten men millwall?
  18. Exactly my point in my previous post. Completely brainwashed into thinking they had to charge him to tackle racism where there is no racism except only the fact he is white, I'd class this as racism.
  19. Not a surprise really given whats rammed down our throats day in and day out.
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