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    Live streamin v Weeds

    Not always, I've watched matches on bet365 over here when they're not on tv just pot luck when they're on though really
  2. That is disgusting they should be banned from the club, I feel embarrassed for them.
  3. Hope so I keep thinking its a joke, no way would dejphon do that to us.
  4. Hate it, never been a Wednesday shirt. We've had a few odd ones but that's not even the right colour.
  5. Hardly a surprise, tried to think positive when I knew it was going to be poo poo. Absolutely no point sending the same team out.
  6. Semedo n Helan have had a few minutes on pitch lately, hopefully that'll help with the couple of changes. I hate having to wait to have a go at teams when we've got players to do it from start but there's enough pace in team to beat these wazaks.
  7. Terry one leg

    Three Words To Describe Your Feelings

    Clever int he! I knew it was going to be painful as soon as he said that. He's a ***, did everything he could to not commentate on the game, I could tell you more about what happened at rotherham.
  8. Terry one leg

    Three Words To Describe Your Feelings

    I hate that cap end that was commentating on Wednesday player, not laws the other one.
  9. Terry one leg

    Joy to watch

    I know, some of the things I've read are amazing. We've all got an opinion I guess.
  10. Terry one leg

    Joy to watch

    Yep we just couldn't quite get through the middle of them, but ff's movement was incredible linking midfield to attack. We haven't had a player like that for years, we've done really well getting him. I think the more we attack like we did and Lee and Bannan become more confident in pushing forward we will rip teams apart. That's being really picky though I think we just didn't get the luck we deserved.
  11. Terry one leg

    Joy to watch

    I absolutely loved watching us on Saturday, there were times when we had 2 or 3 options in the final third. I honestly cannot remember seeing a Wednesday side that looked that dangerous everytime we attacked. With time I think the opportunities will become more clear cut and we'll create even more space around the box as the team gets to know each other a bit better. Our midfield wasn't stood on our defenders toes for 90 mins, I have become so sick over the years of watching our midfield never even try to get past our attackers let alone our defenders help as they did Saturday. I was really impressed with bb and ff, the team as a whole outplayed burnley for most of it. Of course we didn't win but it's not going to take long, we all can see a better team is being created i doubt anyone can argue that. I bet Burnlet couldn't believe their luck, I felt gutted for the players and it's not often I've felt like that. What a difference a bit of help made for Nuhui aswell they couldn't cope with him at all. Just thought I'd stick my two pence in, I think Bolton are in for a hiding. WAWAW
  12. As a man wiser than myself said earlier, we have been spoiled this past few week. We've been craving a proper number 9 for years now, maybe next time (Norwich are on my s$&t list hope they go down), but I think we can still do a lot of damage this year. WAWAW
  13. I'm in Perth. So they put the match on twice? Live and then the recorded straight after it? That's really strange, hopefully they'll do the same for the Burnley game, cheers for that I would never have checked I just went off the listings.
  14. Ye mate, Bristol city game was on bein sports with a 2 hour delay n the weeds game was shown live.