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  1. Live streamin v Weeds

    Not always, I've watched matches on bet365 over here when they're not on tv just pot luck when they're on though really
  2. That is disgusting they should be banned from the club, I feel embarrassed for them.
  3. Hope so I keep thinking its a joke, no way would dejphon do that to us.
  4. Hate it, never been a Wednesday shirt. We've had a few odd ones but that's not even the right colour.
  5. Hardly a surprise, tried to think positive when I knew it was going to be poo poo. Absolutely no point sending the same team out.
  6. Semedo n Helan have had a few minutes on pitch lately, hopefully that'll help with the couple of changes. I hate having to wait to have a go at teams when we've got players to do it from start but there's enough pace in team to beat these wazaks.