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  1. That was a repeat ive just watched on sky weren't it? I know we arent that bad anymore, what was score really?
  2. I hope they've lost the key! From what ive seen of him i really can't understand what the fascination is.
  3. I can imagine it would damage people's confidence when used like that, i hope it doesn't happen here that is if it isn't happening already.
  4. Thats true it can be instinctive i just hope that we can appreciate what they were trying to do instead as it is awful to hear.
  5. It's definitely misleading. We just don't seem to make those runs that often either, I've seen matias do it a lot and get ignored which must be frustrating but now with Aarons i think that will change.
  6. I agree its not a useful stat in my opinion, if you cant pass you shouldn't be playing. For it to be any use it needs breaking down into forward pass success and then work on how to improve if it is a low success rate.
  7. Thanks for the advice i could learn a lot from you.
  8. Is that who's avatar i stole? I should get a new one before he sees this.
  9. It was an opinion on them there are enough stats in the world to keep you happy im sure!
  10. Do stats lead players to changing their game and as fans should we not moan and groan when a forward pass doesn't find its target? Some of our players, who are supposed to be our most forward thinking, regularly get a pass success rate of around 85%. The number of times i see our players receive the ball and don't even look forward is alarming. I wondered if these stats are analysed and on paper give them the belief that what they are doing is good enough. There were a few passes by Hector that didn't quite make it and our fans groaned like we'd just lost, nobody will make every pass. I love the fact he tries and even fox who didn't have a great game and got berated on here got in positions to make those passes possible, if players dont try and make those passes our fullbacks aren't going to make runs and we've seen regularly that they can and will. I would much rather pay to watch football where our players instinctively want to go forward and make mistakes and forget this nfl american way of analysing everything and forgetting to enjoy playing football and i think clappers or not we should encourage it.
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