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  1. I was really impressed with him today. Made one mistake on a cross where he made a misjudged attempted punch other than that I thought he was superb. That save when there man was five yards clear of our defence was brilliant. He has every right to be annoyed at those responsible for the penalty today as they cost him his clean sheet. Also found the stat mentioned on sky interesting. Before this weekends games he’d faced more shots than any other keeper in the league.
  2. Gonna have to disagree that you know more than they do but you’re welcome to that opinion. What is you’re conspiracy theory of choice regarding his absence?
  3. I’ll take you word for that as I can’t be bothered to go through tallying up mistakes however I would stipulate that wildsmith play about a dozen games more and didn’t play behind the full strength first team as much as Westwood did. Also so the fact that they both made errors could be the reason why neither of them are in net this season.
  4. I agree completely they’re not yet at the level Westwood was 3 seasons ago.
  5. If you’re arguing that you can’t judge him because he’s not playing then sure you can’t jusge him as good either? Looking fine against Lincoln in a preseason friendly is hardly compelling evidence. Im making my judgement based partially on the form from before his injury and much more so on the judgement of Weaver and Jos. I believe they know better than me or you.
  6. We’re going to have to agree to disagree about the regard Westwood is held in by the rest of he country. In 14/15 when he was in the team of the year I’d have agreed with you however not now. I believe this is supported by the fact that despite being obviously available and the likes of wba, Villa & Bristol city all needing new keepers as well as others no one came in and made a deal happen. Is he still better than the youngsters? I honestly don’t know but I don’t think the gap is big either way and is certainly close enough that Jos shouldn’t be questioned for having made the choice he feels is right.
  7. Westwood when? We don’t know how he looks in training and I’d say they’ve both looked equal or better than he was doing at the start of last season. If your comparing them to westwood from two seasons ago I’d agree but I’m not sure if Westwood now is as good as Westwood from two seasons ago.
  8. I was talking about this with a mate while at the game. I can’t remember us giving him a particularly hard time during his time with us. He was a youngster who just wasn’t at the level needed during his time with us. I was surprised there seemed to be bad feelings on his side.
  9. Very odd situation at the moment. It’ll be interesting to see what level he ends up at.
  10. If we’re pushing top 6 at the end of October I’d be saying he’s better than just decent. Personally I think we should follow what Jos said himself, judge him after 10 games. So far this season I’m very happy but it’ll be interesting to see how he takes on some of the challenges that are coming in September.
  11. Boyd and Fox really have given Penney a free run at the left back spot. Neither offered anything today.
  12. You're probably right but as stated I don't want to read any of the others with people moaning.
  13. I'm gonna have to stop reading the reactions to the matches on here because every time we fail to win a game the solutions seems to be 'we need to sack the manager.' Can't believe how many people are writing that at half time in a our third league game that is away to a very good Brentford team. It might be disappointing not to win but the reactions from some people are on par with that of a two year old that is told they can't have chocolate. (I'm looking after my two year old while watching on IFollow so I know recognise this reaction). We have played some okay stuff against a good team and although we haven't made the most of FF if MM had put away his one on one or Hutch hadn't given away a silly pen then we could easily be level, so why the meltdown?
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