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  1. Watch their goal back. Wanders out of position. Fails to get a foot in and then shows no urgency to defend while the ball pings around the box. Awful defending.
  2. Not commenting on how good good he played as I doubt I’ll change your mind but he started the move that lead to Fletch being one on one with a neat pass on to Reach and he started the move that first got Baker in space down the right with a smart pass round the defender to put Reach in space. Don’t know if you’ve forgotten these or choosing to ignore them.
  3. The injury wasn’t made up. Even KW admitted he’d missed a training session due to a knock in his twitter post. The disagreement was over the severity of it, KW felt he was fine to carry on, I imagine (but don’t know) JL probably agreed but saw it as a useful reason for not including him.
  4. This deal could have an impact on us. If Chelsea don’t go for Butland (they were evens with the bookies as his new club) then I don’t know who will. If no one goes for butland then Stoke aren’t going to come in for Westwood.
  5. My understanding was that the good doctor him indoors couldn’t get his money out of China to bankroll Villa hence the hmrc issues. Nw people came in and paid up all the tax issues etc. However they have no idea embargo yet. Next season they will do so they’re going all out for promotion again this year. May well be miles over he limits if hey miss out.
  6. Miruic

    Team v Hull

    Dawson Hutch. Lees. Van Aken palmer. Reach Pel. Bannan Fessi Joao. Fletch
  7. Miruic


    Agreed. What I would say about that is that DC and Katrien were in constant dialogue with EFL during the meeting in an attempt to come to an agreement that will allow us to sign players. Probably not before Thursday but loans before end of August. From why they said yesterday I’m confident that all are aware that Rb remains a weakness. If we get everything sorted hopefully we will get our replacement in. Unfortunately we are not in a position to get players in before selling others.
  8. Miruic

    Quick and simple

    I understand you point and like you say people have their own views. I think the club view is that £50k (if that is correct I’ve not seen a figure before) this season doesn’t cover much for a multimillion pound company. It also leaves us open to a continually decreasing figure, next time the Beeb might offer £40k then £30k etc. Whereas this season we might get 2000 more customers. Next season we might get 2000 more etc (figures plucked from my head to illustrate point). Eventually we will be in a much stronger position. It’s one of those odd things with our club at the moment where people are worrying about the immediate success and the future success. I think this is a decision that has been made to strengthen the future of the club. I guess the club felt that becuse this was over a relatively small fee (in the grand scheme of things) they could afford to take a stand. I do however agree that we will surely be worse off this season.
  9. Miruic

    Quick and simple

    @rickygoo hi Ricky just wondering why you negged me. No problem with it but I was just sharing information. I wondered which bit bothered you?
  10. Miruic

    Quick and simple

    I appreciate you sharing that example as I didn’t want to look at the sheff I website even using an incognito window. By LED board do they mean around the pitch or the big screen?
  11. Miruic

    Quick and simple

    Help with accessing. Not purchasing for them. We have enough money trouble as it is. Lol They know it won’t be popular with all. Only 92% have access to the internet (I believe this was the figure shared yesterday.) however they can offer those 92% a better service which won’t be interrupted to spend 5 minutes talking about pigs, mini pigs and dingles. (Best reaction of the night came when 99% of fans in attendance were in uproar after a fan suggested owls fans prefer to listen to the radio because we want to hear the games of the pigs,mini pigs and dingles as well as our updates. ) As as they admitted last night nobody wants to pay for something that was once free however they will be able to offer a better product to fans this way. One that is uninterrupted by rivals. A good point that I hadn’t given much thought before last night was that old fans who can no longer attend games will now be able to listen to all Wednesday games instead of just some away games. You’re right in the sense that if we want positive PR we should suck up to the Beeb and accept whatever they offer us. We have taken a riskier and bolder strategy but one that may pay off in the long run. I can definitely see more clubs following us in the future.
  12. Miruic


    Absolutely. It was Carlos that wanted Rhodes DC wasn’t sure but backed CC. Reference to fans was only that they all wanted him when he signed but changed their mind later. When DC talks, he talks a lot so I’m not saying it is intentional misleading from anyone but he didn’t buy him for the fans he bought him for Carlos. He spoke about this at the January meeting and was probably more clear about it then. Selling Hunt was a decision by the club. Mention of fans was only to say that they had had a drastic change of view since his departure. I agree about transfer fees. I think DC is eager not to be taken advantage of but we’re clearly in a weak bargaining position. Hopefully they get as good a deal as possible. At least it will be his wages off the books. And long term will help increase the ability (&value) of the youngsters which is positive.
  13. Miruic

    Quick and simple

    Memberships- won’t change, wouldn’t be fair on those who have already purchased. I do imagine however it will change back to £50 deal next year. Radio- we won’t be letting the BBC bully us. Explained last night that most fans do have access to internet and the club are willing to support people who have difficulty accessing the service. Also spoke about wanting to offer a free trial month but need the efl to grant us permission first.
  14. Miruic


    Really hate the term ‘fake news’. Really, really hate it. Please don’t make me start talking like trump. Thats not true. He repeated last night what he said in January at the meeting then. Carlos wanted Rhodes. DC wasn’t convinced we needed him but trusted Carlos’ views and backed him financially. All he said about fans was that they all thought it was great business at the time. Everyone wanted Rhodes when we signed him and now they all point at it as terrible business. Hindsight. With Hunt he said that fans were critical of Hunt last season. Many said he (and Palmer) weren’t good enough yet as soon as he’s sold people talk about him like he’s amazing. He never said he was influenced into selling Jack Hunt only that there seemed a drastic change in opinion of Hunt before and after the sale. Your two posts seem to contradict each other. Are you worried we’re trying to get too much or not trying to get enough? DC made no mention of specific fees (or which players) that have been offered but I don’t think anyone would expect him to disclose that sort of information while talks are on going.
  15. Miruic


    Okay, so nothing specific about transfers just a general negativity? DC spoke quite extensively about not giving things away for less than they’re worth (Not transfers but sponsorship, radio commentary rights etc). Nothing about the meeting made me think we’d be weak negotiators. They didn’t talk specifics but admitted they received really low bids for players from clubs thinking they could take advantage of us. DC having none of it. Hopefully that continues.