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  1. Deadline day mini doc.

    I wonder how much Sinclair actually knows about what held up the deal. Presumably he only got his agents side of the story which probably sounded quite different. 'The club not willing to pay the required fee anymore' etc. I imagine Sinclair would be quite upset should he see that video. More clubs should agree to that sort of video, it might help open some players eyes.
  2. So much for getting equipped for the upcoming season!!
  3. Surprised by how strong that team is. Thought that Fox would stay in and we'd rest Reach.
  4. Chris Wood to Burnley, FF to Leeds?

    Rhodes is being mentioned more by Leeds fans than FF. Dont see it happening, still think Jordan will come good when he gets his confidence back.
  5. Big Sam

    Retired from club management, what makes you think he'd change his mind for us?
  6. 2mil for hirst

    The reason they're offering only 2 mil is because he only has a year left on his contract, it would be silly for them to offer more. If we can get him to sign a new long term contract before going out on loan his value would increase dramatically.
  7. Forestieri and Winnall

    Try telling FF that!
  8. If that's true come December he'd easily get a job at a few other prem teams, no way he'd come down to championship when he doesn't need to.
  9. So we do have money!

    Not being in the footballing world I don't know for sure but I doubt there is certainty about any clubs finances, mainly just rumour and hearsay. Cardiff wouldn't be shouting it from the rooftop as they set an 8m price tag on their captain. Agents would talk about it but during a transfer window there must be so much talking that what's fact and what's misinformation must be hard to work out.
  10. So we do have money!

    I feel for DC. If he'd said we're up to the limit on ffp and can't spend any money he'd have been criticised now for poor money management and when we finally sign a defender for lying to fans. Tried to to be honest with the hope that everyone their had the best interests of Wednesday at heart. Still criticised. Im not saying you're wrong that it was unlikely to stay secret I just don't see how he didn't lose on that topic, people would criticise regardless of what he said.
  11. iFollow

    Do we know if the cup games are going to be available on the buy match option? I'm on holiday for the Preston and chesterfield games.
  12. johan djourou

    With his injury history I worry that he would be this season Urby.
  13. Reluctant Nicko

    Other deal he claims is the Hutton one which he thinks is nearly complete. Edit- from twitter
  14. I expected a post like this when I read people complain over the past few weeks that we hadn't posted any training ground photos. Somebody always gets chosen as the scapegoat fat lad. (The exception to this was hooper last year, he really was quite big!)
  15. Agreed however that second goal showed him up a bit.