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  1. I couldn’t believe how bad it was today. The bit where he thought Bannan was Paterson was after Paterson had already been subbed. He didn’t have a clue. If you were just listening to him without the video there would have been no chance of understanding what was happening.
  2. Off the top of my head so these might be wrong and may have missed others but weren’t both goals against Donny and the first against Rotherham all moves that began with defenders playing it out?
  3. I hope you’re happy, you’ve ruined this thread with your ‘facts’. Didn’t even give people time to have a proper moan!!
  4. Thanks. I’m not convinced by it was the right choice either but it was a plan and it’s what he meant when he said he’d seen the players doing what he’d asked them to do. The bit the confused me most was why the players hadn’t been practicing for that approach for a week. Most of the players who started yesterday were never going to be playing on Tuesday so why we didn’t have them running the drills all week I don’t know. Maybe some of them had but we’d just not done it as a whole 11 or maybe the idea didn’t come until midweek either way it worked and we should all be happy it did.
  5. If every single ball gets lumped forward then the opposition are ready to defend against it. Do you think Paterson would have been able to get himself up against Williams for the goal if every time we had the ball we lumped it up the pitch? Of course not the big centre halves would have been touch tight with him. They expected us to go short and we caught them out by switching how we’d been attacking. lumping the ball up the pitch gives the opposition more opportunities to get the ball and therefore attack. Just because there attack starts further back doesn’t mean we don’t concede any goals as a result.
  6. I would argue that despite not being a great performance it was more interesting than all the moaning that has gone on since full time from people not happy with how we won. It wasn’t a good performance but if that win is what stops you having any interest in going to games then I don’t think you’ll be greatly missed.
  7. Because it worked? I agree it wasn’t great to watch, although no where near as bad as others have made out. (I really do query how much of Wednesday some fans have watched since Carlos left if they think that yesterday was the worst we’ve played in the past few years.) Clearly Bolton like to play it out from the back. Moore obviously felt that the way they do that made us vulnerable and to not change our style was playing into their hands. Having thought that was the case he would have been wrong not to change things. Unfortunately hindsight doesn’t exist so we’ll never know if he was right or wrong. I couldn’t get my head around the line up either at kick off but the game plan seemed clear once the game was underway. Allow their centre halves to have the ball, let them be the ones that are responsible for trying to set up attacks because we know they’re not good enough to do it. They wanted to get the ball out wide to the full backs so Saido and Gregory were tasked with blocking off that pass and Paterson was given the job of marking their No4 Williams who they were desperate to get on the ball but failed to pretty much all game. When Lee dropped deep it was the responsibility of Bannan or Hutch to follow him and stop him from receiving it. I think it worked okay for the first half an hour but not great. I’d say by the last 15 of the first half we’d really got the hang of it and started to pick them off a lot more. second half the injuries forced us to change and I agree that the balance wasn’t as good then. I’m pretty sure Brown must have needed to come off (he’d been down in the first half and second needing the physio) otherwise it does seem an odd substitution as Shodipo for Saido would have made more sense to me. Dunkley doesn’t like passing the ball out and does make me very nervous but didn’t drop any clangers (like Gibson in the first half and Bannan did in the second when he got pick pocketed). I understand the frustration of fans, it would be lovely to go to the game and see us beat teams 4 or 5 nil each game but that isn’t going to happen. Bolton will be in or around the playoffs this season, they were on good form going into the game (much better than us) yet we came away with the three points. I always read fans saying it doesn’t matter if we play well or not as long as the players give 100% effort. For me they did yesterday, not a great quality but they all put their bodies in the way when it counted and got stuck in when they needed to.
  8. You do realise we scored from a free kick that went long don’t you? We sent lots of balls long yesterday. Paterson and Gregory did a decent job of challenging for them in the air. Gregory in particular showed good strength to hold off much bigger centre halves on a couple of occasions. That said we can’t and shouldn’t do it every time. Sometimes passing it short to allow us to build an attack is the best option, on those occasions feel free to go and boil your pi$$$.
  9. Wildsmith- 6 Palmer - 8 Iorfa - 7 Brennan - 8 Johnson - 7 Wing - 7 Adeniran - 6 Dele - 7 Sow - 7 Corbeanu - 7 Kamberi - 5
  10. Positive news from Moore after today’s game that the specialist that has been consulted has confirmed the injury isn’t as bad as previously thought. Doesn’t need surgery and won’t be out until the new year. Seemed to suggest it’ll be weeks rather than months out.
  11. Ipswich have signed their 17th player, getting goalkeeper Christian Walton from Brighton on loan to replace the goalkeeper they signed in June from Salford. Very much seems like panic stations there at the moment.
  12. I’m very excited to watch Shodipo when he’s back fit. I think he might end up being our best summer signing and that’s saying a lot because I love Adeniran already.
  13. Gutted but there were always going to be days like this. It was arguably our best performance of the season but just never made the breakthrough that we deserved. An unlucky own goal coats us again but we go again on Tuesday.
  14. Gibson has played left back in the past so could provide cover there if needed.
  15. That’s exactly what I was thinking. The two penalties skew the numbers somewhat for goals against.
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