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  1. Now I'm not pissed

    Im a fan of Atdhe’s but I may have spotted a flaw in the 20 goal prediction. Am I right in thinking that his contract is up in the summer? If so I doubt he will be here next season let alone scoring 20 league goals. He always gives 110% and the way other players react to him suggests he’s a very positive influence in the changing room but the truth is he’s behind a lot of very good championship strikers in our pecking order and when they return to full fitness he is likely to return to the back of the queue.
  2. Venancio

    My view was that Wildsmith shout for it but Fred thought he wanted it knocking back to him rather than Wildsmith was coming out for the ball, hence the mistake and why Venacio was quick to apologise to Wildsmith.
  3. What now? I was in in before the game yesterday and the issue was quite the opposite. Some very casual/slow bar staff. Other than that enjoyed it in there, first drink of ‘the Wednesday’ was very nice!
  4. Jordan Thorniley

    Think would have played ahead of Neilson in midweek if he’d not been cup tied.
  5. Jordan Thorniley

    Lb /cb I think. I may be wrong though not seen him play.
  6. Calm down Donald. About what hat was expected. Standard questions, standard answers. Real difference will be shown on the pitch hopefully.
  7. Who's had a bet....

    A better question might be who got the best odds on Jos? He must have started with decent odds before they came tumbling down last night.
  8. Jos Luhukay - POLL

    Don’t have a clue who the guy is but his record in the second tier in Germany sounds good. Whoever was chosen it was always going to be the job of the fans to get behind the manager and support the team. Having looked through the threads about a new manager I had started to feel that we needed an unknown name as every ‘known’ manager had people desperately against them for a variety of reasons. For example I thought the possibility of Paul Lambert was a good suggestion as he had promotion and premiership experience but I must have read 30 people on here, Facebook and twitter who were delighted when he was ruled out. I have, like im sure pretty much every Wednesday fan on here, no set opinions about this manager. He has no baggage. Let’s get behind him and give him our full support.
  9. Paul Lambert

    Nope, he quit Blackburn. He left Wolves as a result of a disagreement over recruitment not team performance.
  10. Paul Lambert

    In his defence since he got back to back promotions to go from League One to the Premiership he spent 4 years as a premier a league manager, quite hard to achieve promotion during that time.
  11. Post Burton

    How dare you try and look at positives! I want to hear bitching and moaning and nothing else! Have you never heard of he saying: “if you’ve got nothing but positives to say then don’t say anything!”
  12. I can only assume it’s a fitness issue regarding the fact we played 4 days ago and play again in 2 days.
  13. Ranieri

    Ranieri will not be our new manager. Currently having good success in France. No way is he leaving that for us. Villas Boas won’t be the new manager either but at least he’s unemployed so feel free to speculate.
  14. They’re quoting the since rescinded Star post. Definitely regurgitated old out of date news. Nothing to do worrying about, hopefully.
  15. Who is the article from? It might help say whether it is regurgitated news or not.