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    Got to give Carlos a lot of credit for this run of results. At the start of the month, nobody would have been surprised if he had been sacked, with the team losing matches, conceding goals and altogether looking a bit of a mess really. Some of the abuse directed at him was way too far-fetched, but it seemed like the tactics and mentality of the team was wrong and something did have to change. It must take a lot as a manager to change your system when it's not working, but he's stuck with predominantly the same team and focused us on getting results. We've scored when we needed to, and have mostly been very solid at the back. Tactically, we've been pretty sound, especially given that this run of fixtures has been far from easy. It has really helped that we've had the likes of Lee, Fessi and Hooper back, but they've been placed back in the team to great effect. There's still a long way to go and it really is priceless for us to with the play-offs now - but if we play like we are doing now, solid and more clinical, we'll be difficult to beat. Well done Carlos, massive respect mate
  2. meadowheadowl

    Team V Brizzle

    I'd be reluctant to drop Loovens back in against a difficult and potentially unpredictable opponent, plus my mate who went to the u-23 match against United said that he looked awful and way off the pace. I'd probably stick with hutch to be honest but if we have to make a change I'd prefer it to be sasso
  3. meadowheadowl

    Player ratings

    Westwood 6 Hunt 4 Lees 6 hutch 6 pudil 5 Abdi 5 lee 6 hannan 5 wallace 3 fletcher 7 forestieri 6 hooper 6 jones 5 buckley 5 We shouldn't panic but it's pretty obvious things need to change. We got bullied on the wings, and our right hand side was awful. There were a couple of positives to take - Fletcher and Forestieri's link up for one - but really I think physicality and balls is needed. We've got to back the players but if nothing is realised nothing will improve.
  4. Westwood 7 Hunt 4 Hutch 5 Semedo 5 Pudil 5 Bannan 6 Lee 6 Wallace 3 Abdi 5 Fletcher 6 Hooper 4 Palmer 3 Forestieri 5 Nuhiu 4
  5. meadowheadowl

    End of Season Awards

    Player of the Season - Fernando Forestieri Young Player of the Season (Under 21) - Joe Wildsmith Goal of the Season - Marco Matias at Leeds Assist of the Season - Build up for both of Hooper's goals at Birmingham Save of the Season - Westwood from Hernandez vs Hull Best Game - Brighton play off at home Worst Game - Charlton away Best Signing - Barry Bannan, as he cost nothing Worst Signing - rhoys Wiggins (loss of 500k 😩) Most Disappointing Player - aiden McGeady Worst Ref - so many but mk Dons at home? Best individual moment - hillsborough lights Worst individual moment - Tom lees giving the ball away for diame's goal. Such a good player making the mistake said it all - that it wasn't our day
  6. Westwood - 7. Did all that he had to and kicked well Hunt - 7. Better defensively and dangerous going forward Lees - 8. Another imperative game Loovens - 8 Perfect partner for Lees and very calm Pudil - 8. Very solid and did brilliantly for the first goal Lopez - 9. I don't think he made a mistake, solid and intelligent on the ball Lee - 9. Bustling and lively, he was everywhere and mugged off Cardiff's midfield Bannan - 8. He misplaced a few balls but at his best he was brilliant in all of our play Forestieri - 7. Not his best performance but always helped out the side. Didn't help Cardiff were trying to get him sent off Joao - 6. Good runs, and good intentions, but he was very awkward when he got the ball Hooper - 9. His best game for ages, linking up play, winning headers and creating all three goals Nuhiu - 7. Annoyed Cardiff in the closing stages, won headers and got an assist Helan - 5. Didn't need to affect the game Matias - 6. Looked quite sharp and worked back well. Could be a big player if he can get into form. MOM - Hooper
  7. meadowheadowl

    Poll: Man Of The Match vs Ipswich

    Forestieri for me, he was a threat every time he got the ball and got yet another goal. It was such a shame for Tom lees that he missed that header because he won I think every other ball in the game. Lopez was classy. Joao was a lot stronger today and a threat, but his end product needs work. The team did pretty well, but just needed to be more clinical. On to mk, uto
  8. meadowheadowl

    Still 5 points clear

    We've got very lucky today with results, but imagine if we'd won! 8 points clear in 5th with only 15 to play for would have been nice. Still, it's the happiest I've been after a loss this year. As long as we bounce back against Ipswich, who've been messing up plenty of times as well, we have got away with today.
  9. Probably Lopez for me for a calm passing display although forestieri was his usual hard working skilful self. Lees was good at the back and Wallace actually put the ball in which is more than the others did! There was so much nice approach play but nobody was shooting, but good team win that gets us closer to securing the play offs
  10. meadowheadowl

    Poll: Man Of The Match vs Charlton

    Westwood - 6, rarely tested and decent Hunt - 7, did well going forward and a great ball in for the second goal Lees - 7, great header and commanding game Loovens - 6, solid as usual Pudil - 7, very solid and did well in the second Wallace - 6, started well and his corner for the first goal was great Lee - 8, wasn't at his best in the first half but electric in the second, everything goes through him Hutchinson - 6, combative but not as effective as usual Mcgeady - 5, clearly skilful but quiet and lacks the work rate that others have Forestieri - 8, hard working, dangerous every time he got the ball and neat goal that he earned from gambling, so my man of the match Hooper - 6, some nice touches but no chances Nuhiu- 8, gave us something to aim for and certainly helped change the game Lopez - 7, very tidy on the ball and decent strike though it was an own goal. Made a big difference Matias - 6, looked lively
  11. Westwood - 6, he didn't have much to do, but was assured Hunt - 6, he was good in the first half, quieter second Lees - 6, solid usually Sasso - 6, he's awkward but I like his commitment Pudil - 8, killed off Phillips and great crossing/assist Bannan - 6, he was still good but he made a few more mistakes Lee - 7, he's a really good consistent midfielder Wallace - 5, started well, got progressively worse McGeady - 6, clearly talented but needs to work on his end product Nuhiu - 8, bad penalty but he won loads of headers and scored one Hooper 6 - couldn't give him any service, but looked good when he had it Joao 6 - he was direct and threatening when he came on but is still developing Man of the match: Pudil, but Nuhiu was pretty much as good
  12. meadowheadowl

    Nuhiu's mistakes

    To be fair nuhiu was far more effective than Gary hooper tonight
  13. meadowheadowl

    Nuhiu's mistakes

    He's not useless. His penalty was really bad and that in my opinion would have seen us to a win. But he won us back one point because he did score and was involved in a lot of our good play today
  14. We really should have won, we did batter them for about 80 minutes. Our passing game wasn't as good as it has been but we did still threaten. It is a shame but we didn't lose so onwards to hull
  15. Westwood - 7, a few good saves and an assist Jack Hunt - 8, really good going both ways Tom Lees - 9, faultless, won everything Vincent Sasso - 6, little shaky on the ball but solid Daniel Pudil - 7, solid as usual, set up the first Barry Bannan - 9, another classy game, such a clever player Kieran Lee - 7, good game again, neat goal Fernando Forestieri - 7, wasteful but always fun to watch and neat header Ross Wallace - 7, linked play well in the 1st half Atdhe Nuhiu - 7, worked hard and battled well Gary Hooper - 8, really helped the team and scored a cracking strike Aiden Mcgeady - 6, flashes of real quality Lewis McGugan - 6, some good touches, solid Lucas Joao - 7, energetic and very well taken goal Man of the match - Bannan.