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  1. Matt456


    3 centre back and Hutch. Going to be crowded back there, he sits far too deep.
  2. Matt456

    Points needed

    8pts, as long as 3 of them are against Fulham.
  3. Surely the vast majority can walk for 15 minutes. Just park further away from the ground, there is loads of free on street parking available.
  4. Matt456

    fake head injuries

    Surely this approach will lead to people trying to play on, to avoid going down to 10 men for 10 minutes. When could be endangering themselves.
  5. This surprises me, although he looks sound defensively, I think he looks a little lost with the ball at his feet, and passes sideways on the vast majority of occasions, with no forward penetrative passes.
  6. Matt456

    Played decent.

    "Both teams played positively" Really? What was you watching?
  7. Matt456

    just got back - ratings

    No, been going since 1984(ish). But he's bang average for league 1, should be nowhere near our present first team in the championship.
  8. Matt456

    just got back - ratings

    I just don't get the Semedo love affair....... please explain.....
  9. Matt456

    What time do the players arrive?

    Every other week surely.
  10. Matt456

    Epic 10 timer

    Just 6 for me, not bad for a part timer born in 75 who couldn't be bothered to go to Wembley last year.
  11. Matt456

    Early Team News for tomorrow

    I think we are unfortunately more likely to see the far more defensive Reach, Hutch, Bannon, Wallace.
  12. I have a bad feeling about today, would happily take a point and move on to the next game.
  13. Matt456


    I'm sure Colin will do us a favour.
  14. Westwood 7 Hunt 7 Loovens 7 Sasso 6 Pudil 7 Bannan 7 Hutchinson 7 Abdi 8 Reach 7 Forestieri 8.1 Rhodes 7