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  1. We are all set for Sheffield United

    This is going to be a long week isn't it!
  2. Sheffield Wednesday V Brentford OMDT

    Cool thread, Especially the iceberg bit! I really can't see us not winning tonight. 2-0 to the Wednesday.
  3. Butters

    All these people wheying in with terrible gags, curd of thought of better ones!
  4. Tomorrow

    It's my sons 10th Birthday tomorrow too. It took some doing getting the timing right to arrange that I can tell ya!
  5. Caption Competition

    Always liked the feeling of playing with a middle stripe.
  6. Rhodes!

    Sminky Pinky........Chrissy Waddle!
  7. Excellent OMDT Lord S'. Its going to be a physical battle today at the Pirelli. Could do with getting Conor McGregor in the dressing room for a pre match team talk to get them riled up! 1-0 Wednesday would do nicely.
  8. Fessi swap deal?

    I'm with you on that one. It'll settle down after he plays at Fulham hopefully.
  9. It'd be like Helan on speed!
  10. FF to Brighton

    I'll just be glad when he comes off the bench at The Cottage and scores the winner on Saturday!
  11. Sunderland Goal.

    Totally agree. Hunt should have been waved on immediately given the position of the throw in and Sunderlands possession at that moment.
  12. Them revolving electric boards

    I actually don't mind the new boards with their modern ways, but you're right about losing the ball, now you mention it. I just thought it was my decrepit eyes!
  13. Kit Pre-Orders

    I'm fairly sure that they did pre-orders for kits a couple of years ago. I asked in the shop on Saturday and it's looking like the end of the month before they are ready.
  14. The Wednesday -V- Queens Park Rangers - OMDT

    7-1 Wednesday!
  15. Don't fret. I've heard that the missing thread is in Djourou's pocket.