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  1. Sean Clare

    Watched him a few times with under 23 squad looks a good player think the experience will do him good
  2. we need to keep him ..... its going to be a long 12 hours !!!!!!!!
  3. Fernando Forestieri

    i think we would miss him he is the only one in the team with any flair , unpredictability and at times passion
  4. Westwood

    Thanks for that from that looks a red all the way for me .but it always seems to be that way as far as wednesday are concerned. If it had been our strker and their keeper it may have been different! !!!
  5. Westwood

    Has anyone got pics of tackle on him a few saying was a red but not intentional
  6. Info

    I am all for keeping the fans informed but sometimes I think we get info that does more damage than is needed. Did we need to know about a bust up.in training . Did we need to know a player can't train two.days on the trot I don't think it did anyone any good at all
  7. they are both ok ..... no red in either
  8. Lincoln friendly

  9. Mulgrew

    Is it the ffp that's the issue with this...only asking
  10. Who went to this?

    yes I went the swiss team were classed as the "home team" so they played most of their matches also so West Germany play against them .Franz beckenbaur was brilliant My dad worked selling some kind of development tickets so that's how I managed to go.
  11. Callum Mcmanamum

    If carlos would change his style of play could maybe a good signing as I don't think Wallace will play a full part even though he had a good effect last season.but will carlos be willing to change
  12. Apparently we have first refusal on him .would you sign him or not Just asking
  13. Forestieri appreciation thread

    have said before don't think he is an out and out striker especially playing 4-4-2 ideally would be better behind a front two
  14. I really hope we go up for one reason

    Yes never understood so called fans who support big clubs just because they are big clubs which they have no connection with i suppose at their age they don't know any better though it appears your lad does. Keep supporting something that means something to you. Once an owl he'll. never be anything else
  15. Venice

    Had a quick Google Inisharkfootballclub.com Fiddlerselbow.com Try those.