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  1. As the title says officials are not good enough
  2. It doesn't add up they want 5 mil for hector but take 8 for david luis ... crazy
  3. Bit of a risk if Ashley sells surely new owners would want their own man in.!!!
  4. According to press release he had a success full season at oh leaven
  5. Pity he wasnt injured when he played against us at wembly !!!
  6. Man city at maine road can't remember what year but think hornsby scored a pen
  7. Only asked the question so it's a no then ?
  8. Looking at our f ullbacks I am not too sure about that
  9. Just seen he is leaving Portland Timbers solid,experienced could he do a job for rest of season on a free although is 34 !!
  10. I may have missed it but why are we kicking off at 12.30 when the other lot don't play till Sunday and why bus and not them !!!
  11. I go for a pint with Dougie on a Friday in grenoside. It's good listening to him talking about the times at Wednesday.he is probably the fittest of our little group and a smashing bloke.
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