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  1. Bigaltheowl

    A praise and a grumble

    i think ee have to accept that fletch would struggle to play 3games in a row although big dave is not the answer
  2. Bigaltheowl


    The embargo has been lifted so how will we benefit by loaning him now wait until transfer open sell then.also with issue at Mansfield not settled would someone risk 6 match or more ban !,!!
  3. Bigaltheowl

    Cardiff in for FF

    They will try to give us madine and 15 million he he
  4. Bigaltheowl


    Top striker when fit most teams in championship would want him in their team.
  5. Bigaltheowl

    What they up to?

    Not sure that's bully
  6. Bigaltheowl

    Venancio not coming back

    Think that is probably the case.
  7. Bigaltheowl

    Liam Palmer

    He really needs to sharpen up his final pass as with hunt who had the same problem I can remember only half a dozen final balls that either of them managed.
  8. Bigaltheowl

    Hunt to Bristol city

    No he is a fullback
  9. Bigaltheowl

    Hirst Snr

    It's just business nothing personal as they say in the godfather
  10. Yes quite a few years ago (70 's) WAS nthe north stand after being in travellers wadsley bridge for a few hours before.ball was cleared into stand in my direction as with quite a few games then we weren't at our best anyway as it came in my direction was up and powered a header straight to Mick Pickering.... I don't know who was more surprised me or him
  11. Bigaltheowl

    Rhodes to Rangers

    Hopefully. !!!!!!!!
  12. Bigaltheowl

    I’d just like to say thank you....!!!

    Neil great to know you dad is on the road to recovery all the best wishes to you and yours.it was interesting to read what happened as I am scheduled to have the same procedure this coming Monday I think it will be by the same surgeon as I believe at the present he is the only one doing the less invasive procedure. as said before the NHS has a lot of critics but in cases like your dads they are brilliant
  13. the old memory let me down again knew it was those two forgot which one got wet cheers