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  1. 'Yeah, I have no explain for that.'

    common sense ...... if you make mistakes you will concede if you do not cut out the crosses they will score if you do not mark them they will score. there you go I could be a manager
  2. Two Major Concerns with Jos

    yes the grapevine is saying Rhodes is on his out apparently jos does not speak to him also rumours his dad may follow !!!! just what I have heard
  3. Jos Should Walk

    I think you'll find that was the case when carlos was here .... no change
  4. Best Wednesday Goal ever comp

    Dean Barrick away at Newcastle was a cracker
  5. Can you guess where this is?

    Penistone road think the pub was the sportsman
  6. i think I will keep my head down tomorrow !!!!!!
  7. Don't think I'll bother .....not with owlstalkers after me !!!!
  8. Millwall's gone. ..what about Villa?

    i wonder if we will see lees for loovens ali though may be a little too early for him
  9. that's quite an "opinionnnn"
  10. FA Cup Replays on TV

    At present we are the only replay so have a good chance of being on tv
  11. BBC biased highlights.

    It's only because we sacked gabbY's dad