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  1. That's brilliant! I'd sing that - in fact, I just did.
  2. Peter Atherton. Always gave everything when playing, and was often great in big games, like Liverpool away when he had McManaman in his pocket.
  3. David Hirst WEDNESDAY 7-1 LEICESTER CITY, LEAGUE CUP 3RD ROUND, 27/10/1992 Sat in the away end with my brother and his friend. It was the best atmosphere as the Leicester fans celebrated our 5th, 6th and 7th. We did similar away at Blackburn in 97 when we got destroyed, so took to doing the conga.
  4. I've never posted before either, but just obsessively return to the site every 20-30 minutes (mainly to tut at people's grammar :) ). I feel the same as you. Something has changed this year, and I am more optimistic than I have been in decades. I even bought my first shirt since '96. The tide is turning people. I'll go back to being quiet now and just stalk the message board like a passive Batman.
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