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  1. When it comes to the crunch (for them) he will bottle it
  2. Best example of that in the Championship is probably Mr Wilder
  3. Picking up on the sentiment of the OP it would’ve been interesting to know what Jos would’ve made of the likes of Helan, Lachman, Dielna etc. Water under the bridge, I know, but an interesting thought given Jos’ fresh perspective
  4. All a matter of taste and on TalkSport it's a case of playing to the audience. On the Guardian's Football Weekly Podcast he's a good foil for the likes of Barney Ronay, Philipe Auclair and Jacob Steinberg. Not said anything wrong here.
  5. Going to get slated for this, but ... Should they (God forbid) properly smash us on Friday (i.e. 4-0, 4-1), is there any chance it will put an end to us singing the tired and uninspiring 'Boxing Day' song? IMO it's well past it's shelf life and shows lack of creativity in coming up with new songs
  6. Not really. You just can't begin to compare the elites of the game to our situation. Then just think about what you're saying about Reach. Had done nothing, still done nothing, £5 million and bargain. Maybe it's a generational thing, but I just struggle to normalise these sums of money. The fact that anyone can is worrying. As Holmes said, the whole thing needs an overhaul.
  7. Very much so. The silly money is what does it. For me, when we signed Reach last year - £5m+ for someone who hasn't done anything - Bonkers.
  8. Can see where you're going with this, but that Nuhiu pun doesn't work
  9. Whichever way you look at it, SWFC plays a huge role in the city/community, so having the means to optimise that role (some may even say a duty) is just part of MASSIVE on and off the pitch
  10. No, it's a Buddhist thing in Thailand.
  11. On the subject of land sales, though, the big expanse of wasteland opposite the ground seems to have been sold. Any idea of whether the club/DC have taken it? It would seem like the obvious place to locate any ancillary corporate facilities for the club - the usual hotel etc
  12. I was talking about him with a couple of piggy fans at work, both of whom said he's only good as an impact player. When played from the start he's got a a tendency to run around looking lost
  13. I remember playing Grimsby in the FA Cup, years ago. They came armed with inflatable haddocks, so everyone chanted 'stick yer haddocks up yer *rse'. Don't want to be on the receiving end of that.....
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