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  1. He will be a reyt player once he has learnt how to kick a ball.
  2. It sounds like someone telling you to hide your pig.
  3. He is a decent manager, if it all goes boobies up you can all crucify my comments.
  4. He might have a Blue Peter badge.
  5. This will be a tough game but I reckon a 1 nil win to the owls is on the cards.
  6. When did Joao leave? Was it a stealth selling?
  7. I have a screen shot of the league as my phone background
  8. Absolute sh1t3. How can he not be found guilty in a court of law, yet be guilty in the eyes of the FA. Complete injustice.
  9. Forestieri has been poo this season. Carrying injuries I know but has lacked quality for long periods of most games he has played in.
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