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  1. Just sounds like load greasy Erick music to me , shocking
  2. U ok or what mug

    1. helmut_rooster
    2. lairyowl


      Your scrolling through stuff I put then disagreeing , I disagreed with your tram joke cos bored hearing it nothing personal

  3. Can really see you point here , think most can mate , I will be as my lad loves going , if not I'd be doing same as you, not because loosing streak but with him how just sits there and doesn't get involved in touchline and supporting players, no passion at all
  4. Balls to Rotherham , don't respect us at all
  5. Nice one pal ,your prediction came in nicely , hope you lumped some money on that . UTO
  6. Guaranteed be a different back line again next game, constant changing it about
  7. That fat red frog face that does me , constant digs at us, concentrate on own team pal! UTO
  8. We have judged his selection team before and got something, hope works again
  9. Load of dribble , chairman problem here, needs come out and treat us like the family he says we are.
  10. Love see a video of that , my lad asked me what's best away game for atmosphere been to , defo that, even when they scored carried on singing honulu. Fantastic.
  11. Telling my lad, best center back in my time.
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