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  1. Words are cheap, get these players attacking for God's sake.
  2. Happy 50th Kevin Pressman

    Great keeper
  3. Taking my kids as they have never been, just sorted car parking.
  4. Stan collymore ripped us apart that day
  5. Justice for Wildsmith

    Spoilt for choice as Cameron Dawson is also excellent
  6. The thing that pleased me most

    All we ask is to attack, hopefully penny as finally dropped uto
  7. Marco Matias

    Saw him in Tesco other day with his bird, looked fine to me, prob just happy getting a wage for nothing
  8. Just got Home

    Just got back also, not best reaction really was It, no urgency
  9. Role call for Birmingham

    Me +3 comon
  10. Another great keeper for us wednesday