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  1. Justice for Wildsmith

    Spoilt for choice as Cameron Dawson is also excellent
  2. The thing that pleased me most

    All we ask is to attack, hopefully penny as finally dropped uto
  3. Marco Matias

    Saw him in Tesco other day with his bird, looked fine to me, prob just happy getting a wage for nothing
  4. Just got Home

    Just got back also, not best reaction really was It, no urgency
  5. Role call for Birmingham

    Me +3 comon
  6. Dawson signs new Owls deal

    Another great keeper for us wednesday
  7. Our greatest Premier League game?

    Liverpool away when Guy Whittingham, scored, that atmosphere was great by us wednesday fans
  8. Done, that slob sharp on 26% and Westwood on 25% as it stands
  9. After watching Bradford v millwall

    Fun day out tho
  10. Big news

    Sure look nice and snug under your stone island top pal
  11. Sergio Aguerro

  12. Yes thought this my self
  13. Championship Manager 01/02

    Cheers pal, can just remember his name that's about it, must been around same time we got Tommy Johnson on loan