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  1. Get him on weights looks so thin atm needs bulk up
  2. Genuinely feel for them...

    Hope all get back safely
  3. Stobbs

    So have most of players tonight ffs
  4. Shocking news, RIP big lad x
  5. Favourite away wins..

    Liverpool away season 96/97. 0 - 1. Guy Whittingham. Wednesday sang start to finish.
  6. Luhukay Out

    Stay in Lincoln you clown ffs
  7. Our club is flipping cursed
  8. Refund

    51 years so you must seen in 80s when we was poor as today, get a grip
  9. Couldn't be bothered

    Thick and thin ffs
  10. Time travel

  11. POTM

    AND me just voted
  12. ghost F.A cup draw.

    Way too much time on your hands