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  1. lairyowl

    Born #OnThisDay in 1909

    Love seeing stuff , brilliant Dunsby
  2. lairyowl

    Away Days 1993 - 2002

    Love see a video of that , my lad asked me what's best away game for atmosphere been to , defo that, even when they scored carried on singing honulu. Fantastic.
  3. lairyowl

    On This Day 25 Years Ago !

    Telling my lad, best center back in my time.
  4. lairyowl

    Player Ratings (non OPTA)

    Not saying he's not poo ect but wasn't just him was it , lees looked like gave up too but No1 on there case
  5. lairyowl

    Morgan Fox

    Agreed ,bannan did some bad passes also, but falk banging on about fox
  6. lairyowl

    Big Sam anyone?

    Blaming Jos the mess been left in , joke this
  7. lairyowl

    Player Ratings (non OPTA)

    So did bannsn and Pelupessy just saying like
  8. lairyowl

    Ash Baker

    Here here, fast too
  9. lairyowl

    Player Ratings (non OPTA)

    I know fox not best but didn't do anything wrong did he? Lost ball on e tried get it back and injured Sen
  10. lairyowl

    Megastore today

    Deco busy I was there for tickets tomorrow, was packed
  11. I know at least 6 Wednesday lads gone
  12. lairyowl

    Andy rhodes

    Bring back big kev the guys a legend
  13. The guys a Wednesday legend