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  1. On my print at home tickets that I've got for tonight it says to make sure I've printed the ticket and to physically bring it with me as the turnstile can't read bar codes off of a phone screen, although I'm not really sure why the club would invest in the scanners without it being able to read it off a phone, seems like a bit of an oversight.
  2. Loki - really interesting so far, excited to see where it's going. The Handmaids Tale - a really cathartic season I thought. Especially that last episode.
  3. I honestly don't know how he does it, I've never not liked something he's done, in fact, I've never even thought anything he's done has just been "okay", he smashes it out of the park every time.
  4. I'm a huge fan of the original Broadway show (I'm such a sucker for Lin-Manuel Miranda) and I went to see this on Saturday, and although I didn't agree with some of the changes and choices that were made, I thought it was a really great adaptation, it's a really heartfelt story with some really phenomenal singing performances (Olga Merediz as Abuela in Paciencia Y Fe blows me away every time, both in the stage show and the film) Just what was needed after the poo show that has been the last 15/16 months.
  5. With interest from Championship clubs, getting his signature will be a tall order.
  6. Shortage of GPUs is largely from the massive cryptocurrency boom, only exacerbated by resellers because of the shortage.
  7. Really? Interesting, as most fans of the show don't really consider it really starting till Ben & Chris are introduced, maybe they make or break the show for people or something.
  8. A bit obsessed with this at the moment, it's a good time killer in quarantine.
  9. PES has been better than FIFA for a while now in gameplay terms, tbh it’s like FIFA hasn’t even been trying, but winning the “English league” with “South Yorkshire blue” doesn’t quite have the same feeling as winning the premier league with Wednesday
  10. But implied by many, you don’t need to say something outright for it to be the point you make.
  11. Yeah you lot make some good points, Chansiri doing the team talks while Ross Wallace was here is definitely contributing to us being shybo for the past 4 months and our financial issues. Jesus wept.
  12. I think it's cause we chose an actual pro e-sports FIFA player while most clubs just picked a fan or a content creator who just happens to support them.
  13. I suppose that's a good point... I'm just getting tired of all this, this is why I don't tend to post in Matchday.
  14. I've just gone through this and correct me if I'm wrong but does this mean that no one asked about Paxo or possible points deduction? Seriously wtf?! Chairman - useless, fans who claim they want to make a difference - useless, I'm quickly losing interest in the club and just the sport as a whole, such a shame.
  15. Just one question, why are you all wasting your time?
  16. Does the ball deflect off the defender right in front of him and loop up or not? I really can't tell and it bothers me every time I watch it.
  17. I doubt it, I'd imagine every player has something in their contract stating an increase in salary in the event of promotion plus any bonus they may have negotiated. And if they were worried about getting frozen out of the squad; a player that is part of a squad that got promoted should have no trouble finding a new club in the league they just got promoted from which will no doubt lead to more signing-on bonuses. I think it always makes sense for the player to play in as high of a league as possible.
  18. I try not to get annoyed at results, teams lose, I'm under no illusion that we're ever going to do a season unbeaten in any league. It's the apathy that's getting me.
  19. Fans are entitled to nothing, you sound like children acting like you are, if you don't like it then stop supporting it financially and don't go, it's a simple as that.
  20. I'd agree with others and say he is much better with his feet than his head despite his size, but then again Tudgay can't have been 5"10 and I don't think I ever saw him lose a header.
  21. I'm happy with this, but can the people who are excited about this signing but want rid of FF and KL please explain your logic to me? I know it's just a loan but really, how is it any different?
  22. Big fan of Naruto, Bleach and Sword Art Online. I also really liked the ones that were always popular in the West like Dragon Ball Z, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh etc. Not watched a lot recently though as I cannot bring myself to watch dubbed versions so can only watched subbed stuff, but then I have to sit down and actually watch it, I can't just casually watch. Heard really good things about One Punch Man, Attack On Titan and Death Note though.
  23. Taika has to be my favourite director at the moment, such a good film, the balance of darkness, comedy and profoundness was pretty much perfect. spoiler below:
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