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  1. Bournemouth broke FFP to go up, Brighton had been pumping in money for years to build a squad capable of pushing for promotion and Huddersfield... Well who knows, it just seemed like a perfect storm for them to go up, I know what you're getting at though.
  2. Yes of course I would, it doesn't make it fair though, there has to be a better way, I don't know what it is yet but maybe relegation clauses in contracts? or just automatic % salary drop when relegated? I don't have the answers but the system is a farce, weighted heavily in favour towards already mega rich clubs. The recent TV deals should've made parachute payments obsolete, its such a large sum of money, the clubs simply don't need parachutes, and if they do they're being massively mismanaged.
  3. Parachute payments are the real issue, it's just being rewarded for failure, if you've been relegated and you can no longer afford your players then unlucky, sell or figure it out.
  4. Gnarwolf

    Big sam

    Wondered how long it would take, but no thanks.
  5. While it wouldn't be good with our injury record I think most teams are built, if not focused, around one player, without Messi Barca still have 10 other world class players, they'll never be as good though, same with Ronaldo at Real, Hazard at Chelsea, Salah at Liverpool etc.
  6. Got to be Reach for me, Nuhiu is up there because I think his good form came at a really important time when no one else was stepping up but I just think consistently over this season Reach has gave his all (in pretty dire circumstances) and I don't even want to think about what the side would have been at times this season without his energy.
  7. That is a foul though, he catches his foot putting him off balance and getting nowhere near the ball in the process, how theatrically or late he went down is irrelevant, same as today.
  8. Our list of injuries is a bit crazy but it's not entirely outside the realms of possibility, we did sign a lot of players towards the back end of their careers and Boyd came out and said the training regime simply wasn't good enough (Jos had them doing double sessions just to catch up didn't he?) add a bit of bad timing to that and that's how we're in this position. There's no conspiracy about appearances or goal bonuses, they're just injured, I know things in football are a bit shady but not everything has a sinister motive behind it.
  9. Actually can't believe some on here think that you've stopped developing as a footballer at 24/25, what an insane statement that is.
  10. Gnarwolf

    A proper home shirt....

    Swear a bunch of middle aged men want to tug over that Bukta shirt or something. We're not in stripes, get over it.
  11. Gnarwolf

    Technology in Football

    There is far too much money on the line nowadays for it all to come down to one man who has to make split second decisions in real time, he won't always have the correct angle and the game moves so fast these days it's impossible for them to keep up. I also hate the argument "it's still down to interpretation" because its so irrelevant, a decision still needs to be made, why not give all the tools needed to make it, takes 20 seconds to check it 90% of the time.
  12. 1/5 siblings is an awful return in my opinion
  13. Man Utd have been one of the biggest clubs in the world for decades though, if we adopted a similar strategy to them it just wouldn't work at this level, and in the case of Leicester, it was one of the biggest sporting upsets of all time, even a small, largely american-centric news channel I watch on YouTube covered it. I suppose we could tap into the Thai market, its actually interesting that our most viewed video (by quite a long way) on the clubs official YouTube channel is the tribute to the Thai king we did, maybe there is some potential there, nobody outside of England is interested in the Championship though, we'd need to get promoted first.
  14. Gnarwolf


    Van Aken might look a bit shakey every now and then but he's far better than Loovens in my opinion, can't believe he didn't start today, it was absolutely criminal from Loovens for a man of his experience, whether he deserved a red or not is besides the point
  15. Agree with a lot of the OP, I'm 22 and started going to matches in 01/02 and got my first season ticket for the 02/03 season so as you may be able to work out, I've only ever seen us when we've been bobbar, right up until when CC took over, I loved him from the moment he came to the club and his first and second seasons were incredible to me (albeit with the poor finishes). I was firmly in the "Carlos in" camp after last season, however, I thought if he was to be moved on it should've been after the Huddersfield game, he wasn't and now we're in this situation where I think it would be best for him to go, but it's not like when Dave Jones was sacked when I was vocal about wanting him to go, it feels like a weird sort of betrayal on my part even though it's obviously not.