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  1. I've heard when he's playing the opposition strikers can't hit a beunardeau with a machine gun
  2. Fair enough, good points, well made
  3. Interesting debate for once on here tbh, I think Bruce will definitely have a look and no decision will be made yet despite some on here already claiming these players are "done" Just a note for those saying he has to go because he's injury prone; wouldn't this mean the first name on the list to go should technically be Hutch? Genuinely interested in what you all think?
  4. Having been a fan of Bring Me The Horizon back in the "Suicide Season" and "There is a Hell, Believe Me I've Seen It" days, never in a million years would I have ever expected Wednesday to walk out to one of their songs Also for those asking who listens to this type of music; a hell of a lot of people, Bring Me The Horizon are one of the biggest bands out there at the minute, and they're a bunch of (mostly) sound lads from Sheffield, what's wrong with some proper miserable tvvats on here, Jesus wept...
  5. Even if we could pull off some sort of miracle and make it in, we'd never beat any of the sides up there over two legs, absolutely no chance
  6. There's no way he's got a "love with guns" tattoo, that's a poster created by a semi popular Youtuber years ago, so weird
  7. I hate to be that guy but Sky only wished they had these games, Champions League is on BT now
  8. I don't get the arse licking either but he does get more right than he gets wrong and is usually a decent source of information. I do hate how he just blocks anyone who legitimately calls him out though, makes him seem like a right C U Next Tuesday.
  9. My favourite part of this is all the Rotherham fans saying stuff like "this has wrote our team talk for Warney" and then when Warne was interviewed he said "I'll speak to the lads about turning into legends if they can score against Sheffield Wednesday"
  10. I really like our current badge tbh, not on board with the whole "striking fear" thing, I feel like that's an american philosophy
  11. I was only 13, my first game at bumhole lane, my third away game overall, I could tell it was going in as soon as he hit it and I've never experienced a crowd experience like it, you couldn't tell we were split into rows anymore, there were just people everywhere
  12. When I worked there a couple of years ago for matchdays it was a capacity of 300, don't know if it'll be the same for a conference / forum type event.
  13. Why do people with a "reliable source" never say who the reliable source is? Give us the name and we'll decide whether they're reliable or not.
  14. Although I agree with your first point, it was more tongue in cheek pal
  15. Imagine seriously watching darts, no in fact, imagine paying money to go and watch it
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