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  1. I’m sorry but I just completely disagree, he’s still our best player quality-wise, just another one plagued by injury and poor management imo (and also a bit of an attitude problem but let’s face it, a lot of players have that, and it is quite easily quelled by any decent manager)
  2. It wasn’t just you either, a lot on here were saying he was done, I bet they’re more than happy to be wrong on this occasion though
  3. Also makes sense with this twitter exchange
  4. A full 11 hours earlier than last season's extended highlights were uploaded, wonder if this will be the new norm? I didn't think they were allowed to show highlights before 12-midday the day after the game took place because of Sky? Anyway;
  5. Kinda looks like it might broadcast on YouTube, the official channel has a live stream scheduled for tomorrow
  6. In theory, if fletcher and Rhodes can form an understanding they should be able to tee them up all day for each other, add in Harris putting balls into the box and it should be difficult to defend against. In theory.
  7. Thats Nat mate, you should know your Chansiri children by now ffs
  8. No sponsor? Or is it just for the reveal video? The kits over the past few years have always had sponsors in the reveal tbh
  9. I don’t have any qualms about someone wanting to improve on their career, just because it’s in football people expect it to be different but it’s just a job at the end of the day, if he stays; then great, if not; oh well, these things are pretty commonplace in football
  10. Will a boring accountant please put this in simple English, are we still fooked or are we loaded?
  11. Just announced Borner officially on twitter so something must be happening
  12. I've heard when he's playing the opposition strikers can't hit a beunardeau with a machine gun
  13. Fair enough, good points, well made
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