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  1. Gnarwolf

    "Top of the league, yeah?"

    Onomah is a decent Spurs prospect, he has no loyalty to us as a club and nor should he, to be fair he probably knows his England team mates better than his Wednesday ones, just congratulating a mate is all it looked like to me, the pig player is actually a Man Utd player on loan so I doubt he gives a fizz either, if Man Utd offered to call him back tomorrow and loan him to a prem side he'd be gone like a shot
  2. Gnarwolf

    Kieran Lee Goals...

    The calmest man in the stadium at all times, never ever looks like missing in one on ones. It seems a bit strange to say as he's a midfielder, and a converted right back at that but, he must be our second best finisher behind Hooper?
  3. Who is Johnny? Is he a coach or a kit man or something? Seems like a top bloke.
  4. Gnarwolf


    Wouldn't have it any other way
  5. Gnarwolf


    Occam's Razor just doesn't exist to some unfortunately
  6. Gnarwolf


    I remember one or two mentioning that maybe the ground at Middlewood is a bit firmer and that could be contributing to these injuries and thinking it was absolute nonsense at the time, but the longer it goes on the more I wonder. It's probably just our recruitment policy under Carlos if anything other than bad luck in my opinion though.
  7. Gnarwolf


    Apologies if posted elsewhere but I haven't seen it anywhere. Would it not be easier for him to just come here at this point?
  8. That is an awful collection of podcasts, no wonder you can only listen to half an hour at a time
  9. Not a red but from our past experience it won't get rescinded
  10. The matchday experience will always be sought out by those who really want it, live football in a stadium is completely different to on TV so there will still be a demand for both, except now people who could never get to the matches in the first place (whether that be through disability, financial hardship, geography etc) have the opportunity to see far more games. This idea that TV is evil and wants to kill the game is insane, I actually think its the other way around, without TV the game would be nothing these days.
  11. I'm so confused about this whole situation, on the one hand; Jos sees him day in, day out and should ultimately have the final and most informed say on who the best keeper is, but at the same time, everyone knows who the best keeper is, and it's not like its close. If it is true that Jos genuinely thinks that Westwood is the 3rd best then it begs the question, why didn’t he sell him? His wage must be very high and he could command a couple of mil in actual value. Very strange.
  12. Might be a bit more difficult to get the fans on side with this one, but fizz it I like it
  13. Gnarwolf


    We miss Hooper & Lee immensely, just hope they're the same players when they come back, Hooper is the best finisher we have and has great link up play and god knows how much we've missed Lee's energy and hes probably good for 5+ goals in a fully fit season.
  14. Ah I did not know that, that is pretty shitty, do you have any sources for that 1.2m number (I'm not calling you a liar, just genuinely interested)
  15. I imagine he meant wages, even the people on here had figured out long before that, that we probably had to stop spending money at the rate we were unless we were to get promoted, I think the question was worded poorly and what he meant was "keep paying for the quality of players we've got and keep ticket prices high or sell a lot of our best players and replace them with lower earners or promoted youngsters" (in fact I think the question was ill advised and shouldn't have been asked at all as it could only ever lead to bad things to be honest, but there we go) I'd have to look it up as I could be misremembering but I'm sure when you're sponsoring your own stuff there are some sort of caps to stop exactly this sort of thing happening, so pretty much the only way to increase cash flow is either from selling or raising it from the fans.