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  1. Originally scheduled for weekend so don't think it'll be covered. We reckon it'll just get shifted to that Tuesday/Wednesday a few days later?
  2. Troy Parrot Spurs? 6 foot 1 17 y.o. but not as physical and more mobile than Fletcher.
  3. They have to be careful with that rule. Even an U23 appearance for Arsenal can rule him out of a move.
  4. Nah they went down last day of season, lost and we won to leapfrog em into 22nd. We went down 2 weeks before em and still finished ahead. We sent them down in 2006 though, at their place.
  5. They're only 9 points above the bottom 3 right now. Couple more defeats, and they'll be falling behind quite a bit.
  6. He did? Think you are seeing things that aren't there
  7. Iorfa and Borner is definitely the way to go. It's a little harsh on the skipper, but as a 3rd choice CB goes, then what a 3rd choice he is. If he plays I wouldn't be too worried or disappointed. Not many in this league can say they can call upon players of that quality than those 3 when needed. Then throw in 4th choice Hutchinson. Looking good at CB.
  8. First game was even and we could have won. We had full first 11 out and was first game for Jos. Second game, come off a bad run and a 4 nil defeat, set up defensively yet we have the best chance of the game from open play. Hillsborough, game was even and we should have won
  9. Build up would be no different to what it was in the 90s. Liverpool fans gripe if they have any will be at the cops not us, so who's bothered.
  10. Pigs at home, beat them through an offside goal that would have been overturned at the Lane due to VAR.
  11. They've played at Hillsborough 10 times since the disaster.
  12. It just means the player who always receives the ball and calls all the attacking 'plays'. Barry Bannan down to a tee.
  13. First Premier League side we've beaten in the FA Cup since the Pigs in 1993.
  14. Agree. This goal doesnt change what he has (not) done these last 5 months. Hopefully gives him some momentum for the final 5 months.
  15. Could have happened Mondsy morning in training. Or him getting out of shower tonight.
  16. We needed two strikers anyway, one as foil for Fletcher and one as a replacement when hes unavailable. In that regard, nothing has changed.
  17. Yeah, letting it go and forgetting is how it can potentially happen again.
  18. Waking up at 6 am to nick your lounger then swan down at half 11 in their socks and sandals.
  19. He'd look 10 years younger if he shaved that beard off.
  20. You are forgetting the fact that people who buy a match programme and drinks will do it regardless of ticket prices. The aim is to make more money, not cut potential profit in the hope of reaching what you already could have got
  21. Next game is cup, he'd only be suspended for the league.
  22. Always tight matches at home though it seems. Get blown out away.
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