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  1. I think that is the possibility, but in that case, think it would have been better to let him leave on loan.
  2. As hbw says, no point me repeating it. It is stupid though, that there is about 5 or 6 different situations that could come out of an handball. It's crazy and the changed they've made makes it even more confusing than it was before.
  3. When he got kicked in the head going for an header? The fact you cant remember his mistakes suggests he didn't make many, if any at all.
  4. Could you tell me which games he put a foot wrong in please. He was loved by them too though. Jos played him regularly and Bruce trusted him enough to play him at Stamford Bridge instead of experienced options when Hector couldn't play. I disagree with selling young players with potential, especially when we are light in the respective positions he plays. There are 5 or 6 ahead of him I'd rather have let go. Odubajo being one of them. But it isnt my decision, it's Monk's. You just cant seem to handle that others have differing opinions to you, can you?
  5. They wouldn't be looking at everything though looking for things wrong. They'll be asked to look at just one thing in the incident and nothing else. The VAR official will have no use except to look at the reviews.
  6. Unless it results in a goal. They got it spot on.
  7. I do think it could be better though, 2 a game to use 1 in each half, with additional ones in extra time of course. It can't be much worse than this, can it?
  8. Well no, that's not strictly true. To use the appeal, you would have to suggest to the referee that the goal is illegal for any reason. Handball, a foul, offside etc. If Wilder had said to the ref, that was offside please look, they check and it's not the goal stands. If he had said it was handball, goal is disallowed. Simple.
  9. Really? I think it is more sensible than a howl. I disagree with us selling one of our players that you were happy with letting go, am I not allowed an opinion different to yours?
  10. It was a poor decision to sell Thorniley. Never put a foot wrong for us, a good defender and excellent as cover. At 23 still young and has potential. Maybe Monk's hand was forced by Thorniley himself, but he never played him and didnt rate him which I find strange. Jos and Bruce loved him. Odubajo however hasn't put a foot right unfortunately here, he's still relatively young at 26 but has seemed to be affected badly by his injury, which is no big surprise. On the balance of what I've seen, its probably the right decision to sell Odubajo but I dojt think many will complain if he's still ours on Feb 1st.
  11. It very well could go either way. A bonus for Bradford though is it could harm Swindon massively losing their talisman.
  12. They fell out in the summer but Gary Bowyers recent comments read like be is going to play him.
  13. His Wednesday number (29) is free too, get him and Nketiah in. Nketiah can have 19.
  14. What other game? There is no interesting time among them. So why not put the big draws on?
  15. You think they put strictly on at same time as X Factor for example for a laugh?? Nah, they want views simple as.
  16. It's a tv channel. Regardless of what they say, they want ratings. If anything, it's to take viewers off ITV.
  17. Yeah a tv channel doesnt want the ratings Who let this pillock out the stupid shed
  18. Hull Chelsea isnt that just another top 4 walk over? Tranmere wont beat Watford in the replay, so you'll just end up watching Watford v Wolves and who'd wanna watch that Newcastle may yet lose to Rochdale, then it would be an all L1 tie..... probably worst game of the lot. TV companies are gonna chose replay games because theres no guarantee of getting what they want. The best for viewing figures are the ones they selected, simple as. poo draw.
  19. All other games are tug. Who's gonna tune in to watch them games you suggested? No rascal who doesnt support them.
  20. What game should they have put on? The draw was literal poo, the only choices they had were the top teams.
  21. Not strictly true. United had been drawn at home too, and with our unwritten agreement on who moves their games, we shifted the game because they moved their game last time we clashed.
  22. Yeah just have to place a bet on the game.
  23. Pretty sure it's so if he is suspended by the EFL, he can run it through her by proxy.
  24. Doubt it, league 1 and 2 will play through the world cup, which is the early rounds of the competition anyway. Can potentially see them scrapping replays from 3rd onwards though.
  25. There number 2 Moore has been our recently too and their number 3 went of injured Sunday. Shame they havent got Man Utd this weekend
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