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  1. See above post. Nothing came off right, move on quickly and forget about it.
  2. Disagree massively. 11 men and we win today. Nothing we did came off right. It was just one of those days. Move on and forget about it. Not gonna happen again whilst Monk is here.
  3. Last 3 games we weren't down to 10 men agtee 20 mins. We was getting into it and would have got something today had it not been for the red easily. Like I said, one of them days.
  4. Think we were all in unison that Nuhiu is better off the bench. But now you are claiming he's best to start??
  5. As per title. Nothing has come off for us today. Poor first 10 but started getting into game, then the ref played his part which effectively killed the game there and then. With 10 men too we cant even take much from this. Move on and forget quickly.
  6. Surprised the reporter didn't call him out on it. He probably did it once, when his side had an early kick off and the Pigs kicked off at 3. TBH its great he does this and the fans lap it up, it'll be all the more a sweeter reaction when the Prince sacks him
  7. He was always our future number 1. Unfortunately, some people 18 months ago gave him all the stick they should have stuck on Jos. I think the way those 'fans' turned on him could be on his mind and may influence him to leave. However, those 'fans' seem to love him now so maybe he'll be happy he's won them over.
  8. Yet all their fans are losing their minds over it in Twitter. Mental, he'd be first player out of door if I was Man Utd boss. Actually, scratch that, 2nd. 1st would be Paul Pogba.
  9. Only Wednesdayites would turn their noses up at a goalscoring striker.
  10. Saying I dont give a to55 what anyone thinks is usually a big indicator of telling that someone does really give a to55.
  11. The premier league won't want to ruin their competition for the season and give a team a point deduction which would guarantee their relegation. They only gave Portsmouth one because they had no other choice.
  12. Cos they were worked until they were literally bones and they were burnt out? Statistics of how many died are widely available online, unfortunately it is a lot.
  13. They also rarely reached 50 years old too pal. Those that didnt die in an accident that is. Any guesses why?
  14. He's brilliant. Someone said it before, how can you defend against some one who doesn't know himself what hes gonna do next?! Joao was exact same in that regard, just faster.
  15. Norwich Villa Bournemouth Welcome back to the Championship.
  16. Well you should, cos if we're gonna catch anyone in top 2, it's them.
  17. He went for a header, was kicked in the cheek, and went off injured.....
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