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  1. We've now gone 1 win in 6 in the league, we're just as bad.
  2. None of those will play pal. They've got League cup final on the weekend before then Man Utd on weekend after.
  3. Yes should have been in the Dawson one
  4. Westwood is an old past it crock who doesnt want to play for us anymore. Forget about him. Dawson is the future.
  5. Sad how our supporters find a way to abuse players they dislike any way they can.
  6. He had no defensive help in the midfield mate after Hutchinson went off. None. You need to re read my comments because no where did I say he had help, just that only Hunt was his 'help' who provided little to none.
  7. All central midfielders have both attacking and defensive responsibilities. Unfortunately Hunt neglected his at times, but he is young so he will learn. Unless it is true he is being tutored by Bannan.
  8. No chance. He has zero help once again, similar to last year when he played with Bannan.
  9. Yeah they'd send their kids and still beat us comfortably.
  10. Completely disagree. When Hutchinson went off, he only had Hunt to help him defensively in the middle. He was basically doing the defensive duties by himself, taking over the role that Hutchinson did in the 1st. He needed an extra helping hand in the middle because he was pulled left and right all the time covering 2 men job, leaving us at times exposed. I was surprised to see Reach come on out wide but least it worked. It's no coincidence that when Hutchinson went off, QPR started getting more joy through the middle. Had Luongo been the sub and not Hunt, they wouldn't have had as much joy through that area.
  11. It's not the atmosphere that's the problem at home, its just our support in general. For example, 10 mins in last week Osaze makes a poor pass, and people from the stands grumble and abuse him for it. Why what is the point? A lot of our fans just turn up and hope for a mistake from our player so they can give them some stick. When these supporters stop this, or stop going or stay in the pub or whatever, we'll get better.
  12. Yeah I'd much rather have Westwood over the guy the eventually signed, Pepe Reina.
  13. The first words to the German national are literally Deutschland Deutschland Uber Alles. The whole song is still the official national anthem, with just the 3rd verse sung on occasions it us used. It's like the British national anthem, there is multiple stanzas officially but only the 1st and rarely the 2nd are sung.
  14. We've sold 3000 but only 1800 or so will turn up. Quite a lot will have bought cheaper tickets to get 10 priority points with no intention of attending.
  15. Without Europa League football I think Wolves would have been challenging Chelsea for 4th right now, they are a good side. Who knows though they might get in through the back door by winning the competition, they have a chance. Better chance than any of the other English sides.
  16. No, the club just spend what they earn on prize money and sponsorship deals.
  17. Think midweek games are now kicking off at half 7 now.
  18. No chance. Poor tackle but was only a yellow card.
  19. Wasn't a penalty in the first place, but the penalty should have been retaken. Suppose piggies will see it as justice done.
  20. Pig keeper miles of his line saving pen.... why not retaken? Have they stopped that now?
  21. Yes. We wouldn't have conceded 5 for a start. May has still lost, but having 10 men against a side already winning meant we couldn't press yo win the ball, as they'd easily pick us off. As the 2nd went in, the heads dropped and it turned into a poo show.
  22. I think if you attack Liverpool you will get chances, but the caveat is as you said they attack you back and pick you off and score with ease.
  23. Disagree. We was getting on top just as the red card was handed out. 3 points was there for us today, thrown away by the red card however.
  24. We was getting into the game just before the goal, growing into it and the red card then stopped the momentum and swung the match the other way. Different game entirely 11v11.
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