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  1. Well no, but people were suggesting he wasnt vocal enough and you want him as a captain choice, wouldn't work would it if he isnt vocal?
  2. Borner is the only one, he was captain in Germany, but maybe his English isn't great I dont know on that one. The others, absolutely no chance. The fact you've put Dawson in there, who got pelters last year on here for not being vocal enough, sums it up really.
  3. Have you not watched his performances recently? No surprise that our best two performances since the Christmas collapse have come in the cup, both games with Bannan didnt play in.
  4. Right now we dont have any other options they're all injured. Today he had no choice but to play him, if Luongo is back next week then he has to come in for him alongside JP.
  5. Who else can he give it too, big Atdhe? He has to play Bannan unfortunately cos we have no one else to fill his attacking role, unless he plans on Windass doing that. Bannan's role needs to be away from the defenders and nearer the attackers, more like what Reach did today, so it could possibly be that.
  6. He's one of those that Monk was talking about, only here for the money and doesnt care. Yet post a few Twitter posts and all the pillocks will love him. Strange breed are us Wednesdayites.
  7. There are none so blind as those that cannot see. Bannan is the problem, not Pelupessy.
  8. Hopefully the players will react to Monks criticism. Maybe it was more of a buck your ideas up first. Bannan needs to be sat on the front line not the CB today, if not take him off at half time
  9. If no one wants them, or pays the right amount and dont try and fleece us, what can we do. It's not FM, you don't just click a button and suddenly 15 teams are knocking on your door with bids.
  10. The goalposts were moved by Milan, not Wigan. Had he have gone they might have come in with the right offer (£1m) but as it didn't, they didn't and he's still ours.
  11. Here's hoping that those 3 come in all Billy big testicles and wee wee off all the guys that got them there in the first place.
  12. No chance its just that You don't post summat like that, when transfer deadline is looming, without knowing something. Fleck told her off I reckon.
  13. Dont think he has anything to do with arranging transfer anymore, just he is the guy who does all the negotiations on behalf of Chansiri is what I'd assume.
  14. He might be good, he might be poo, who knows. Hopefully he'll be decent.
  15. Westwood Forestieri Hutchinson Bannan All bad influences and all can go.
  16. They dont usually carry country to country, only one I can think of was Barton's counting for a while in France. Suarez too for biting but that was awarded by FIFA themselves so a little different.
  17. Constantly every day though, eventually it will suck the life out of you. I dont blame them, but it's not all new signings that have bottled it under them.
  18. Tbf, if you get belittled from the minute you sign, it's hard to keep your head up and push past it. Doesnt matter how strong your character is.
  19. I partly agree. However, I think of those we'll keep Fletcher and Nuhiu too, dont think we'll be able to find a 3rd/4th choice striker like him at all and he wont be on much. Plus he gives his all every game unlike some. Palmer should stay too. Bannan should leave. He's part of the problem.
  20. Those key play off players are parasites and the minute a new player joins, they break them down until they dont care anymore like them.
  21. You dont think its obvious that the bad attitude of the last few games is coming from the odious smell surrounding these 4 fan favourites?
  22. If we dont sign anyone we should go with: Dawson Iorfa Lees Borner Palmer Reach Luongo Hunt Murphy Borukov Preston Need to try something different, tactics arent working and neither are the players, and I'm expecting Bannan to be dropped to show him be isnt the boss.
  23. Those 4 run the dressing room I believe. They control everything in there, that is pretty clear to me. It's like the bully at school. They don't like or want to fo something, they'll make everyone else do it too. If you refuse, they cut you out and make everyone dislike you *cough* winnall *cough* Rhodes *cough* etc. It's not like I know of course, but its obvious where the problem lies looking in and it's with these 4, the main 4 from the play off failures who should have been moved in 2018 and 2019.
  24. Jos recognised there was a problem and dropped them both, unfortunately it came back to bite him on the arse because he wasnt up to the challenge. The main 4, Westwood, Forestieri, Bannan, Hutchinson, need to leave as soon as possible because it is pretty clear that these run the club themselves to get their own way and when they don't they down tools and get everyone else to do it too. I'd also look to move Bullen on too because whilst hes passionate for the club, and I don't for one minute think he's putting in no effort like the players, he has been part of the play off failure and we need a full clear out as soon as.
  25. We miss Fletcher, that is our problem.
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