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  1. If you can't see his intention behind that then you are truly blind.
  2. The now weekly Bannan poor performance is becoming a bore. Not as boring though as those who still fail to see that BB is the problem in midfield.
  3. Easy peasy The key twister? Could here you shouting on the TV. Which is designed to recieve replies from fans as you shouldn't be watching us on TV you should be playing. Which is exactly what it got. Like I said, twisting the knife.
  4. It is a little strange though that the two Westwood has ousted are the same two Jos decided to oust too.
  5. Was told this via an ex Pig youth player work friend who knows a current first teamer. Maybe one of the two exaggerated a little
  6. Was information I was told via the work friend who knows a squad player, which I'm sure I've mentioned before. He said he hasn't been there since Christmas, maybe it was exaggerated. Yes, he was which is fine. What he'll do tonight though is post something to twist the knife like be usually does, such as after the QPR game.
  7. How can we bring him back when he doesnt even show up?
  8. Westwood hasn't been training with the first team since Christmas. He hasn't even spoken to Daeson or Wildsmith since then either. He is no team player, quicker he goes the better. He will be on twitter tonight twisting the knife into Dawson, that's for sure.
  9. Same old Owlstalk. Expectations have been shot up massively since Chansiri came, for al the reasons we've been over countless times on this forum already. Unfortunately, a lot of our fanbase can't seem to handle the fact that we arent as good as those expectations want us to be. We were falsely 3rd 6 weeks ago. We have a squad good enough for the top 8, sneak a top 6 place maybe, but generally somewhere between 7th and 12th is our level. They don't know what to do, so they just meltdown. I wouldn't worry yourself too much with them @Beholder
  10. The problem is we was 3rd, it got certain sections of our fanbase excited. We were never good enough for promotion, maybe sneak a playoff place but that's it.
  11. Think we'll win, goal from Wickham and a 2-1 win.
  12. Phoning in sick with a shoulder injury didnt help either.
  13. He hasn't turned up for training since Christmas pal. Doesht even talk to Dawson or Widsmith anymore.
  14. I hope most of their games are in the Canaries cos it'd be a long coach ride to get to Barcelona
  15. Grinds my gears when people call players by their first name like they're best mates with em.
  16. Man City could be giving Liverpool a guard of honour If Liverpool's unbeaten run continues the Man City game would be the match which would equal Arsenal's record of 49 unbeaten.
  17. As long as Wilder is there, they wont be bad. When he leaves, they're fizzed.
  18. You are correct, we are just as likely to win all 3 games 3 nil or lose them all by the same scoreline. That is what is frustrating about it, the inconsistency of our side. Saying that, it's a good chance to put the bad run behind us and pick up a good few points. Barnsley are a local rival but are very poor, I'd be disappointed if we came away with just a point there and angry if we did the same at Luton. Reading at home is also a good game back at Hillsborough to hopefully kick some life into our home form again.
  19. Who else would he have played, when you consider he is one of only 2 fit first team midfielders? He'll be out if side when Mass is back.
  20. Thats the problem, everyone is injured. We could have given Hunt a try instead but despite my complaints against Bannan, he is probably more of a match winner even we he plays poo . My point is that when everyone is fit, he has to be dropped. Luongo and Pelupessy at Oakwell hopefully.
  21. I'll put this into simpler terms for you. Since Christmas in the league we have won only 1 in 7 attempts. Barry Bannan has played in every game. Each game we have put in disjointed team performances, held out well at Leeds however and got a good win, but drew once and lost the other 5. Since Christmas we've also played 2 cup games. Both matches we put in good team performances, the best of the last 9 games, got two good wins and guess what, Bannan didnt feature in either. The problem is we over rely to much on Bannan when he plays, despite him being a good player him in the side is detrimental to our chances of winning matches unless he has a cracking game which he does once in every 6 or so attempts.
  22. Clearly Loovens was, team has fell apart since he went downhill in his last year here.
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