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  1. Isnt that what every manager does, gambling it works? Especially when they try it first time.
  2. Maybe he decided in a change in style? Does happen when teams go on bad runs tbf.
  3. Strange decision FF at full back. Then again, Ash Young did quite well at wing back and I thought that would be mental. Moses too. Trust the process We've be better off with a back 3 anyway.
  4. Go to main menu, sports, you can get it that way instead.
  5. Yeah, should at least get a phone call asking why and offering you one last chance at early bird prices.
  6. We needed a striker. He was the best available. What's wrong with that?
  7. You may be a season ticket holder, but it isnt at Hillsborough
  8. United are having this amazing season, yet they've only won 10 times? And they're 5th? Crazy.
  9. They'll finish 7th and get knocked out in the Europa qualifying rounds.
  10. I still fully expect them to get summat from today, though.
  11. I know we cant laugh because we conceded yesterday due to a similar mistake. But we got him for him nowt. They spent 22m on him to do that
  12. You may be correct my friend. I would remove my original post but cant now. I was under the impression that he was the trouble maker, phoning in sick and what not to cause issues, but that could be far from the truth. Or it could be THE truth. Like I said earlier though, every leak from the club is a benefit to usually the source, and this case is no different. I need to be less susceptible to rumours, I think, don't I.
  13. He did it to some of my posts about a year ago, went back in time quite a while and negged them all.
  14. I was only repeating what I was told. As it turns out it isnt not correct then so be it, I hold my hands up for not doing the research on that. I do think there is some base to it though.
  15. I'd be careful, otherwise he's gonna go back 3 months and neg all your posts
  16. Who knows if its fact based. Maybe he was being economical with the truth What is fact based though is that Westwood wasnt injured after WBA (another thing I was told).
  17. Nah drink driving is driving after consuming any amount of alcohol.
  18. Every piece of info leaked from the club is leaked for a reason. This I don't think is any different.
  19. Surely there'll be a few interested parties in L1.
  20. Do you think that post was simply a well done boys good win? If so, why has he not done the same before or even similar to our defeats? You're also pretty naive if you dont think everyone hasn't had a cheeky beer and drove home Just waiting for the past 3 month negfest from you now
  21. Why would I reveal him and potentially ruin his and my friends friendship?? I said it before, the guy is a former Pig player and played the same position as him.
  22. I think that maybe be case. I can't see Westwood staying, and I cant see Wildsmith being happy sitting behind Dawson and not playing either.
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