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  1. There are all going through the motions happy to collect their inflated wage packets. Need to clear the lot in the summer and start again
  2. Another gaffer chucked under the bus by his players. That's now Carlos, Jos, Bullen (twice) and Monk. Something rotten in that dressing room, and it definitely isn't coming from whoever is sat in the managers chair.
  3. Back to how we are. Same old people calling for managers heads, chopping and changing gets you know where except 3 months back down the road where you've come from.
  4. Yeah he is fighting a losing battle. The players, Bully and now the fans. The fact he doesnt have any coaching ally's too won't help him one bit.
  5. No no we really don't. The players are the problem, they all need to leave. Need to rip the whole squad out and start again. If we want Monk to manage us next year then fine. But if we dont then get shut now and swap, let whoever is gonna be in charge get a proper look and chance to build his own squad instead of relying on overpaid, no effort halfwits who have failed us every game since Wembley.
  6. Scratch that, none of these flaps should ever player us again.
  7. None of this back 3 should ever pull on a Wednesday shirt again. None.
  8. Aye pushed out of way of ball but yeah it's all his fault
  9. On the tele it's the operator who keeps wiping the lens thats the highlight.
  10. Lees Borner Iorfa All flipping poo again today. If only we had a good young CB with potential on the bench to replace them with. Oh, wait.....
  11. Well we've improved defensively this half. That's a positive. Touch wood that continues. We now need to improve the attacking side.
  12. Nuhiu only man on earth who can give away a foul by standing still
  13. Bannan with a hospital pass back to Dawson. Brilliant attacking play from our playmaker again. Shame it was for the other side.
  14. Happy clapping cos I said the players cant be arsed What a fool.
  15. 100%. Ridiculously stupid to sack the manager now. He needs to have a go at it in the summer, get rid of all of the poo .
  16. You could have Klopp in charge of them and none of them would give a fizz. Could play 10 defenders and they'd still concede 2. Just going through the motions are this team now, don't think it is a good idea to sack a manager to eventually come to this same conclusion again early next season. At least Monk knows these are poo and he can change them himself come the summer.
  17. Only one who has created anything has been Forestieri. Bannan has done nowt. Again.
  18. You always get a few idiots in the crowd. Most go these days to sniff coke/drink too much beer then shout at the team, not support them.
  19. No fuckinf chance Hes just running about aimlessly and misplacing places like he has in every other game he's played this season bar 2 or 3. Once again he's playin where he wants, which is weird cos when he's there he's not playing much football anyway. There's been some poor performances tonight so far but Bannans is up there above most. Again. And he'll get away with it too.
  20. Another no show performance from Barry Bannan. No Pelupessy to hide behind tonight though.....
  21. Gonna happen. But with an additional CB there it shouldn't be a problem.
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