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  1. 6 minutes ago, rickygoo said:

    And then we get a load of kids and free transfers in on the cheap - because we have no option - and we will expect things to get better.  Mismanagement on an epic scale.

    Can build a good side on free transfers if they have effort.


    Cardiff and Pigs spring to mind.

  2. 57 minutes ago, rickygoo said:

    So they stopped trying after the Leeds game? And you mean the last 5 years not 7?


    Make your mind up.



    Guessing you didnt actually watch that match, judging by your response. We should have been 3 down after 20 mins.


    The core of this squad has been here now since 2015, that cant be argued. The fact the team still has players from 2013 and 2014 in it is mental.


    23 minutes ago, hirstyboywonder said:


    Fair enough, if we are judging the credibility of posts on likes you can have this one, I must remember to refer back to this for some of your future posts though as if this had been the basis for credibility in the past you would be struggling! :ph34r:


    You state you didn't include Bruce in your argument as he was only here for 4 months. You did include Bullen though as it suited your point. How many games did he manage?


    I never said the players shouldn't shoulder any of the blame, in fact I said they should take some responsibility but the manager brought in to manage them is making a good job of it. 

    As for someone getting to the 3 new players already and encouraging them to throw the manager under the bus within a week of being here - really? Who?

    Bullen was in for the job. Beat QPR and he'd have got it. Doesnt matter how long he was here for. The players threw him under the bus so he didnt get the job. He's supposed to be their mate too.


    My guess is one of the exiled ones, or possibly Bannan. 

  4. 3 hours ago, rickygoo said:



    Taking first and last at random


    We beat Leeds 3-0 the week after the Pigs game.


    The team v Luton


    Dawson - debut 2016-17

    Iorfa - last season

    Lees - 2014-15

    Borner - this season

    Bannan - 2015-16

    Lee - 2012-13

    Palmer  - 2010-11

    Fessi - 2015 -16

    Da Cruz - this season

    Wickham - this season (don't count previous loan spell)

    Windass  - this season


    so 2 of the 11 were at Wednesday 7 years ago. 


    Nuhui signed in 2013.  None of Reach, Fox, Hutch, Fletcher, Luongo, Winnall, Rhodes, Moses, Harriss, Murphy etc were here 7 years ago. 


    I can't be bothered checking the other "facts".


    Doesn't change the fact that after the pig game, the players downed tools. Leeds match was a one off.


    The squad has been the same now for the last 6 to 7 years. The core of it has been together now for 5 years. There has been a few additions but no major sales. 


    Either way, it doesn't matter what the starting 11 is, the rest I'd them are there and the rot is there regardless of who is starting.

  5. 13 minutes ago, Animis said:


    Reckon Monk will see a 0-0 as a step in the right direction - not sure the fans will though.

    There is that pal.


    A 0 0 would be progress of sort.


    But us fans will want us to win, and will complain if we dont win comfortably.


    That's the world of football though.

  6. 9 hours ago, hirstyboywonder said:


    Carlos head was turned by the attraction of a PL club, he had lost his desire by that stage as much as any player

    He did but the players had stopped playing for him after the Pig game

    Jos and his bizarre tactics, formations and selections got himself the sack.

    whist his choices were strange, his ability to manage the squad was hampered by the teams insistence of passing the ball to Bannan and shirking the games. It went pretty well his first 4 months in the job.

    Bullen is not a manager

    didn't stop the players twice stopping playing for him to get him replaced by an actual gaffer. There was a good chance he would have got the job permanently this summer with how we started. The squad put pay to that, Bullen's coaching credibility or not.

    Notice you don't mention Bruce

    Bruce was here 4 months. Funnily enough, the players was still playing for Monk after 4 months too.

    Only you and Monk though playing Forestieri at wing-back was going to work wonders tonight.

    He had to try something different. Forestieri at wing back is strange but he was our most creative outlet that first half... so maybe it did. Then Monk subbed him off.


    The starting 11 last night included Dawson, Borner, Iorfa, Windass, Wickham and Da Cruz, none of whom were involved in 'throwing any previous managers under the bus'. Harris and Murphy came on as sub, they have also only been here a few months How do you assess how they performed?   They were all tug and stopped performing for their manager. Which is strange considering he brought 3 of those in. Someone got to them already.


    Lees isn't throwing anyone under the bus, he is simply in very poor form, Palmer is what he is, nothing special but didn't do much wrong, hardly a case for throwing Monk under the bus. Forestieri put the effort in considering he must have been as surprised as anyone with what Monk considered an effective position for him. Kieran lee is past his best due to bad injuries, don't think he can be accused of continually throwing managers under the bus. Lees has been in poor form for 3 years now continuously. This is his good form now mate. He's either poo or given up.

    Forestieri did rather well in an ineffective position at creating chances.

    Lee is the only one, he had nothing to do with Jos, but has lost something due to his injury. That isn't his fault. He can be excused but what isnt excluded is his poo performance yday.

    That just leaves Bannan - are you telling me everything for the 4 managers you mention is all Bannan's fault and he is bringing everyone and everything down with him?! Who knows. Things tend to go bad when Bannan stops being any good. 


    Of course the players have to look at their own contributions but it is the job of the manager to get the best out of them and this is a different bunch to what previous managers have had. The squad has been largely the same now for the past 7 years, with a few additions. It's the same bunch of players.

    All in all though, 47 people agree with me that the players have once again thrown their manager to the dogs. Whilst 15 agree with you on your points that the players arent to blame for their poor performances.


    So yeah.

  7. Another manager that our beloved players have strung up and chucked under the bus for their own gains. 


    We wont go down, cos the lads will start putting a shift back in when it looks like we will.


    That is now Carlos, Jos, Bullen twice and Monk that the players have given up playing for and it is indefensible.


    Yet some will still solely blame the gaffer.

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  8. 13 minutes ago, Prince said:

    It’s not his fault he gets picked every week... He needs to be dropped, been awful for a while   now. Team selection is baffling to say the least tonight.

    Wouldn't surprise me to hear that it actually is his fault.


    He has to be downing tools to get Westwood back in. There's no way he is this poo. He has talent but zero application. flipping awful these last few weeks.

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