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  1. Chansiri is skint

    The extended Chansiri family own 20.84% of TUF shares DC's immediate family (Dejphon, Att, Nat and wife Tipparut) own 1.8% of TUF shares. DC's own holding is 0.6% In addition DC owns shares in TUF subsidiaries: 25% of shares in Chansiri Real Estate Co., Ltd. 92% of shares in Gemini & Associate Co., Ltd. 80% of shares in Gemini Watercraft Co., Ltd. Not much info comes up on Google searches of these companies Above is from a post by Harrowbyowl back in July, maybe the last three are similar to the taxi firm.
  2. Chansiri is skint

    So is the whole Mr C construction and transport all made up shybo then ?
  3. 150th Anniversary

    What should have been special has turned into something akin to a wet fart. Maybe Owlstalk should organise a good lash up somewhere, raise a bit of money for charity at the same time.
  4. Who is going to defend him now?

    Bang on RS but it took CC 45 minutes to change things on the pitch after a poor first half, we had a good first 6 minutes in the scond half and Wilder made tactical changes to nullify us, CC has to shoulder the blame as much so as the players.
  5. Carlos on Radio Sheffield

    It has been said many times by people who know more about football than me but we are so fecking predictable, it must be so easy for opposition managers.
  6. Wednesday 2 : 4 United - MATCHDAY THREAD

    Its not just the big games though, how many p1ss poor first 45's do we have ?
  7. Wednesday 2 : 4 United - MATCHDAY THREAD

    CC for me should have gone after the playoff shambles. One of the most frustrating things for me is how he changes the game, he waited while half time to change the plan after a garbage first 45 which we were lucky to be only one down. Second half we come out strong, Wilder changes his team around and we're second best again. They could have had more than four. Proper fecking poo .
  8. Under 23s today....

    Get in Big D you put them straight. The fools will be back shortly telling us how that no hoper Vardy will be breaking Premier League goal scoring records, winning titles and playing in the Champions League.
  9. Under 23s today....

    And thats why mate without knowing what has gone off behind the scenes i'm not going to slate the kid or his dad.
  10. Under 23s today....

    Fair enough Darra and i have no reason to doubt their word but how many of them have we had million pound bids for ? The kid must have something going for him.
  11. Under 23s today....

    Think we might have heard from his dad before now if he had an account, makes you wonder what he would use for a username. Sure someone will know.
  12. Under 23s today....

    Could somebody help me out, what has the club offered young Gud and what amount does he and his dad think he is worth ? Must have missed it, maybe in another thread but please let me know so i can then decide whether or not to join the 'get shut of the greedy get' mob.
  13. Toffs shares hit all time high.
  14. "Technically in the industry a bigger brand will give a team a cheque to sponsor them but then they'll charge them through the roof on all the pricing - and the club will have to wait six months for delivery on everything," he said. "What we've established is more of a dedicated partnership model, whereby we wouldn't give them any cash, but they buy product at a more effective price and they'd get it a lot faster. "We can actually be a lot more nimble than the bigger players to give the customer what they want. Feck me. Not sure whether to laugh or cry.
  15. Ticket Details For The Sheffield Derby

    Its daylight robbery but is anyone really that surprised ? What sickens me more is the 'fellow supporters' who will defend it. WAWAW - your having a fecking laugh. Can't wait for the 'how many cigs you smoking, stop having a night out with your mates'