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  1. Izzy Brown will get recalled at this rate, surely he should be starting?
  2. Insist on sacking Monk, complain at the next appointment.... Can’t do right from wrong
  3. I understand the need for a proven manager at this level, but who is available?
  4. P31 W5 D7 L19 Pts 22 Not only is that relegation form but that is absolutely embarrassing! For all our sakes I hope Monk is out of a job by today!
  5. Get him gone we should have done this last season! Our worst manager in a long time if not the worst!
  6. Unfortunately regardless what we think our chairman is just as clueless and only a decision will come when it’s all too late.
  7. I won’t be greedy nothing less than 21 should we have any chance of the play offs.....
  8. Was a key component to our success in the 90’s, condolences to his family! RIP.....
  9. Was a full back for most of that time
  10. Great work by the EFL. Orient affected by a pandemic and they get punished for it!
  11. Fingers crossed he stays fit, but getting him on a permanent deal looks cracking business.
  12. Only one and as I said can’t recall that many. @Grandad made it sound as though we’ve signed loads.....
  13. We’re haggling over £450k for Windass we won’t pay what Jutkiewicz is valued at!
  14. I will be disappointed if we don’t have at least two new signings this week!
  15. Swansea set to sign Morgan Gibbs-White that is potentially a fantastic signing at this level.
  16. This is why we need to be looking at unproven League one/League two and Academy prospects!
  17. Premier League or a championship club on -12.....Tough choices
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