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  1. Fingers crossed he stays fit, but getting him on a permanent deal looks cracking business.
  2. Only one and as I said can’t recall that many. @Grandad made it sound as though we’ve signed loads.....
  3. We’re haggling over £450k for Windass we won’t pay what Jutkiewicz is valued at!
  4. I will be disappointed if we don’t have at least two new signings this week!
  5. Swansea set to sign Morgan Gibbs-White that is potentially a fantastic signing at this level.
  6. This is why we need to be looking at unproven League one/League two and Academy prospects!
  7. Premier League or a championship club on -12.....Tough choices
  8. Jeff Stelling made the same point on Saturday!
  9. Just a food for thought, Monk goes that will be another obscure foreign coach we bring in. It’s absolutely embarrassing our neighbours got promoted because their players were determined to go through brick walls for their manager, our players just throw the towel in when the going gets tough, they’re an embarrassment to our football club and the sooner the spine of this team goes the better.
  10. It most certainly appears so, but how about the players take some responsibility for once.
  11. I just wish a coach would sit him down and agree on his best position (left midfield), a talented player is being wasted, not influenced a game at all this season apart from cameos!
  12. How many you had? You won't be seeing much of the game tonight....
  13. If he doesn’t come it will be our reluctance to pay the wages rather than players choice!
  14. Say what you want but he plays in the right area of pitch he creates plenty, put him in front of defence then yeah! 18 assists since start of last season, of course he’s $h!t
  15. Think our fans would prefer Bannan or Hutch there which clearly has not worked. If it means getting the best out of Bannan then he deserves a run in the side, after that shambles on Saturday!
  16. Another who should be shipped, never influences a game.
  17. This squad needs a massive overhaul, not only because many are not good enough, but to clear this type of attitude out. Hardly inspiring for the youngsters is it?
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