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  1. Owls77

    Shocking but happy

    It's disappointing not to get that clean sheet but apart from the first 30 minutes it was a decent performance. Just the penalty made it a very uncomfortable last 17 minutes.
  2. Strange move to drop FF.
  3. Boll0ck$ in my opinion obviously.
  4. That was not the issue last night and although we need to strengthen that area. Penney has been superb and Palmer has stepped up to the plate this season.
  5. Owls77

    Penny injured ?

    3 games this week so likely he is being rested. Not a great choice to bring in but who else we got?
  6. Midweek games should all be the cheap option, sorry but we will struggle to attract POTG at that price.
  7. The first 3 games is enough evidence to suggest 3 at the back won’t work. Pelupessy right wing back based on what? Palmer deserves the right back spot at the minute based on his last 3 games. The new lads will no doubt start from the bench.
  8. One of the many players benefiting since we reverted to a flat back four.
  9. We need some power in the middle of the pitch. Villa fans thought he was awful though!
  10. Owls77

    Penny / Thorniley

    Both were superb, what I can’t get my head around is how Penney was not given any game time by Mansfield or Bradford... Think the free kicks were not in a position for Penney to have a go, all need crosses and that is Bannan’s duty.
  11. Same on O2 usually get all the goal alerts for every game only got a few coming through today!
  12. If he improves his first touch he could be massive for us, think he will get the time he never got under Carlos.
  13. If there were any doubts about Jos being the right man. That line up is every reason why he should be shown the door now. I am all for bringing youngsters in but when confidence is high not the opposite. I am missing pre-season already.....
  14. Owls77

    NOW TV

    Always read the full thread
  15. Owls77

    Did I hear right?

    Wing backs with pace if this is true or are they picking up what was reported after the forum?