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  1. Lazy and offered very little! Good riddance
  2. Close to agreeing a fee according to the Star.
  3. Won’t be Ladapo he’s just signed for Ipswich
  4. Signed on loan for Bolton in January
  5. Wycombe will struggle on this big playing surface!
  6. Callum O’Dowda released by Bristol City!
  7. All I want to see is the released list and signings over the summer that will significantly improve us. With us being allowed to make signings that command a fee, the target has to be automatic promotion.
  8. It’s only 9:30am and I’m on my third nervous $hit! What a mess my ar$e will be in later....be all worth it if we can turn it around tonight!
  9. Jesus anybody would think we’re 3-0 down!
  10. Really disappointed in how we performed more or less going for the safe option. It was always going to be a tough game and only being 1 behind is a positive, we need to get behind the players and drive them to victory on Monday.
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