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  1. Free season tickets.

    On this seasons performances a free one would be a rip off...
  2. Morgan Fox .

    I am stunned......”Fox has played international football”
  3. Still 7pts clear

    That is the only positive. We have a massive week coming up, we lose both games and it won’t still be 7 points!
  4. Train to bristol

    Disgraceful the game is going ahead, no consideration for the fans who will endure nightmare journeys!
  5. Sam Hutchinson

    He prefers 2 CDM’s just waiting for the return of Hutch maybe?
  6. Acca for today

    Doncaster is the risk in that bet!
  7. Westwood will be sold on, these two are far too good to be going out on loan!
  8. Kaiserslautern

    Interesting to see how they are performing these days! Rock bottom of Bundesliga 2!
  9. Shame about the fan in the south, who was desperate to get on with things!
  10. Joao for me Special mention for Reach, Pudil, Pelupessy and Clare!
  11. RIP Georgia Rae

    As Matt’s other brother thank you all for your best wishes and donations.
  12. Dour and attritional.

    Is it surprising with our offensive options?