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  1. He also missed the defenders arm up in the air when Fletcher hit the post, looks like it brushed the arm.
  2. He was released by Birmingham when Monk was in charge
  3. All objections have to be addressed, would encourage you all to write in.
  4. Regardless who it is at least we have made a bloody decision.
  5. Farcical this from Chansiri 7 weeks since Bruce went, inability to make a decision seems to cost us every season.
  6. 11pm announcement or this one a few days away?
  7. That is based on Nixon's story from the weekend 1/9 Sky Bet all over by the looks of things
  8. Just appoint a manager Chansiri. Bullen has blown any chance he did have of being appointed. Ideal time to get somebody in with International break coming up.
  9. Come on FF show Bullen you should be starting!
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