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  1. Owls77

    Well Done Steve Bruce

    The kid from Newcastle can also play Left Back!
  2. Will Grigg 3 million rising to 4 million. The world has gone mad! Source: Sky Sports News
  3. Sky Sports says Iorfa has cost £500k Club 1867 sales must be going well...,
  4. Owls77

    lee Bullen

    Best wishes to the Bullen family!
  5. Why is it only in the football world this becomes an issue in every other profession this is accepted. A break before starting a new job is widely accepted to refresh the mind and spend time with family. Every other club would probably have said no, Wednesday should be commended for doing this.
  6. After all he has been through, he deserves to wear the armband on Sunday and lead the side out!
  7. Owls77

    Neeskens Kebano

    Source.... He was shyte anyway.....
  8. Owls77

    Neeskens Kebano

    2016/17 last game of season against us he scored both goals!
  9. If he thinks us as fans can resolve FFP then he is deluded. Sell our assets (Bannan, Reach and FF) and buy promising players for a fraction. I would love to know under what basis he got Bruce to sign that deal?
  10. Owls77

    Efe ambrose

    End of thread.....
  11. Owls77

    Lookman deal done....wow

    Plenty on here did.
  12. Owls77

    New signing next week?

    Based on his performances this season I would be staying well away from him.....
  13. Owls77

    Lookman deal done....wow

    One thing I have learnt tonight, we have some right gullible f*€?ers.....
  14. Owls77

    Lookman deal done....wow

    Not a chance!