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  1. ^^^^This^^^^ See it so many times, unfortunately generally not with us
  2. Better than anything we have got, who knows a decent manager will bring out the best in him!
  3. Derby will be due £4m in compensation if Lampard goes to Chelsea.
  4. He did win player of the month while Jos was in charge and his reward was getting dropped to the subs bench.
  5. 15 appearances in the premier league is decent! Matias did not play in the premier league! Agree on Cattermole would rather we look at players who will develop rather than those on 40k a week!
  6. I hope our transfer strategy has changed from players who have no resale value and players who will demand £40-45k a week.
  7. It’s a suggested target for Villa produced by HITC....
  8. Jota to villa confirmed with Gardner going in opposite direction!
  9. Great player when fit, unfortunately the reality is that never happened so wise decision to move him on!
  10. Was disappointed in the games he actually played last season, can only hope Bruce gets the best out of him!
  11. Any chance Leeds will want to get shut of Mallik Wilks, had a good game tonight and will get better!
  12. No change of ownership according to Land Registry records!
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