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  1. Come on FF show Bullen you should be starting!
  2. Disgraceful, no point trying to delete your comment, the internet is a wonderful tool!
  3. Good to see players going out who won’t get a look in this season. Can’t see it working here, so hopefully he plays well and he gets a new club next season on a permanent deal.
  4. Rubbish Millwall away is the trickiest game thus far, they have started really well and recruited smartly. As for Bullen, you're saying don't give him the job because tricky games will come up further on in the campaign and you see us losing those games, every game is a tough game in the championship, if he keeps winning he will get the job and deservedly so....
  5. Still time for a league one club to come in for him, he would be a very good signing for anybody with promotion aspirations in league one
  6. Surprised by their recruitment strategy but thought they were very good 2nd half and could have easily got 2/3 goals, they will cause problems for bottom half sides and think there will be worse sides.
  7. Yeah great thinking Let’s have another embargo Sense from the club
  8. 8/10 Maybe a left back would have made it a perfect one!
  9. Can we afford O'Dowda? Unless we use Rhodes as bait....
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