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  1. Owls77

    Paul cook

    Would be a great choice when DC decides to axe Jos.
  2. Looks like our pitch from 2014-15 season!
  3. Owls77

    Is forrestieri injured?

    Does it matter......He won’t be selected!
  4. Owls77


    Anybody behind this fool knows nothing about football... Oh hang on a minute.........
  5. Owls77

    That’s Enough

    Agreed sack him now before we are embarrassed by toytown!
  6. Owls77

    Jos out

    At least we showed some fight. I was very worried following the Norwich debacle. They have to show more offensively in the next 2 home games!
  7. How many times did he say erm, erm, erm......
  8. Owls77


    Looked like he was going to cry, bitter pig!
  9. Owls77


    Players on 40k
  10. We showed some fight, determination and will to ensure we did not lose. We are short of confidence and I am proud of that performance. Well done boys, in particular Dawson at long last he got help from the defence.
  11. Hardly an inspiring line up to save your job!
  12. Owls77


    Yeah sick of Jos just like the rest of us.
  13. Owls77


    Excellent against West Brom and again at Bristol City but awful on Saturday, not sure why we decided to start him on right side of midfield.
  14. I would rather poke my eyes out!!!
  15. Owls77


    We want him not so sure that DC wants him. Can’t ever see MM being a yes man and that is what DC wants. The club is a shambles from top to bottom.