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  1. Would be a great appointment! It’s not just the manager, the whole set up needs wholesale changes, getting shut of Doyen etc!
  2. No shots

    It is our chairman who needs to grow a pair!
  3. Next time Chansiri thinks our pricing reflects our style of football.....
  4. Drastic changes but the same story. He really needs to go!
  5. Neil Harris

    Hammered.....you sure A better side would have punished our defending that is for sure!
  6. I could produce a shed load of 2018 play off shirts.....
  7. I am thankful for the investment but the structure of our club is abysmal, we have a coach that (mostly) nobody wants, we are signing players who never get a look in......... I could go on but I can’t be ar$ed!
  8. :-(

    We were promised entertaining football for the expensive pricing structure, if I did not have a season ticket I would be staying well away! Please resign Carlos!
  9. Dear Carlos

    Please pack your bags CC your family need you back home, we need somebody who will get the best out of this squad!
  10. How do we stay positive when our coach adapts negative tactics?
  11. 45 minutes to try and save his job (if I was doing the hiring and firing) Personally think he will get until the end of November!
  12. Roll on May.......when we are in the play offs
  13. Least Carlos will have his excuse lined up....
  14. Papering over the cracks?

    It was a very good response, if we take away the previous 2 defeats we were on a good run, maybe too many draws so it is important we pick some wins now. Bolton will be a tough game though, they will set up to frustrate us!