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  1. I would absolutely love him here! Don’t believe any that ‘job here is too big for him’. If anything he’s ideal for here, he demands respect and gets it from his players.
  2. To see more awful football....no thank you
  3. He had an opportunity to change the system what finished the game at Cambridge and he reverts to 3-5-2 with players playing out of position. We’re going nowhere with Moore! Get Ryan Lowe in now!
  4. I’m sure Lewis Wing has a lot to offer......under a different manager.
  5. We can only hope those last 15 mins or so is the clue that the formation needs changing. If not then clear your desk Moore!
  6. He should have gone out on loan
  7. Best wishes to a very talented footballer, hopefully he makes a full recovery!
  8. Bruce to be fired as well according to Sky Sports! Ashley and Bruce to S6?
  9. He’s not a full back! Moore signed 64 wingers instead of one left back, hoping one might fill in there and do a job.
  10. Huge difference between this international break and the last one. Fans desperate to have the Sunderland game off due to BPF’s form. Fans desperate to get the Bolton game on due to BPF’s form.
  11. Nonsense some of the comments. I would have looked good against our forwards today! He struggled to get in Blackpool’s team for a reason! He’s an average L1 centre back!
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