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  1. He was on the treadmill last week as per his Instagram.....
  2. Looking like 2 places will be up for grabs. Middlesbrough 7 points from their last 6 games, similar form could see them drop out right at the end!
  3. Palmer for me, still can’t please a few on here though. He has been solid every game this season and is getting better with every game under Bruce.
  4. Done so much in a very short space of time, imagine a full pre-season just hope he has the funds to make the changes we need!
  5. We find a decent left back and he lasts 2 games, typical.... Hopefully we can get him back for last 6 games and the play offs.....
  6. Great Debut from Lazaar so has to be him but Hutch also had a great game!
  7. Sheffield Star been trawling Owlstalk again made a story from this thread...... https://www.thestar.co.uk/sport/football/this-is-how-many-penalties-every-championship-team-has-been-awarded-this-season-1-9606171
  8. The kid from Newcastle can also play Left Back!
  9. Will Grigg 3 million rising to 4 million. The world has gone mad! Source: Sky Sports News
  10. Sky Sports says Iorfa has cost £500k Club 1867 sales must be going well...,
  11. Best wishes to the Bullen family!
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