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  1. Owls77

    NOW TV

    Always read the full thread
  2. Owls77

    Did I hear right?

    Wing backs with pace if this is true or are they picking up what was reported after the forum?
  3. Owls77

    Morgan Fox

    Whoever scouted him should never work in football again.
  4. Owls77

    Joey Pelupessy

    I was hoping he would improve after a full pre-season, sad to say he has got worse and yet another terrible, wasted and pointless signing.
  5. Derby have signed Duane Holmes from Scunthorpe.
  6. Owls77

    Wingback Options

    That a question for the OP or JL. This system needs dropping unless JL thinks the embargo will be resolved and he has his eyes on two new additions (loans) before the end of August.
  7. If Derby don’t go up they will never do it. Spent some cash after saying they needed to be careful due to FFP!
  8. Owls77

    Owls Launch Silver Membership

    Great to see he is listening and acting fast to address the PR own goal.
  9. Owls77


    Without the discounted tickets of course...
  10. We need proper wing backs to play 3 at the back and have not got them and very unlikely to do so. I would drop it now but not sure JL will have the same idea.
  11. He also would have spent wisely!
  12. Thought he was previous founder of Caterham F1 which last stopped racing in 2014, he also sold his share.
  13. Well that is it then season is over....
  14. If we could bring in two excellent wing backs then I think that makes us contenders.