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  1. 0-1 lump on.... reach 30 yarder. Possibly maybe don't quote me on that...marvellous.
  2. I say we just roll with it...im sure he'll gloss over the cracks and give any negativity the brush off. It's not his start that counts we just want a nice finish.
  3. Pleased with the appointment as I distinctly remember him getting Swansea playing some great attacking football with rapid wing play. Always spoke well to the press... this could be the start of a nice relationship.. more than I have. Come on Gaz do the business. All the best son UTO
  4. Seems like the pond is full and you all accept it gladly. Never mind eat your supper nanite. WAWAW LOVE GARY SHELTONS SLIDE IN AT ANFIELD AFTER VARADIS CLASSIC. BRING IT ON.. JUST DISAPPOINTED TODAY BUT HEY WE ARE STILL VERY GOOD!! WTID
  5. Bubbles burst rubbish. Bullen lead us all to believe he'd pick the side to neutralise Millwalls threat and exploit their weaknesses!! Did not fkin happen. Absolute pony... I'm done...too lightweight not clinical enough and lost 100quid you fkin w***ers. Get a manager get a full coaching team and grow some fkin balls to beat them cockney t***s. Not happy at all. And balls to it's not the end of the world. It is...still fuming 4hours later
  6. Tackling mediocre distribution poo no better than what we have, loovens excepted
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