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  1. Hunt, Reach and Van Aken

    Hunt's had a decent season so far but was an embarrassment today!
  2. Out of intrigue (and because I can't be bothered to check) when did we lead by more than 1 goal at half time???
  3. This. I think it'll be (yet another) 1-1, they take the lead for half time and we'll equalise in the 2nd. Fletcher and Fleck.
  4. Hasn't done us much harm in the last two games, having Carlos in the stands...not always an advantage.
  5. Is Paddy Kenny playing?
  6. Daniel Pudil

    I think, from the league, I'd prefer Ryan Sessegnon...but maybe that's just me.

    They should've thought ahead and had a giant ball-cake in the corner.
  8. Opportunity for George Hirst

    People have got to accept that it looks, almost nailed on, that he's off at the end of the season. We've handled it poorly, he and his Dad may have also, but we don't know the story. Big shame. We'll be thinking the tribunal will be more than £2 million, so wind it down. He's frozen out of the U23's and had a loan move scrapped...because he won't sign a contract. I'd we won't see this kid play a reserve game again - never mind be near the 1st team! Like I said - what a shame! ...but let it go... Just pray he doesn't end up at Leeds!!!
  9. Do we think the players get fined if we score in a first half? :/
  10. We won't score in the first half, because we never do unfortunately. I think we'll be on the losing end of a 2-0. I'd be more confident going to a Villa Park or the Stadium of Light, we rarely turn up at the smaller grounds.
  11. Postives / Negatives of tonight

    Negative is the same as usual...we don't turn up in first halfs!!! I don't get it? Easy money on Wednesday being at nil come the break. it's every single game.
  12. 2nd hat-trick from Leeds in the cup this season.
  13. He may have being pulling a Shaun Duffy move, but Mulgrew had a nightmare for Blackburn yesterday. I don't quite believe the 2 mill figure that's been put on Dean's head.
  14. Hunt

    Had a steady game. As mentioned - nowhere near the real issues with the current setup.