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  1. i think the fact he's not constantly being asked about the clubs finances, transfer embargo and signings probably helps. he seems more confident when talking about the things he actually has control over, like the playing squad.
  2. mike84

    New SWFC stadium wishlist

    Hillsborough as it is now just doesn't provide what a 21st century club needs. Things like seats that you can actually sit in if your over 5ft tall, views without posts in the way, toilets with hot running water! As much as i love the ground, a move will have to happen at some point either temporarily while hillsborough is rebuilt or permanently to another site. Any new ground needs to generate income 7 days per week, 365 days per year, be low cost and energy efficient but also retain the character of a british ground. 4 stands, modern facilities, retain some of the historical design points of the existing ground.
  3. mike84

    Local media blackout

    what would you have expected? the club to come out and say dont bother buying because we wont be signing anyone? weve got form for this, we sold thousands of season tickets knowing an embargo was coming and also that we were facing administration down the line. luckily Milan saved us from that embarrassment.
  4. The other positive about the U23's and 18's coming through is the potential for actually making money from a player sale. Barring 2 or 3 first team members the chance of recouping any of the financial outlay on them is very low where as a good prospect coming through and doing well could bring a decent fee.
  5. Considering our history with things like being relegated the season before parachute payments started, missing out on the £millions the premier league started to attract in TV monies soon after our relegation we'll likely be the first club automatically relegated for breaking P&S rules or docked enough points to mean we miss out on the playoffs at the end of the season!
  6. mike84

    Free agents

    If we're not looking at Yaya Toure to solve our midfield problems then Chansiri needs to clear off.
  7. were in a buy now pay later situation. The problem being, what we bought 3 years ago hasnt worked out and weve still got years left on the payments.
  8. Doesnt help pedestrians much though. The council can only enforce if there's restrictions on the road at the moment, so this van will ticket people parking on yellow lines incorrectly.
  9. mike84

    I want our owl back

    The logo you're talking about was only 40 years or so old. It wasn't the original crest for the club. Now I know the current one isnt the original either but its a closer representation. Im not fussed about the new (old) badge but it looks like its here to stay for now.
  10. Hertha Berlin Borussia Mönchengladbach Stuttgart
  11. I think they will be. he still doesn't know a lot of the squad, how they play or what there capabilities are as they're sat in the treatment room. as players starr coming back to 100% match fitness I expect that tactics and playing style will change. damage limitation was the first port of call. now we can hopefully move forwards again
  12. mike84

    Should Chansiri put an offer on?

    For what ever reason it just doesn't have the impact at hillsborough. we've had games at £10, £20 and the attendance doesnt increase by enough to make it worth while financially.
  13. as comical as suggesting that fan ownership actually worked. I remember all those sheffield businessmen queuing up to invest when we were in the high court.
  14. because he's already spending £400k per week keeping the club running. ps the training ground has been updated and so has the acadamy.
  15. very little chance of any of that happening. fans owned the club for 140+ years. how successful was that? we haven't got any players earning 50k per week.