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  1. What can we salvage?

    I think this season is pretty much written off without so much as a whimper. Really disappointing considering the build up, 150 anniversary. Everything that could possibly go wrong this season has done. A new manager, evaluate the players we have and should be keeping, clear out in the summer and start again. As things stand at the moment i' d be happy with a top half finish.
  2. Elev8

    Carlos must have forgotten to mention his sportswear brand up until that point...
  3. The neon did work again a few years ago. for about a week!
  4. I'm going to need a new profile picture.
  5. Next season kit

    The home shirt is as expected and I personally think it looks ok. However im not sure about the away shirt, it doesnt represent anything from our history as id have liked it to be a "retro" design weve used in the past.
  6. anyone who want to buy one still will when it's released.
  7. for god knows how many years our marketing campaign has been showing "teaser" photographs of various parts of the shirt and this did everybody's head in. This year the club do nothing, no marketing, no money spent what so ever and it's probably been the most successful campaign ever. Everyone wants to know what it's going to look like, when it's on sale, who is making it etc...
  8. The Park is "owned" by hillsborough park charity. the council is one of the trustees. They are leasing the tennis courts to a 3rd party community organisation to run and maintain. It's not been sold.
  9. The problem with buying hillsborough park from the council is they don't actually own it. There is no chance that the park will ever be used for a new stadium.
  10. SAG and SYP own goal?

    The real shambles is condition of the West stand.
  11. SAG and SYP own goal?

    SYP will police Inside the ground if the club pays. perhaps the club dont want to pay for more officers for this game?
  12. SAG and SYP own goal?

    there job is to make sure that trouble at football stadia in South Yorkshire kept to a minimum. calling people sad little jobsworths and encouraging others to harass them on their personal social media pages is not on in my opinion. unfortunatly we play in a stadium that has a terrible history attached to it. can you imagine the fall out if anything happened or went wrong again, even something relatively minor. nothing will change until the West stand, which isn't fit for purpose is replaced and significant money is spent on the north concourse to prevent overcrowding issues that have been identified before. It's not SAGs fault that hillsborough hasnt seen any investment in the facilities since 1995/6. the stadium is the issue, not the people who's job it is to make sure it's safe for fans to attend.
  13. O'Grady and Thorniley

    I totally agree that we need to recruit to this area to move forwards.
  14. O'Grady and Thorniley

    While agree that a CB is needed, our defensive performances in the last couple of seasons have been some of the best in our 150 years. It is as easy to argue that what we've got it more than adequate.
  15. Next season kit

    Stripes or no stripes.... Personally im not that bothered either way. We've played in stripes for a long time yes, but things do change. In this case, the bloke who's spending tens of millions of pounds has decided he wants something a bit different. As he owns the club he can do what he likes. He seems to be choosing things lime the badge, kits etc from our past though and not just random changes.