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  1. It's was built using the timbers from Noah's ark after the flooding subsided.
  2. We still need some more "football people" at the club to manage the off field side in my opinion. DM appears to have been handed the reigns for on field issues which is a positive step. It does feel like there's been an about turn from the owner though. Perhaps he has realised he's not the right person to lead every aspect of the club.
  3. Hopefully this news may well make the club appear more attractive to potential investors / buyers.
  4. There's probably an element of truth in this! 1st July will probably be linked to when the new accounting period starts. Need to show any income in the right year. Maybe DC has learned something
  5. I'd guess our new kit for next year will be very similar to the real socidad shirt.
  6. How much do you think "he" gets from your season ticket purchase?
  7. We had planning permission granted a few years ago, no reason to think it wouldn't be again.
  8. The stadium has suffered from chronic under investment for decades. All that has been done for as long as I can remember is the minimum to keep it operational. Even some of the suggestions made on here like "a kick of paint" would cost several hundred thousand pounds. The stadium needs more than a cosmetic makeover it needs major redesigning. The north stand concourses need a redesign so the stand can be used to its full capacity. The kop & west stand including the NW corner need totally replacing. It's not likely to happen without sustained top flight football and the cash that comes with it.
  9. Hardly a suprise considering income generated for the last 12 months has been almost £0 Not defending DC but it's hard to pin this totally on him, a global pandemic and a season without a fan being in the stadium won't have been thought of as a risk in many clubs financial planning.
  10. Who knows what the situation would be. I can't see how the club could sell a sponsorship deal for a building they don't own. With how rushed the sale of the ground appears who knows if sufficient detail was put in the leaseback agreement re sponsorship, naming rights etc.
  11. We don't own the stadium so any naming rights wouldn't go to the club.
  12. Sheffield 3 is it that owns the stadium now? They could sell back to SWFC for a nominal fee with an agreed future payment of £60m when we get back to the premier league, club then sells the stadium again to Sheffield 4 for what ever number chansiri plucks out of the sky. EFL spontaneously combust.
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