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  1. Hertha Berlin Borussia Mönchengladbach Stuttgart
  2. I think they will be. he still doesn't know a lot of the squad, how they play or what there capabilities are as they're sat in the treatment room. as players starr coming back to 100% match fitness I expect that tactics and playing style will change. damage limitation was the first port of call. now we can hopefully move forwards again
  3. mike84

    Should Chansiri put an offer on?

    For what ever reason it just doesn't have the impact at hillsborough. we've had games at £10, £20 and the attendance doesnt increase by enough to make it worth while financially.
  4. as comical as suggesting that fan ownership actually worked. I remember all those sheffield businessmen queuing up to invest when we were in the high court.
  5. because he's already spending £400k per week keeping the club running. ps the training ground has been updated and so has the acadamy.
  6. very little chance of any of that happening. fans owned the club for 140+ years. how successful was that? we haven't got any players earning 50k per week.
  7. There's been investment in the training ground and the academy at levels not previously seen at the club.
  8. I'm pretty sure that if a player wasn't been played because of a co tract issue this would be in the public domain pretty quickly from them or their agents.
  9. I'm no accountant and don't claim to know anything much about club finances but these just don't seem a suprise to me. We knew that DC had taken a gamble on getting promoted and signed plenty of players over 2 years presumably at the managers request. We knew that they'd be on good wages because of their previous "pedigree". To me it seems like were either going to roll the dice again and back either Jos or another manager next season or massively cut back on expenditure (easier said than done). the other option I suppose, although unlikely is the TUF guys will ride in with shed loads of cash via sponsorships etc and save the day. it'll be an interesting closed season to say the least. much more so than this season's on the field efforts.
  10. mike84


    we'd still get between 20 - 25k home fans per game. we don't seem to sell any more tickets no matter what the price is.
  11. mike84


    what hasnt he got a clue about? prices for next year frozen, multi year tickets available again at fans request. still less than £20 per game on the kop with a season ticket.
  12. mike84

    The Bench

    been like that for 2 1/2 years....
  13. mike84

    Mr Chansiri

    Is it hard work being so negative? do you have to try at it or does it come naturally!
  14. mike84

    O'Grady and Nielsen

    he hasn't really got a choice at the moment with the number of injuries we have. but these lads have a chance to show that they are capable and they may well just take it.