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  1. Don't know why they don't just keep it simple and say that a club can not lose money in their accounts each year - If a chairman wishes to spend more and plug the gaps, then the chairman must gift that cash to the club, but the clubs finances must read as zero loss every year. Means the club doesn't build any debt, and if a chairman want's to go wild and invest hundreds of millions, thats out of their pocket and not secured against the club
  2. Fans were great - Effort from the players was fantastic - Tactically we never had a plan, we didn't turn up with an idea how to spring an attack after absorbing the pressue
  3. 2/1 odds on Hutch to be booked, on Bet365.... crazy money!
  4. Next few games are important - We are only 7 points behind that 7th place, the chasing pack. If we could get ourselves into that by the end of January, then anything could happen. Disclaimer, I don't actually think we'll get near the playoffs, but I'm enjoying the positive feel so stop trying to ruin it!
  5. On average, the ball is only actually in play for around 55 minutes per game, so I'd suggest 60 minutes, but agree with the idea
  6. 99% of the time I'd completely agree with the statement around someone younger and something to prove, but given the issues we seem to have in the background, and the player base, I actually think someone like Bruce would be a very wise move. Old experienced head to get things settled
  7. The negativity across this forum is unreal - You are all stirring each other into a complete mess. Save our club, we're doomed, Stop it with the "end of the world" feeling guys. Nobody has died - We are still in the Championship - We still have some quality players - We have invested heavily in the youth system and training facilities. It's not all bad. We gambled, we spent to the limit of FFP in a push to get promotion, and we missed out, just - We should all be well aware what that means. Suck it up. We were the happiest bunch going when we were riding the "lets spend someone elses money" train, but an outsider would say we are really showing our true colours now. We sound like a child who broke it's toy and mummy can't afford to buy us a replacement. I'm not saying everything is perfect at the moment, it's far from it, but we'd have a far better chance if our supporters would create a positive atmosphere, rather than drip feeding poison throughout the club. Even if we had money to spend, a player from another club only needs a quick look at this site to make up his mind if he want's to join
  8. I'd take a nice summary too, and only real quotes please, half the stuff posted in the main thread seemed rather "twisted" compared to what some main reporters posted
  9. To be fair, it IS partly my fault - Anytime I bet on Sheff Wed, the bet loses, and I put an bet on us to be promoted - My bad!
  10. He isn't wrong though is he? We have blown our load, and the reason we were able to scrape through the embargo was likely an agreement that all the high earners out of contract would not be played, would be released at the end of the season (or sooner), and their appearance fees, clean sheet bonuses, etc, wouldn't be outgoings as they would never have a chance to earn them. I don't get whats taking our fans so long to realise this - We can't afford to play these guys and pay their appearance fees and bonuses, we can't afford to keep them after this season. We need them off the books asap and are hoping someone will take them in January. Jos is not the right guy to get this team going, but in his above statements, he isn't wrong at all - Our expectation levels need to drop massively, and we need to open our eyes to the reality that each time one of those guys walks onto the pitch, they are paid a hefty appearance fee.
  11. Fulham spent £90m this season, £30m last season, £23m the season before that, not counting the big money loans, while I agree this guy did decent, we have zero to spend. The guy has a proven record of putting together a decent team with an open cheque book (or dodgy loans), which we don't have. We aren't shopping in the same market anymore guys, start looking for people who do well on zero budget
  12. People really need to calm down - This right here is the most likely scenario of them all, and one that we must accept as "the plan". We don't need to go to a fans forum and cry like babies to realise that we went for it, we failed, we now have to suck it up for a couple of years before we have another go. Bloody hell, we've been in far worse places than this in recent times
  13. Who ever comes in as a replacement, sections of OwlsTalk will be calling for their head from day one, just to be the guy that says "told you so" at the end. Looking at the many topics of replacement managers on here, every single name mentioned is followed by posts of him being the best manager ever, and the worst manager ever. We gambled and spent to the limit, we missed out, just - Now we have to suck up for a few seasons until we can spend again. Regardless of who the manager is, we as a fan base need to realign our expectation levels. We are not going to be challenging for the playoffs. We are going to need to sell one or two players. We won't be bringing in a manager who spent £200m at his last club. Our team will be half populated by young lads from the youth system. We will likely lose as many as we win. For the record, I'd like to see Jos replaced as the tactics don't gel with the players we have on the books, but I'd like the replacement to be with a long term goal, and the fans to be told this very clearly, so we can get back to being at one with the manager and the team.
  14. Is there a protest happening? The attendance looks terrible! None of that false sky crowd effect on the red button too it seems!
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