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  1. Millwall hadn't had a shot until the penalty on 40 minutes - now they have had 20! Absolutely dominated us
  2. Given the covid and current financial situations, while I agree Reach is likely a little better, but is also earning probably 5 times more at least. Pending the new contract offerings to Reach and Penney (if one is offered), personally I'd rather we lined up next season with Penney in the team and another step towards sustainable bank accounts.
  3. 10 points from 12, given the current situation on things like pay, injuries, managers, is absolutely outstanding - The players who've been on the pitch for these games deserve a lot of credit for that return.
  4. We've six games left until January, where Pulis could potentially get some players in. Huddersfield, Barnsley, Forest, Coventry, Blackburn, Boro These are the games where Pulis can start to pick up points IMO (or more needs to) Remember, our last four games have just been against teams who currently sit 1st, 3rd, 4th and 5th in the league - Getting draws from these games was always the best we could hope for
  5. I imagine we'll have gone for pace out wide, to cover the threat of their attacking full backs - So Harris and Moses. If I had to guess, we've gone for height and power in a back four, with Iorfa at right back, and are shaping/hoping around corners, freekicks, long throws, to send them all up. Windass up top with Paterson playing off him, leaves Reach and Bannan in that midfield
  6. Massive credit to the lads there - Down to ten men after 30 mins, against a free flowing team like Reading. Thats exactly the sort of battling performance we need to be putting in
  7. https://www.vipbox.lc/sheffield-wednesday-vs-brentford-1-live
  8. I've struggled to find interest in a lot of football for a couple of seasons now - When you can place a bet on a defender to make two tackles in a game, and get a decent return, that suggests to me the game is no longer exciting. Same applies on strikers, decent odds for a main striker to have 2 shots on target? Not even score, just hit the target, suggests the game as a whole lacks entertainment. International football is a whole different level - I'd rather they just did little qualifying tournaments, during the summers when the world cup or Euros isnt on
  9. Early lead for David Fisher after round one, 14 points on the board. Round one is usually hard to predict, so nicely done
  10. Round One entries to be selected before 3pm on 12th September (tomorrow) £1 million jackpot is back! Anyone winning this, should feel obliged to offer up a £1000 prize pool for our league!
  11. For those who have entered before, I've restarted the OwlsTalk Super 6 league from last season. For anyone who isn't currently part of the league, please see the invite below https://super6.skysports.com/league/create-join?code=A63EDN I'm aiming to do much better this season on updates in the thread! On the plus side, none of us are starting with minus 12.
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