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  1. Sheffield Wednesday 2 : 2 Hull City

    Losing to bloody Hull....
  2. Sheffield Wednesday 2 : 2 Hull City

    Shot on target!!!
  3. Adam Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeach!

    Great to hear this lad getting some praise, because he sure has his critics. Lot of potential in there
  4. We've had 5 shots... all 5 on target! Positives!
  5. United

    They have the right togetherness and spirit, we just have people hurling abuse and punches at each other. An atmosphere can make a hell of a difference to confidence
  6. Is there a difference in value we would receive if he has played at Championship level or not? Wondering if we are choosing to not play him as it will impact the price we get when he leaves at the end of the season? Given our goal scoring records, playing for us at the moment can only really bring his value down eh?
  7. Worrying Feedback

    If we are honest, in a lot of cases that’s actually true! You’ve only got to work your way back to near the top of this thread to find a perfect example.
  8. 38% of Sheffield Wed's conceded goals occurred in the first 15 minutes. 31% of Sheffield Wed's conceded goals occurred after the 75th minute. Couple of the safest bets in football at the moment, Wednesday to be losing after 15 minutes, and an extra goal to be scored in the Wednesday game after 75 minutes
  9. League Table

    Only 13 points off the top after 13 games! Premiership here we come!
  10. Video Referees

    Watched this in the German league for a penalty call yesterday too, was done in less than 30 seconds, the right call made, and the penalty was given. Not really sure how its taken so long to get it into the game

    Overall, I don't think its gone that bad! We haven't lost any major players from the team, we've got rid of McGugan finally, we've loaned out a couple of the young lads, dropped a striker off the books which might open a door for young Hirst to get a bit of game time, bought two decent central defenders, brought in a Premiership wide man, and got an experienced top end Championship midfielder in. All without spending a shed load of cash in a crazy market - I'd say we've done ok
  12. McGugan Has Gone!

    About time
  13. OMDT - BOLTON - V - WEDNESDAY - (League Cup)

    Bet365 says we have had 1 shot on target.... Safest bet on the market every week that one!
  14. Elev8

    Depends how much profit or loss we made on things before. If the "going rate" on shirt sales is to make 20% profit, and we were only making 10% profit, DC can set the cost so that we are making 20% and still fall within the "going rate".
  15. Elev8

    I don't think the deal is around DC making more money and putting more into the club, its likely more around reducing the clubs outgoings. You'd have to presume that each kit the shop sells has X% profit margin, but if DC and his company sell them to the club/shop cheaper, the shop makes more profit, so therefore eases FFS. There are probably a lot of areas around our club where we make next to no profit, but pay companies a 20%+ mark up to buy from them. Reducing costs reduces outgoings, which increase profit, and balances FFP