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  1. David Somni Jennings

    Moving Forward - Next Few Years

    The way I see it, unless one of our fans is sitting on £50m, then there isn't really anything we can do other than ride it out - If we are riding it out, have some fun instead of constantly bickering eh?
  2. It's clear to everyone, and probably has been for quite a while, that we've spent a lot of money as a club. The door for recruitment is now closed, and the books need to be balanced. Top players are likely to be sold, and we won't be shopping in the £10m+ market like some teams. What we as a fan base should likely do going forward is accept that £80m got put in, we gambled, it nearly happened but it didn't quite come off. Support the young lads coming through into the team, they will need it, and some have a lot of potential. Also, show the world that Sheffield Wednesday fans are some of the best in the world. Party in the stands regardless of the team out there. Create an atmosphere thats electric at game. Generally, enjoy the downs as well as the ups on the football fan roller coaster ride. What our fan base will likely do... Throw punches at each other during the games, boo the players, scream for the chairman to replaced by another man who also has to sell our top players and can't spend money, and generally paint a picture that Sheffield Wednesday fans are a group of self entitled moaners :)
  3. David Somni Jennings

    Where are the MODERATE #SWFC fans?

    I post now and then, but my views: Membership - Makes no difference, I wasn't buying it for £10, £50, £100, £500, so the price of this made zero difference at all. Generally I say, if it's not value for money, don't pay it. BBC (Radio) - The quickly changing world to "on demand" and subscription, the BBC is doomed. So happening now or in a few years, the BBC will be gone. Radio as a whole will be gone too, with the introduction of things like Alexa, who can play you what you want when you want. On demand is coming and dominating, so the quicker Sheffield Wednesday move to this, the better. Lack of Spending - I have no issues with this. Personally I'd rather see us play an 18 year old youth than an overpaid 30+ year old, so that weighs heavily, but additionally I think Jos and to some extend our fands, have no idea how a lot of our players are going to perform under Jos and his system, and some of our players we've not seen for a fair portion of a year. I'd rather Jos had a few months seeing them perform before making any judgements. Chairman - Takes a lot of stick on here, but he's put more money into this club than any one of us, and that deserves some respect. I like that he holds fans forums, and is learning on the job. He's made mistakes and we are suffering for it now, so I can't fault him for holding onto his money for now, until we are in a position of better understanding. Average Championship players are selling for £10m at the moment, I'm glad "our" wallet has stayed in the pocket. Fans - If OwlsTalk is any reflection of our whole fan base then it worries me a little. We all know we had a horrid season last season, changed the manager and had no end of injuries. But, we are like angry dogs on a lead at the moment. The slightest thing is "the end of the world". The sad thing though is that we don't actually ask the right question - The BBC Radio being an example, rather than calmly ask "ok, will there be another option available at no cost?" we jump to "this has lost us thousands of fans and its the end of the club!". I wish we'd get back to being the fanbase that spent 80 minutes at Wembley bouncing and singing.
  4. David Somni Jennings

    Owls TV coming?

    Sounds like another angle to fit perfectly around the three tier season card.....
  5. David Somni Jennings

    Three Tier Season Card

    Our three tier system is all about making the game affordable for all our fans! :) technically, the shortfall would be made up of people buying tier one, so still more profit, but easy to put a spin on it and sound like a steal! Don’t forget you get free radio commentary too!
  6. David Somni Jennings

    Three Tier Season Card

    As an addition, live radio commentary would be available with all tiers purchased through a dedicated channel :)
  7. David Somni Jennings

    Three Tier Season Card

    Sadly, this is the world we have created, blame those women who wanted a vote that time :)
  8. David Somni Jennings

    Three Tier Season Card

    Of course! Which creates more jobs in the UK, as every game will need a commentator! More jobs for our kids future!
  9. David Somni Jennings

    Three Tier Season Card

    Isn't that because they don't have locked down rights to be the only people showing it? If the FA brought in such a structure, it could sell the world wide package for a lot of money. Apparently the Premiership streaming in China alone is worth about £200m per season
  10. David Somni Jennings

    Three Tier Season Card

    Same price - Equal opportunities in the world of the future I'm afraid - We aren't allowed to give preferential treatment to anyone based on age, sex, race, or social standing
  11. David Somni Jennings

    Three Tier Season Card

    They would probably get 10m just from the far east, signing up to watch Man Utd games every week
  12. David Somni Jennings

    Three Tier Season Card

    They will be happy to change that rule when they get 10m people across the UK paying £250 Midweek streaming is just a test to see how many would sign up, and the impact it has on the average attendances
  13. David Somni Jennings

    Three Tier Season Card

    Would be a tier 2 or 3 package to get live games - So far £525 you get your usual season ticket, go watch the games live at the stadium, but an addition you'd get free access to the tv streaming of the games too. For only £550 you get a free shirt too!
  14. David Somni Jennings

    Three Tier Season Card

    On the back of the Sky showing the midweek games, I was thinking today on how football and TV showings will likely go in the future, and came up with what I think is a really good structure.... Its a three tier (not year) season card/pass/ticket. Tier 1 - £250/season - The TV Pass - Access to all your clubs home games on tv. Watch live, record them and watch later, etc. Pay on the gate price frozen at £20/game if you have this pass. Tier 2 - £525/season - The TV and Attendance Pass - Access as above to the tv showings of all home games, plus a seat in the ground for all home games too. Tier 3 - £550/season - The Full Package - Access to the tv showings of all home games, plus a seat in the ground for all home games, plus a shirt of your choice, home or away. Note, only £25 for a shirt! Technically the price should be £500/season for tier 2, but by saying its £525 it lures people into buying the shirt. Structuring club season cards in this way, allows people option to suit their financial position, or their location in the world, and no doubt a club like Sheffield Wednesday would continue to sell 20k tier 2 or 3 passes, but have an additional 20k buy into the tier 1 pass. Personally I think a setup like this would put more money into clubs, would allow those attending to go home and rewatch the game later (when sober), and open up watching "live" games to more supporters. I'm interested to hear which tier people would buy, if that setup was on offer.
  15. David Somni Jennings

    Every midweek game live on Sky

    It's ok, Hillsborough has been "full" about twice in the last few years, you'll be pretty much guaranteed a seat if you apply I'm sure :)