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  1. David Somni Jennings

    OwlsTalk Super 6 17/18 Season

    And the winners are..... Congrats to everyone who finished in the top 15, and well done Shaun, our winner! Perhaps next season there will be a prize involved, and I'll make an attempt to actually update the league more often too!
  2. David Somni Jennings

    Loan Market

    You removed Bonatini, who has scored 12 goals for Wolves this season?
  3. I'm probably in a slightly different group than whats been referenced so far.... I live about 3 miles from the ground, and I could afford to go to the games if I wanted to. I had a season ticket during the days of league one, but I dont anymore. My reasons - Its not that I don't support the club, I have done for 30+ years, but do I want to sit out in freezing temperatures watching something I don't consider to be value for money? Not really. Someone referenced the game against Bolton was only £20. That was a 1-1 draw where we managed a whopping 2 shots on target. If people did take up the offer, they probably didn't go back for more games this season. The minute they release a "Watch live at home season ticket" I'll be right there handing over my cash, but for me personally, life at home with my family on one of my two days off per week, is massively more important than watching live games at Hillsborough.
  4. David Somni Jennings

    Barry Bannan off after 30 minutes

    I'd say while we are now safe from relegation, sit him out for the season, same with all of them that have been out for a while, give them a better recovery time going into a tough preseason. No point risking more and more issues
  5. David Somni Jennings


    Judge him next season, when he's adapted to the country, settled into a home, adjusted to the speed of the championship, and isn't surrounded by players who's confidence is so low they are all scared of the ball
  6. David Somni Jennings

    Millwall 2 : 1 Sheffield Wednesday - Feb 20, 2018

    Where ever people want to put the blame, team choice, player performance, the fact remains we had one shot on target today, against Millwall. I personally expected more
  7. David Somni Jennings

    Sheffield Wednesday 0 : 0 Swansea City FA Cup OMDT

    I find if I login to Bet365, all the BT Sport FA Cup games stream live on here. Small ish box, but visible enough to watch
  8. David Somni Jennings

    Sheffield Wednesday 0 - 0 Cardiff O.M.D.T

    Could do with a strong and quick defensive midfielder in there!
  9. David Somni Jennings

    Players reading this? Re : Derby game

    If our players read OwlsTalk, and the abuse they receive on here, they would all be looking for ways out of the club and coming up with excuses to not have to play the next game....
  10. David Somni Jennings


    Our fan base never fails to surprise me - Give a young prospect a chance and we call for experience... get an experienced player in and we scream about giving youth a chance. On the back of any single game our players can range from being the worst player in the world to being a future international star. For what its worth, I'd like to see several youth players given a shot this season - Perhaps the rest of this season gives them experience to be a solid first team player next season
  11. David Somni Jennings

    Van Aken

    Happy with his performance tonight, seems like a player who will grow with confidence
  12. David Somni Jennings

    Sheffield Wednesday 0 : 1 Wolves OMDT

    It wasn't drastic, considering we have 6 or 7 first team players were out - Out core issue from what I can see is the pace of our play, it's very one speed and one dimensional, we are predictable and easy to stop Van Aken looked worth his price tag today IMO
  13. David Somni Jennings

    Sheffield Wednesday 0 : 1 Wolves OMDT

    6/1 odds for Wolves to be winning at the 10 minute mark
  14. David Somni Jennings

    Sheffield Wednesday 0 : 1 Wolves OMDT

    Sadly, quite true, seems to be the way a lot of teams go now, take the gamble and hope!
  15. David Somni Jennings

    Sheffield Wednesday 0 : 1 Wolves OMDT

    Based purely on their transfer dealings.... 15/16 - Gain of £5.7m (mainly the sale of Afobe at £13m) 16/17 - Loss of £33m (income only £3m) 17/18 - Loss of £17m (income only £5m) Still a total loss of of around £45m in 3 seasons