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  1. David Somni Jennings

    Bristol City - V -The Wednesday OMDT

    That skill by Bannan thought!
  2. David Somni Jennings

    Reading 1 - 2 Sheffield Wednesday FC - MDT thingy

    Wonder what the two new lads will think, when they see Nuhiu "running" around? I'm happy with the majority of that lineup, would have preferred Fletcher up top, and I'm sure people will be grumbling about it all the way through the game
  3. David Somni Jennings

    What do you think about this?

    I don't have a season ticket, and have a Sky Sports subscription - So I love it!
  4. David Somni Jennings


    His video, his movement and body language on the pitch reminds me a lot of Joao
  5. David Somni Jennings


    Nuhiu nearly cleared the second one off the line!
  6. David Somni Jennings

    Sheffield Wednesday vs Ipswich (MDT thingy)

    Is Nuhiu giving us much? I ask because I think our pressing style we played midweek started with Fletcher's hounding, which I don't think Nuhiu gives us at all
  7. David Somni Jennings

    Bloody Well Done

    There was energy, tempo, drive, commitment, and what looked like a togetherness in that team tonight - Very happy with that. Big praise to the young lads, I didn't think anyone looked out of place in the first team, and praise to the more experienced lads too, stepped up Hopefully see a lot more of this going forward
  8. David Somni Jennings

    Promoting youth players too soon.

    You are talking about 18-20 year olds, it's highly likely they are readers of these type of forums, and seeing a thread like this come up could impact their confidence.
  9. David Somni Jennings

    Promoting youth players too soon.

    The fact that there is a thread on here saying they aren’t good enough, after some of them have played a total of 45 minutes first team football, suggests that people are on their backs?
  10. David Somni Jennings

    Promoting youth players too soon.

    Not so much a case of throwing in the towel, more a case that somehow we need to restrict spending for two or three years, and the best way to do that while still being competitive in the league is to find young hungry players for free - We have several already here at the club, they just need to gain first team football experience. I can't think of a better place to gain it than at a tough level with the liked of Bannan by their side
  11. David Somni Jennings

    Promoting youth players too soon.

    I'm all for playing the youngsters - Our older more experienced players weren't pulling up any trees, and several won't be at this club next season. As Jos said with the keepers, they are the future of the club, and so are the other young lads. What these young lads need is a LOT of support from the fans, they need to be brimming with confidence. They certainly don't need fans on their back after 45 minutes of their senior debut. I think some fans need to realise that this is not a promotion challenging season. This is a consolidation season, and if these young lads can get 20 games each under their belt at Championship level, then next season we could find we have several young and hungry lads, at a Championship level, without blowing £5m on each, and who wan't to play for this club for all the right reasons. It's risky of course, we could flirt with relegation if our more senior stars don't help to carry them, or our tactics are poor, but its a risk that could prove to be a masterstroke in the future
  12. David Somni Jennings


    My review from my first time using iFollow, is sadly that I won't pay for it again - The camera controller is unable to keep track of the ball, no replies and such, the commentary wasn't there most of the game, that horrendous forghorn noise throughout - If the quality was like Sky Sports, I'd pay a tenner every game, but that service isn't worth £2.50
  13. David Somni Jennings

    Brentford 2 - 0 #SWFC - Official Matchday Thread

    My ifollow is like 2 minutes behind bet365, we are already two down
  14. David Somni Jennings


    Reminds me of the days of waking up at 4am with the TV still on, the fuzz noise! Brings back good memories :)
  15. David Somni Jennings


    half time sound track of the old fuzzy tv, is unique