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  1. He’s as injury prone as Abdi, get him in
  2. Kieran Lee and Gary Hooper

    To be fair that's mostly down to the improvement of Lee and Hutch in CM over that period of time rather than not trying to improve our midfield. It would take £10m+ to improve on those two in this market. Just a shame about their fitness issues.
  3. Joey Pelupessy

    If some of our fans watched Kante for a month they'd say he's not very good. Not everyone can see it. People are judging him on the wrong things although I do agree he's not fully used to the tempo but that will come.
  4. Bit strange that Abdi didn't play unless he's considered fully fit but just not good enough to get in the first team? Glad to see Van Aken back, I'm hoping he'll shine from now until the end of the season in a back 3. I'm a bit apprehensive about the thought of him at LWB but can't knock it until we've tried it I guess.
  5. I imagine the only players who we could afford to sell without replacements and who would be courted by other clubs are Hooper and Westwood. In an ideal world we would get rid of Abdi and Rhodes as well but that's unlikely. There are also cases to be made for other players like Fletcher, Jones, Fox, Matias etc but it's not as cut and dry with those. A couple of good sales, a couple of top youngsters on loan from the PL and a couple of shrewd young signings and we'll be on the right track for next year by all accounts imo.
  6. Football agents in football

    A very interesting read about Mino Raiola. It's a long read but gives context on agents and how things work. https://www.ft.com/content/548155cc-9bcf-11e6-b8c6-568a43813464 There are far too many lazy opinions around regarding Agents imo.
  7. Just a thought

    I'd be shocked if Jos only has a contract until the end of the season
  8. Throw 'em in and sod it

    I think in Hutchinson's case he'd be better suited to starting and coming off after an hour rather than coming off the bench mid game. With Bannan though I'd rather he come off the bench for this game. Van Aken it would depend where he wants to play him.
  9. Would be a perfect time to play 4231 imo if it's still a formation he fancies long term. Wildsmith Hunt - Lees - Van Aken - Pudil Hutch - Joey Boyd - Bannan - Reach Joao
  10. Interesting comments from Sam Allardyce today on putting a time span on recovering from injury. I personally believe labeling an injury with a specific recovery time doesn't help anyone. I know a lot of our fans hold experienced, English managers in high regard so hopefully some take note. https://talksport.com/football/someone-going-get-bg-sam-allardyce-angry-over-evertons-gylfi-sigurdsson-injury-statement
  11. Time for Moneyball?

    I'm surprised more English teams don't do it tbh. We could hoover up young talent from league one and league two as soon as they show any promise and you'd assume it's a low risk method but I guess if it was that easy then everyone would do it. A bit similar to what Peterborough do with non league attackers. Ollie Watkins last season was a good example, we should be in for players like that. For us, you could use a similar method to scout second tier clubs across most of Europe and even lower reputation top flight clubs. I think recruitment in England in general is shoddy and half arsed apart from a few clubs.
  12. Great movement for the first and great header for the second
  13. Sean Clare

    He didn't fully train today but I think saying he's out for the season is a bit premature
  14. Mick McCarthy

    I can appreciate he's a decent manager but as a season ticket holder, I'd be gutted if he came here.