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  1. Peake

    'i dont wear red'

    I don't wear or have anything red. Would never have a red car in a million years!I don't particularly like women in red either. I got a rescue dog recently and he would've come with a red harness but I made it clear that it had to be anything but red. Nothing extreme here
  2. He's 28 until he becomes 29. That's how it works.
  3. Bobby runs until 2019 and Brownhill signed a new deal until 2021
  4. True but if we were after an attacker I assume it would be one who could play wide or in a 2 like Forestieri, Matias and to some extent Joao can. Not sure Marriott or the other lad at Peterborough Maddison are versatile enough but I've only seen highlights.
  5. Unless we have deals in place to get rid of Winnall, Rhodes plus one more forward this is just not happening. Would love to know who 'sky sources' are
  6. Peake

    What price would you pay?

    The problem with Pulis, Warnock and to an extent Carlos post first season is when you play terrible football and don't get instant success then things go sour very quickly. If you're someone who follows on your phone or by watching GSS then of course you don't care about style but if you're in the stands every week then you want to see progressive football. I'd rather finish 21st with Jokanovic football than 7th with Pulis football.
  7. Good when you're winning but useless when you're in a rut. Wand of a left foot but there's a reason he never made it in the Prem. Can't see what he would've added here other than another ageing player on massive wages who wouldn't of took us up.
  8. Peake

    Venâncio celebration

    Setubal are in danger of getting relegated from the Primeira Liga and if that happens they'll surely be wanting to raise funds. Even if they do stay up I can't imagine he'd cost anymore than £2m tops.
  9. There's no way that's correct. Average guesswork at best.
  10. Peake


    Have to assume this is about Hutch as Venancio has played 21 in 25 since coming in from the cold. Need to sign him up imo
  11. Peake

    Modern Football

    I completely agree on time wasting but diving/simulation is a problem that was originally created by referees for me. You just don't get the decision if you don't go down. VAR should sort it out to an extent at the top level but referees have to start rewarding honest players who try to stay on their feet otherwise it will never end.
  12. Peake


    Pretty sure I set one of those up bad luck on the ACL injury, hope the recovery goes well!
  13. Peake


    I played last year in the St Luke's game. The pitch is huuuuuuuge. One of the lads pulled up after 10 mins
  14. Peake

    Kieran Westwood

    If a good offer comes in during this summer like it did last, I'd consider it. I definitely wouldn't be actively trying to sell him though! In an ideal world I'd keep him as number 1 with Dawson as number 2 and let Wildsmith have a season out on loan. Would be a waste to have Wildsmith as an understudy with almost 50 appearances under his belt.
  15. The difference is now we are giving the players correct treatment, not letting them play with injury and not delaying surgeries. Once all the currently injured players come back and have a pre-season under Jos, then we can scrutinize if we continue to suffer a boat load of injuries. I think Sam was unlucky but I'm not really sure on Fox.