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  1. In Dave Richards we had a chairman who spent big money that we didn't actually have, on players that we couldn't afford. Conversally Dejphon Chansiri is spending big money that he can afford to spend, on good players that he wants to buy, what has the cost got to do with the supporters? If he gets together with his cousin and they pool their respective resources the current spending could be peanuts.
  2. The only result that we can do anything about is the Owls v Burton one, a 1-0 win in time added would do me, however a cricket score would do our goal difference no harm.
  3. Someone (can't recall who) said, "The sign of good team is when they can still win whilst playing badly", some of our wins would support that. I don't think that any manager with a squad the size of ours can honestly say what his best side is, let us hope that the players have finally helped him to make up his mind.
  4. He reminds me a bit of Mark Bright, who actually had a better scoring rate than David Hirst, but was never the crowd favourite, let him settle in, however I still can't see him bettering Derek Dooley's one in one scoring rate.
  5. My mate hates him because he cost circa £5 million, as soon as Reach gets an inform run he will deny that he ever even slightly disliked him, such is football support.
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