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  1. He wouldn’t call them ‘issues’, he’s a glass half full guy and looks at all of his kids as a blessing, including the three profoundly deaf ones, he’s a top guy.
  2. I can’t believe that he’s only 55, he must have had one heck of a paper round.
  3. Then at his age and with his injury record he is unlikely to stay fit, players many years younger than Hutch need the odd rest, I’m sure that SB appreciates this.
  4. To be fair it won’t take much, under Jos our defence had more leaks than a Welsh allotment.
  5. You win big guy, Forum King, how does it feel?
  6. Wasn’t aware that anyone knows anything for sure, so really all opinions are pure conjecture, but after all this is a forum, perhaps we should all keep our opinions to ourselves.
  7. Perhaps a bit more of “come on boss give me start” wouldn’t go amiss.
  8. It’s unusual, but not impossible, for once good players to become past their best at his age, 29 this week. I expect to see him return to S6 at the end of the season, and SB to work out what motivates him, other than money. He’s had the opportunity to fight for his place at Norwich, but appears to accept being a sub. Being scared to take a penalty at Wembley in front of SB will not be lossed on the latter, only time will tell.
  9. They would probably pack up and revert back to the cricket.
  10. He’ll never be liked by some, initially because of his transfer fee, however he appears to be a well balanced intelligent guy, he will prove his class now that he’s playing for a proven and very experienced manager.
  11. What I don’t like about Steve Bruce is, err, hang on a moment, oh yes that’s it, nothing at all, I can understand what he says and what he demands, he’s steeped in experience and knows that Ipswich will win more than three matches in a season, he’s no doubt told his players to make sure that it’s not against us. Upwards and onwards.
  12. So am I, what with Des Walker and Keith Edwards lorry driving, and Jim McCalliog running a boarding house at age 72.
  13. Jesus Christ, the blunts could make it into the P/L with a very keen well managed squad, mainly consisting of second stream players, DC hasn’t set SB on to play sill beggars for 10 years, get a grip.
  14. Let’s have a pop in the second half, nowt to lose, 1-0 down is beatable, but if not, so what?
  15. VAR always sounds like some sort of sexually transmitted disease to me, but having said that, so does Andre Marriner to Man Utd supporters following last year’s match against Arsenal.
  16. DC to SB on 1st Feb, “Hi Steve, just to let you know that I’ve sold Fessi, Reach and Bannan, I was sure that you wouldn’t mind, what’s wrong Steve, where are you going?”
  17. The BBC always consider Sheffield to be the little sister of say, Leeds and Manchester, in everything including football. I’m not going to drag the usual politics into this, but having had several business trips to the latter mentioned I’m not surprised by their views of Sheffield. Even the oldest football club in the world is currently based in Dronfield, we lost both Yorkshire and test cricket along with a small under funded and poorly managed airport. When SWFC was in it’s pomp in the late 80’s and early 90’s the BBC always favoured what they viewed as the ‘big clubs’, I’ve got used to it.
  18. Well he walked out on the blunts because they were cheapskate, we actually have a decent squad, but he is bound to ask for improvements, and must be aware of our FFP restrictions, over to you DC.
  19. He’s not let us down, he doesn’t even work for SWFC yet, however I wager that his phone has been red hot.
  20. Not another Owls pipe dream for god’s sake.
  21. Funny word is if, which reminds me. If my Aunty had been born with wedding tackle she would be my Uncle, but she hasn’t so she isn’t.
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