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  1. Well I suppose the hate brigade must have someone to vent their displeasure on, at least it used to be shared by Dawson and Reach.
  2. So why have we got SB, he didn’t suddenly appear, his influence was apparent from the day that he accepted DC’s offer? Jos’s intransigence on Hutch and Westwood was the easy fix, our lass could have figured that one out. The settled back line is the number one improvement, at least SB is able to make up his mind and stick to his convictions.
  3. The scary thing is, it’s very likely true, however SB must have plans that we are not privi to, he’s sorted out our previously crap defence , I wager that he will continue with mid-field, and of course he still has the future of Sam Winnall and Jordan Rhodes to ponder on.
  4. Looking at tonight’s offering so far, a facility to record what you don’t want see, and play it back to you when you’re out wouldn’t go amiss.
  5. To be perfectly honest, the only night matches that I manage to stay awake for are ours, god only knows what they do to none believers.
  6. Because I’m a masochistic nut case with absolutely no class.
  7. I was there, he actually got a brace, we still lost the match 3-2 and he only scored one more goal in his remaining 41 matches for us.
  8. I wager that Jos has suffered the cabbage treatment, hence his permanent vegetative state whilst supposedly managing the Owls.
  9. Dawson got the blame for everything from the negativos, Jos has probably ruined a young keeper with prospects, I can’t see him figuring as first choice again, possibly time for a change of club for the lad.
  10. They are incredibly important as they allow us to win with one goal, which is about all the squad is currently capable of. You build a team in a similar way that you would build a house, foundations first, no use scoring two and conceding three.
  11. I’d love to see Steve Bruce given a chance, why not give it a try?
  12. We weren’t quite ready for someone like Vic, he was far ahead of his time, he would be a world class manager now, he had to go abroad to play his definition of football.
  13. I’m no fan of his, but he came on in the 86th minute, he’s never been a super sub for Christ’s sake.
  14. SB needs to see what’s wrong before he can start to put things right, I wager that there will be some hard words within the dressing room, followed by hard work on the training ground next week.
  15. We as supporters along with most of the squad have had our hands tied behind our backs, SB wishes to cut the bonds that we have become accustomed to. To hell with not getting carried away, we need a bit of excitement, we need to dream, we need to be the Owls that we used to be, let’s think big, or even massive.
  16. It was just a compbombulous aberration. ffs.
  17. Brian Clough wasn’t exactly a fan of his, but having said that, he didn’t rate Sheridan either. As for Jos and Carlos I would like to know why they were appointed when there were far better candidates, Megson being one, not on my wish list but streets ahead of those two clowns.
  18. I recall a night match at Hillsborough when you could have been forgiven for thinking that he’d been in one all afternoon, both he and the rest of the team matched us for boredom, that is until 70 minutes when George woke up, we lost 0-2, he bagged both goals.
  19. Reminds me of a Matt Busby pre match quote, that went something like this. “ Bob, try to stay left sided, Dennis, don’t get dragged back, hold a high line, George, just go out and enjoy yourself son”.
  20. He was a great player for Paolo Di Canio wherever he’s played, a veritable legend in his own lunch box. Not for me I’m afraid, give me the likes of Waddle, Hirst, Sheridan, Nilsson, every time, I just have a soft spot for team players.
  21. Sarcasm is the ability to insult fools without them realising that they have been insulted.
  22. All he’s ever needed is a strong manager who has faith in him, remember Andy Cole during his initial time at Man Utd, the rest is history. I’ve always been a glass half full guy, I’ve not always been right, but find negative folk to be so boring.
  23. Ticket costs aren’t:- An evening with Paolo - £25.00 A weekend with Paolo - £12.50 A week with Paolo. - £5.00
  24. Both him and Carbone are like a sexually contracted disease, not welcome but difficult to get rid of, can’t they get it into their heads that neither of them are even close on being classed as Owls legends?
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